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  1. Close enough to Taughanock to say so!
  2. Had to be a beauty day for it...nice job.
  3. Definitely the best setup. Both from an efficiency standpoint and a safety standpoint out on big water. Sure its a bit more expensive but may save you in the long haul if you are out often.
  4. I troll the fingerlakes mostly in all types of conditions from flat to heavy chop in 10-15 MPH winds using an 80lb thrust Terrova with I pilot. I run my 115 Vmax SHO at idle at 2.2 to 3.5 MPH and the Terrova has no problems maneuvering the boat at all. (18' Starcraft ). I run just the bow motor when I want to keep at 2.0MPH or below
  5. Known this guy for 15 years...always dodged getting his picture taken, hates it. That day he asked...twice!
  6. First thing he did after calming down was ask about going out on Ontario for Salmon...
  7. What a bluebird day it was.... took a buddy out for a few hours that had never lake fished... he went 2 for 4 with a beauty 25 inch 5.5lb bow...
  8. Great video...that temp reading cant be correct though? Thats 45°F
  9. I believe the High Water Advisory is still in effect.
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