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  1. It's not real easy. Mine had sprayed in foam and a cardboard tube going threw it. I used a heavy gauge wire. Wrapped it around the old cable a twist tied it real good around the old cable. Taped it real good so the edges don't get caught in the cardboard tubing. Pull the old cable out to the front of the boat. Snip your wire off and use the wire to pull it back threw to the back in the same manner. If all fails and it gets caught on you other cables. Cut out your foam and replace the cardboard tube with flexible plastic tube so it is easier next time and replace the foam. I have done it both ways. When I replaced the tubing I made it big enough to run cables for kicker motor transducer cable ect.
  2. Cut it off. Order a new one. Use the old one to pull the new one threw. Once they get stiff they are shot.
  3. My auto parts store carries them. They are called a rocker switch. Just tell them you need forward stop and reverse.
  4. I am replacing the water pump on my Johnson. I bought the whole pump kit. Just watched a good youtube video on installation. It said to glue the impeller cup into the water pump housing. They said to check with manufacture for what type of glue. Anyone know what type to use ? I have done a few impellers just not the whole kit. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys guess I will not do inflatables.
  6. Are Luhr Jensen Dodgers stamped on them ? I have some 8 in Dodgers but they are not marked.
  7. I wear a Mustang suit when it's cold.
  8. Looking to upgrade my PFDs. I have several older Sterns life vests in my boat. They are getting a little raggedy. My boat is pretty space challenged. Was thinking of getting several inflatable vests. Not looking to break the bank but looking for small, DEPENDABLE but affordable (not that I am putting a price tag on safety). If I go with inflatable do the cartridges have a shelf life and need to be replaced regularly ?
  9. I have looked at some of the other options just really like the or32 lights. Don't really understand why they discontinued them. I have 2 pair would like to add 2 more.
  10. Been discontinued for awhile. Red or yellow or just the flag bases.
  11. What's your location ? I have a old style 500lc I would sell. I would rather not ship. Only used a half a dozen times at most.
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