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  1. Found a tip up the other day..If your missing a tip up tell me where and what kind and I will see you get it back. No name on it.
  2. Saw this one. https://www.walleyecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=702472
  3. Braved the wind and poor ice yesterday and was rewarded. 34 inches put him back for the next guy.
  4. This morning on George Poveromos salt water fishing show he fished out of Marathon in April.He fished near water for Snapper.Then fished offshore and got some Black fins,Dolphins.and a couple of nice Wahoo while fishing the hump.It was a good show.
  5. What Captain Carl Said.If you can get out to the Marathon hump (weather permitting) Black fin tuna are a blast also some good dolphin can be caught in that area also.I have fished the humps 7 or 8 times in March on a friends boat and catching Black Fins was some of the most memorable fishing I have ever done. Flat lining under the Frigate birds diving with flying fish boiling out of the water with tunas chasing them is hard to beat in my book.Tunas fight hard taste great and are easy to catch.
  6. Just wanted to give two thumbs up to Ranger nets.The hoop on my rubber net got broke from pushing off a large over hanging branch while drifting the Niagara river (not a big fish) I emailed Ranger the other day about getting a replacement hoop.They responded in less than 5 minutes.We responded back and forth several times every time they responded back in less than 5 minutes.They charged me $8.00 for the hoop and shipping came to $8.00 which I thought was more than fair.Way better than buying a new net.It arrived today. Handle and net were in great shape.I just wanted to give them two thumbs up for super Customer Service in a super fast response time which is hard to find now days.I will not hesitate to buy another net from them in the future.
  7. I have a older 101 pound trust Terrova and MKA-32 bracket.I measured the hole patterns and they seem to be the same.
  8. When all fails youtube it.Hear is a good video of how to troubleshoot and remove everything.I put a tnt unit in a motor that didn't have it but this guy has done many more than me.
  9. I looked at my 1990 v4 motor.It looked to me you should be able to secure your motor in the up position.Take out the 4 bolts on each side.Then pull the pin on your hydraulic lift cylinder and take the whole trim unit out in one piece.Then remove your motor.If your motor is stuck in the down position you would need to pull the pin out of the lift cylinder first and secure it in the up position.Before doing any of this you my want to try your motor wires directly to a good 12 volt battery.It could be your relay and not your motor.If i remember right I believe there is 2 like fuses in the relay one for up and one for down.It could be as simple as replacing them.Anyway I would try your motor first by passing the relay to make sure the problem is the motor.
  10. I have had good luck with Jigging Raps.I usually tip it with a minnow head.
  11. Jim i have a Ocean City trolling rod 8'-6 med action I would bet is the extract rod.Been sitting in my garage for years.The top reel seat is a little buggered up.Looks to be aluminum (that is why it was retired).I am sure it would be fine with a reel clamp.Be happy to give it to you.Same color same blue handle.
  12. I would respool them with the memory of the wire going on your rigger the proper way as stated. Then after taking your weights off reel the terminators up into the pulley on the end or clip them off so they always have tension on them.
  13. Unspools meaning it is slipping on your spool or your spool is turning letting out more cable ?
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