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  1. I would think it would have mechanical fasteners.I am surprised it has a fiberglass tank.I no my older Seanymph has a metal tank.
  2. I still like the sixteenth chapel.I think Nick should name one of his spoons that.
  3. If you have a live well that takes in water from a pump check the lines and have a spare plug in case they become compromised.Sometimes they hold water after draining your boat in the fall and freeze over the winter and split. Found that one out the hard way a few years ago opening night of Walleye.10 minutes into fishing my deck was covered in water. If I didn't have a spare plug boat would have sank.
  4. Here is your chance to save the Great Lakes and sail off into the sunset !
  5. Saw 4 Turkey Buzzards picking on a Deer carcass the other day.
  6. Now you mention that my daughter was born Nov. 20th. Thanks for the heads up blueghost. I never really did the math
  7. My last buck had it's ear forward.I wasn't to crazy about it.This time I made sure to tell him ears back.Much happier with the way this one looks. Non Typical Taxidermy, Canaseraga, NY
  8. Early Tax. return ! Taxidermy That is.Just got my bow buck back from the taxidermist.
  9. Not sure all there sales are all that great but I thought I would put it out there.A lot of the Frabill stuff you can order for the same price at Walmart.
  10. Predator calls + gear up to 70% off.Trail Cameras,
  12. All Terrovas are Ipilot compatible.Not all come with Ipilot.I believe the The 101lb. is pre Ipilot when that motor came out copilot was the hands free feature which didn't have spot lock.You could add Ipilot to this model though.
  13. Frabill ultimate cold weather gear 60 to 70% off 2hr left 60% off and free shipping spend $120 get another 10% at checkout. Only 2 hr left
  14. Just saw this. // hope for the best.
  15. I have a few Lowrance gps ff units if you are looking for electronics.They are older lcx models but have worked great for me.