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  1. I have been using Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods in Med action from Fishusa for my board rods last few years.Hard to beat for $16 each. They even come with a hook keeper.They are currently back ordered but should be back in stock soon.
  2. for sale : usa

    What kind of deal can you give me Bruce for the Penn reel I Hooked you up with last year ?
  3. Was out last night little color.Had a good steady pick 2 man limit.
  4. Wanted

    I have a Lowrance LCX 38 Bracket, knobs, transducer and power cord. No screen cover or GPS puck. $350 shipped.
  5. Sandy Hook My buddy and I hauled his boat to Sandy Hook for the weekend.Tough bite but managed a few.
  6. 1/4" x 2" Aluminum for backing plates $2.00 a foot. Picked up or meet.
  7. Johnson Evenrude cowl trim switch Looking for a good working trim switch on the cheap Thanks
  8. Little older but lot cheaper.Bet this guy will respond to you.
  10. If your talking about Hanks( L&M ) OMC bracket it's sold but he has a nice Garelick for sale also.
  11. Might make your good deal not so good
  12. I would think it would have mechanical fasteners.I am surprised it has a fiberglass tank.I no my older Seanymph has a metal tank.
  13. I still like the sixteenth chapel.I think Nick should name one of his spoons that.
  14. If you have a live well that takes in water from a pump check the lines and have a spare plug in case they become compromised.Sometimes they hold water after draining your boat in the fall and freeze over the winter and split. Found that one out the hard way a few years ago opening night of Walleye.10 minutes into fishing my deck was covered in water. If I didn't have a spare plug boat would have sank.
  15. Here is your chance to save the Great Lakes and sail off into the sunset !