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  1. Sean Youngblood

    for sale : usa WTB Yamaha T9.9

    Saw this one in Ohio.
  2. Sean Youngblood

    Wanted Fish on rod holder bases

    The bases for these ?
  3. Sean Youngblood

    Calling all fishermen

    Numbers and size were very good this winter.Few shorts some good eating size with some big ones in the mix.
  4. Sean Youngblood

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    I have Bert's Ratcheting rod holders on my boat.I use them for everything but my Dipsy rods.I use Down East Saltys on electronics mounts that I had.Some people on here have had problems getting jabbed with the rod butt or the rod butt taking up to much room in the boat. I have used them for years with no problem or has anyone with me.I just like my dipsy rods locked in.I run with my rod tips right at the water and fish solo often. My boat turns sharp at times while trolling against the wind just feel my dipsy rods are safer locked in.One good pull upward and the rod comes out.
  5. Sean Youngblood

    Fuel guage help!!!!!

    I would guess the ground wire from the sending unit should be grounded to the ground on your gauge.Here is a link with good info .
  6. Sean Youngblood

    Blue Deer Pee?

    I would say it is from foraging on pine with the heavy snow cover.
  7. Sean Youngblood

    Adjustable Rod Holders

    I have 2 Cannon tracks and 1 Traxstech track mounted on my boat.The Trackstech track is way more heavy duty.I have had Berts ratcheting rod holders for a few years and have been happy with them.They pull right up no need to trip any levers or anything.Cannon and Cisco rod holders are heavier duty.I have Big Jon Multi sets on my riggers and personally I am not crazy about them.
  8. Sean Youngblood

    Sea nymph help

    Under the counsel that you have out is were I put 2 of my 3 trolling motor batteries.
  9. Sean Youngblood

    Sold / Closed 1988 Sylvan

    Cl post says $4800
  10. Sean Youngblood

    Broadbill aka swordfish

    Great fish Antony. I need some buddy's like that.
  11. Sean Youngblood

    What Leadcore For Lake Ontario?

    If I was going to just use it for Walleye.I would use Suffix in a lower # test Thinner dives deeper can use smaller reel.I have some just haven't used up my 27ilb yet.
  12. Sean Youngblood

    What Leadcore For Lake Ontario?

    I have always used this it's all ready to spool and easy. Always used 27lb. 10 color on Erie.But can also use it Ontario for Trout and Salmon.
  13. Sean Youngblood

    Sea nymph help

    If you plan on putting a Electric trolling motor in. While you have the floor out it is a great time to build battery compartments and run your wiring under the floor.If you plan on putting one on.If you plan on doing a live well in the future you may also want to run your drain fill line.I had to replace mine because it was cracked when I bought my boat.Fishing the new hose in around the fuel tank with the floor in was not fun.Make sure to check all of your wiring especially to your fuel tank clean the contacts check your hoses and clamps.
  14. Sean Youngblood

    Sea nymph help

    I have a 1990 195GLS I live next to Silver Lake. If you ever make it down this way you are more than welcome to check it out. I fish Erie often we could meet up that way also. I can get some bow pictures in a day or two.
  15. Sean Youngblood

    Gunwale painting or covering up?

    Pressure treated lumber shouldn't be used with aluminum.