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  1. She can get riled up thats for sure... I know I was luck as hell one early autumn day. Learned one hell of a lesson about 37 years ago thats foe sure!
  2. Too weedy, too warm, too shallow. Most of it is like 10' or less, the deepest point is 13'... Lake Neatawhana
  3. About an hour to Owasco...great lake for all trout species as well .... Launch at the beautiful Emerson Park on the north end
  4. But he is wasting his time on Oneida if he is looking for trout, there are some browns but its a rarity.
  5. Salmon river reservoir... no lakers but browns and bows. The only lake within 30 miles I think Salmon River Reservoir - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
  6. 36+ lb laker dragged in yesterday on the "Milky Way".... https://www.facebook.com/groups/414220012353460/permalink/1244995469275906/
  7. Sodus lighthouse four years ago...
  8. Maybe a second or a third hatch. The photos above are from the initial hatch which was enormous.
  9. This is what it was a few weeks back....the hatch is done now.
  10. So pleased you came out with the deeper box! Just ordered one, Thanks! Love the products...
  11. I hope to do the same this coming week with my son and daughter (27 and 20) Got a house on 7th lake for the week. Never fished the lake but hope to find some Landlocks or bows. Want to hike in to Bug Lake for some shore fishing, I hear its one of like two spots in NY to catch Kokanee salmon... we'll see!
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