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  1. I have a few LCX transducers laying around. I looked into your LCX 18 . It looks like it takes the older grey connection ( mine are all blue connection) it listed Lowrance 106-22 and 106-23 for your unit. Found this one on Ebay for a crazy price or make offer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154797194101?epid=2255324975&hash=item240aa1bb75:g:tv4AAOSwDZph4zT8
  2. Top right hand corner of any page. Looks like a envelope.
  3. This guy is in Verona Beach. He builds custom ice rods. Give him a call it's worth a try. I have gotten a few rods from him they seam good. https://nebula.wsimg.com/19390594c2bfe439e0698ede135c87c5?AccessKeyId=492F7A9DF663CD2AAB0F&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
  4. Thanks relaxer. I was able to get ahold of them threw there Facebook page.
  5. Is Slide Divers still in business or did someone take them over ? I have done a web search for Slide Diver and U-Charters inc. I come up empty only lists retailers. https://www.slidediver.com/store/index.php shows site not found ?
  6. Few years ago on my 36volt Terrova. The positive wire from the lower unit to the head unit burned out. I had to run a new wire up threw the shaft. It has been fine since. That is the only time my system ready light wouldn't come on. When I opened up the lower housing it had a very strong burnt electric smell. Worth looking into
  7. Years ago when Slide Divers first came out . I bought some with 2 different size rings. I didn't use the Slide Divers much but I used the larger sized rings on my Dipsy Divers and they fit prefect. My question is do the performance rings for the Slide Divers that say they fit a #1 Slide Diver fit the 0 size Dipsy or would I need 00 Slide diver rings for a 0 dipsey. I don't see Performance rings for 00 Slide diver.
  8. Are you still using your ez steer ? Mine is the inner ball joint. The smaller one. Ez steer doesn't even have the inner one listed in the parts section just outer. Can't find one. I use to have a spare whole tube assembly but sold it to a member on here looking for one.
  9. It is. $72.71 for both ball joints. I could get 2 new Panther steering bars for that price. Just not sure what is the better option. I have had great luck with the easy steer and like that it is behind the motors and not moving back and forth near my gas lines and wiring. Don't like it so much when it comes unconnected and I have to reach back there and reconnect but that doesn't happen very often.
  10. After many years my ez steer broke. One of the plastic ball joint sleeves broke at the tube. I looked online most places seem sold out of the replacement ball joint. I looked on ez steer website which they seem to have it in stock for like $25 which I am good with that but they want another $20 for shipping . I am not so good with that. I have had a couple of Friends with the Panther steer arm and they seemed happy with them. Anyone have recommendations on a new steering system ? Our should I just pay up and get the parts for my ez steer. It is at least 20 years old and the other ball joint might fail soon. Thanks
  11. Lustie pm me your # so we can set up a time to come get these if interested.
  12. I have had good luck with Storm Thundersticks Madflash. Price is right and work well. 50 cents more than a Renosky at fishusa. I have had none leak or break.
  13. I didn't say they don't catch eyes . Like Kilam said I have had many fill up with water. I also have had big eyes trash in the net and brake the rear hook off (bait break in two}. I vowed never to buy another. To many good baits out there that work just as good for another buck or two that you don't have to rebuild.
  14. I will dig around. I Know have some I will give you. IMO one of the worse quality lures I have ever bought.
  15. Sorry about your bad luck. Sometimes the bad luck makes your good luck feel that much better. Nice job
  16. I am with sk8man on this. The advantages of having a kicker motor out ways. Being able to troll with your main motor in so many ways. Better on fuel economy, less fumes, and being able to get back to port incase something happens with the main motor are my top 3. Best investment I have made for my boat and enjoyment while trolling.
  17. It's not real easy. Mine had sprayed in foam and a cardboard tube going threw it. I used a heavy gauge wire. Wrapped it around the old cable a twist tied it real good around the old cable. Taped it real good so the edges don't get caught in the cardboard tubing. Pull the old cable out to the front of the boat. Snip your wire off and use the wire to pull it back threw to the back in the same manner. If all fails and it gets caught on you other cables. Cut out your foam and replace the cardboard tube with flexible plastic tube so it is easier next time and replace the foam. I have done it both ways. When I replaced the tubing I made it big enough to run cables for kicker motor transducer cable ect.
  18. Cut it off. Order a new one. Use the old one to pull the new one threw. Once they get stiff they are shot.
  19. My auto parts store carries them. They are called a rocker switch. Just tell them you need forward stop and reverse.
  20. I am replacing the water pump on my Johnson. I bought the whole pump kit. Just watched a good youtube video on installation. It said to glue the impeller cup into the water pump housing. They said to check with manufacture for what type of glue. Anyone know what type to use ? I have done a few impellers just not the whole kit. Thanks
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