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  1. The two companies that were recommended above are only hiring outside of NY state. My son is always checking the DEC and DOT sites for job openings. I'll have him check USAjobs. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the CDM recommendation! He's more interested in field work, but I doubt he would pass up a lab position when he's just getting started.
  3. My son graduates from SUNY ESF this May with a major in Environmental Science. He did a summer internship in 2019 with the NY DOT in Watertown with their Environmental Science department. He is currently seeking employment in the Environmental Science field if you know anyone who is hiring this summer. You can PM me here for his contact information. He is living in Syracuse until he graduates in May. Thanks, Todd
  4. Thanks for the information, much appreciated!
  5. Does the motor have the OMC logo or the BRP logo on it? Also, what is the charging capacity of that motor? My 1989 150 Evinrude has a much lower charging capacity the the 1989 175. I know this because both motors are listed in the same owner's manual.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I've done my research and there appears to be a "few good ones" that slipped through the cracks. Never hurts to ask questions.
  7. 2 stroke or 4 stroke? If 2 stroke, where is the oil tank, and does the VRO system still work?
  8. It's not looking any better on Lakes Michigan and Huron... https://apnews.com/cdd234381027aa31138767bd3d935ef7
  9. Looks like a carp to me... Grass carp.
  10. I loved my 19ft Sea Nymph center console. They are deep boats that make you feel safe on the open water. I had to sell mine and upgraded to my 22ft Sabre so that my wife has a comfortable cabin to lay down in, and a porta potty, all necessary for her medical issues.
  11. I don't see him losing his 2A rights since he probably wasn't the one doing the shooting. But I don't know how guided hunts work because I've never been on a guided hunt before.
  12. I have no idea why NY allows the planting of food plots, but doesn't allow other "baiting" techniques and feeder options. Saiff committed a FEDERAL crime, as a licensed guide, for profit. That is much different than someone who hunts deer over a pile of corn, while still a STATE offense. I don't plant food plots or use bait & other attractants. But to each his own...
  13. Planting food plots is legal in NY. Baiting waterfowl is not. Bill got special treatment that the rest of us wouldn't have gotten if we had been caught doing what he did.
  14. If the lake reaches 20" higher in 2020 than it was in 2019, I'm sure it will it will put most or all fuel docks under water, which could lead to fuel spills and possible leaks from waste pump out stations.
  15. With all this warm weather expected this weekend I couldn't help but think about taking my boat out. But, it looks like the upper eastern shore of Lake Ontario is in for some wet and windy weather all weekend, which actually started Thursday night. The small craft advisory ends today (Friday) at 3pm, which was due to 30 knot winds and 5-8ft waves. The gale watch is from Sunday morning thru Sunday afternoon with 35 knot winds and 9-12ft waves near shore from Mexico Bay to the St Lawrence River. https://weather.com/weather/alerts/localalerts/l/e852dd71d1f63c688e6de0569d3ed09c8813d38d97f6be5fc0c72d25c4fda000?phenomena=SC&significance=Y&areaid=LOZ045&office=KBUF&etn=0004
  16. Every bit of news coverage I see that talks about outflows from the Moses Saunders dam NEVER mentions the water levels on Lake St Lawrence, or the affects of higher outflows on Lake St Lawrence. It's like their only giving us part of the story, or the part they think people want to hear. https://www.wwnytv.com/2020/01/08/water-outflows-unprecedented-rates-regulators-say/
  17. Thanks. I might be replacing my 44" rough cut mower, but I need another rough cut.
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