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  1. Thanks. I might be replacing my 44" rough cut mower, but I need another rough cut.
  2. The article says the creek is 6ft deep and very muddy. Might have gotten stuck in mud, lost his footing and went under with his feet stuck in the mud. But no telling what actually happened.
  3. I had no clue of the scale of the seaway either. I haven't ventured down river from Alexandria Bay NY, and I don't fish the river.
  4. This all happened before my time, so I was looking for videos that showed the river before they built the locks and dams that created Lake St Lawrence.
  5. At about the 5:20 mark it starts to get into the making of Lake St. Lawrence and the locks & dams that we know today. Pretty neat video, enjoy...
  6. Some people try to turn it into rocket science. There are several gadgets on the market now, so I was curious if any of them are as good as they claim to be.
  7. I love running both the Lowrance & Humminbird side by side. The Lowrance HDS Gen 3 and newer units are more user friendly than the older units. With the Gen 3 and newer units, I just plug in the all in one ducer and that's it, just like Humminbird.
  8. I've heard about the high speed ducer, but I also run a Lowrance HDS9 Gen3 unit a TotalScan ducer, so both units do SI, DI, GPS. My Helix 10 is the Mega + SI, DI, GPS G3N.
  9. Check out this link, he shows you how to record Autochart Live directly onto your Zero Lines card
  10. I've only used it once or twice at the end if the 2019 season, but you can see the contours on your fish finder as you are fishing.
  11. I was told that you can record several lakes on a zero lines card and never fill it up in your lifetime.
  12. I don't have the program for the computer. I don't need to save my custom maps on my computer to look at when I'm at home. Keeping it simple, by recording directly onto the ZL card saves me time and money.
  13. I use the Zero Lines card in my Helix 10, alongside my Lake Master Northeast v2 map card. Seems to make custom charts exactly as I had hoped for.
  14. Still no word on what his penalty will be. They should've known they couldn't just give him a slap on the wrist the first time he got caught.
  15. I don't recall any record catch rates out of the Henderson NY area these past two years, regardless of species.
  16. Not me, long walks hurt my feet
  17. Thanks John, my name is Todd Bailey from Jefferson County. As others have already stated, plan 2014 has not caused all of the flooding on Lake Ontario. We have seen a lot of rain and snow melt across the region. Most of us are simply stating that under plan 2014, the IJC has been slow at times to increase the outflow on the SL River, to maximum safe levels for those downstream. We are all hoping that plan 2014 can better regulate the water levels on Lake Ontario and down river. But we haven't seen anything promising from the IJC in the past 3 years.
  18. How in the world did you ever translate what I said into what you think I said? You should be embarrassed of yourself for putting your own words into my own words. You must think awful highly of yourself, which is a shame. If you think that every gallon of water from Lake Superior makes the long journey to Lake Ontario, you are drinking some good koolaid. The IJC controls the outflow of Lake Ontario, and has failed to properly control the outflow of LAKE ONTARIO on countless occasions since 2017. You are among the minority here, who believes in a miserably failed plan 2014. You also need an English translator because you keep twisting other's words into your own translation. You wouldn't use your arrogant attitude with me in person, so DON'T use it on a forum like some armchair tough guy!!! Check yourself and your attitude, or check out of here!
  19. Yep, it rained, and the IJC had absolutely nothing to do with it. Give us all a break and sell it to members on another forum. We're not buying it here.
  20. It just dawned on me... The reason that all of the Great Lakes are higher this year is because global warming is melting the glaciers
  21. Time to unfollow this topic. It's as bad as listening to someone who believes that gun control will stop gun crime
  22. The IJC has failed miserably to earn the trust and respect of citizens and businesses affected by high water levels since 2017. Water levels on Lake Ontario were so low in September 2018 that I decided to pull my boat early (mid-September) while I still had access to a usable boat launch. By April of 2019 we had near record water levels again because they didn't increase the outflow soon enough.
  23. I agree Legacy, and all of us wish we could answer that question, why they tried (with plan 2014) to fix something that wasn't broken.
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