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  1. Suggestion for a couple options for ‘quality swivels’? Seems to be a lot of junk on the shelves around here lately…
  2. Thanks for the pic and detail. Have some mechanical issues currently so haven’t gotten out to fish. Opinion on net storage? Want it clear of the rear and somewhere it can stay when moving spots… was thinking along the side of the front console (red arrow). Either tube to the side of console or a through gunnel mount.
  3. Yep, valid point… def need some reinforcement/backer
  4. Thanks and thanks! Just need to find a Canadian source/distributer!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the responses, we’ll written. Yeah, no water fleas out this way so I’ll stick with the braid. The bad taste I got from Okuma was from the Magda and a spinning reel (can’t remember the name) and a rod a number of years ago. Do love the shimano’s maybe I can get away with one of each- lots of folks seem to be happy with the convector so will keep my eye out for a sale. Thanks for the clarification on the copper steel difference Gator, knew they were different but was assuming they were quite similar. I Won’t have to worry about it (at least for now). I’ll check out the Taloras (again a shimano fan) and maybe the Diawa diver rods - medium heavy seems to be the standard? Slow action I assume, similar to a downrigger rod? Thanks again to all for the perspective.
  6. Just found this very informative post, which answered most of my questions, though still curious as to why wire with a river?
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what’s the pros / cons of wire for Dipseys? I’ve never used or seen it used (im out west). Was thinking braid as if I wanted to use the rod off the DR or jig or something else I could…
  8. Looking for advice to set myself up with 2 dipsey rigs. Primarily target lakers from 40-80 fow. These will complement 2 downriggers and widen the spread (likely run wide setting 3 most of the time). Was planning luhr-Jensens, though just read about deeper divers - potato potato or is one superior? If Luhr-Jensen I’m assuming I’ll want #3 magnums. Can I fish 40’ just as easy with the magnum or am I better to swap for a #1? I’ll likely use some off-shore clips to allow running longer leads (just watched the fox fishing vid and like the look of that setup, will be beneficial if chasing rainbows which can be boat shy). I’ll need 2 line counter reels, any favs that are reasonable priced (ie <$200). I haven’t used coldwaters but am not a fan of Okuma. Assuming 30lb power pro would be about ideal? Anything else I should prepare? I’ve been doing some searching but feel free to share any videos or threads if you know any good ones… Thanks!
  9. Yea, back to the DR location… I watched one vid where they wanted them far enough forward that he could track balls on his chart… my last rigger was borderline but I’m not super crazy about that, just seems to add clutter. If I leave them where they currently are I’ll need to get a prop guard for my kicker as can definitely see hitting the cable. anyway, I did debate moving the vent, perhaps onto the side just over the edge and then mounting rigger where the vent is or at the red box… however I have a pesky canopy foot at the blue box… would almost need to be too far back to comfortably operate. I need to spend some time fishing… may just remove that rod holder base and mount it there pending clearances. Hate fishing with a canopy but is nice to have the protection from blazing sun and rain.
  10. Okay, one more question- being from the western side folks love Scotty out here… do you see any cons to using the Scotty flushmount bases and then various rod holder options (orca or power grip)? Not movable but angle and direction adjustable. I like the fact I came have them all pulled out and stowed with clean gunnels if we were tubing or something…
  11. Nice, keep the updates coming. Totally different set-up but I had a minnkota terrova with ipilot on my old boat (16’) and it was amazing. I’ve been dreaming of an auto-pilot setup since so will be eager to see how this performs.
  12. Right, that makes good sense…thanks for the extra detail. I usually stack off riggers though dipsy would be a good alternative… it’s a bit of work adjusting depth and resetting when stacking.
  13. Thanks Todd, that picture is great. I haven’t run Dipseys since being able to afford riggers… I suppose I should watch a few videos. I checked out the track systems, look super nice but I’m not sure I can justify $1500+ in rod holders…how often does a guy actually move location along the gunnel? Angle and rod direction adjustment I can see being important but not sure on the lateral movement… however I suppose the track is not the expensive part. Need to get some time on the water and ponder this.
  14. Hey Team, I’m new to the site and hoping for some pointers on setting up this new to me boat to be a little fishier. I’m from kamloops BC but there is a lot of good intel on this forum and more similar boats (islanders) out there than here. Looking to set up primarily for trolling lakers, rainbows and Kokanee out here though will fish salmon a couple times a year hopefully. Anyway, looking for suggestions on rod holders (type and locations- like the look of the tube type that sit in (below) the gunnel (flush mount)) and if I should push my rigger (Scotty’s) locations further back. I haven’t fished planer boards but may get set up for it- have 3 kids that usually come out so a few rods to fish. Boat is a 97 sylvan offshore fisherman 2300 with a V8 mercruiser. Thanks for any perspective/advice!
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