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  1. I would say resident fish. about 18 - 24 inches.
  2. My buddy and I launched out of SBH late Friday afternoon. Tinkered around for a couple hours then setup for the nearshore {troll} Walleye night bite. Started at dark Had my 6 by 10;45. We boated 15 by 12 and called it a night. The Aurora Borealis was awesome but the fishing was better !
  3. Yes just get longer cables and swap them out.
  4. Backing plate ? If so I think I have a couple lying around.
  5. I saw it was mentioned to pull trolling bags which I see is a popular on this site. I don't think I would like putting more drag on my boat or having something else to snag my line on or forget to take out before heading in at high speed. Couldn't you just swap out the high trust prop for a 3 blade prop or a prop with less pitch to get the rpms up and speed down ?
  6. https://www.walleyecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96806#:~:text=The valves on the motor have'nt seated themselves,it at speed and they should seat themselves.
  7. For my Big Jons I use a 110 outside receptacle with the covers on it which is mounted in the rear of my boat wired directly to the battery. Then I put 110 male plugs on the riggers and plug it into the receptacle. Then you only make 1 connection to the battery. Nice and easy to remove the riggers. Just make sure to use red and black wire so you hook your receptacle up right or they will run in reverse.
  8. While Striper fishing in Raritan Bay at least 10 years ago. It was at night fishing with chunk bait. My buddy caught one that had to be pushing 5 ft. long (never knew that got anywhere that big) My buddy wrestled that thing in the back of the boat for about 20 min. trying to get his gear back. I was just happy it was on his line and not mine.
  9. If you want Perch Lake Erie is the place to be. About 40 minutes from Fort Niagara.
  10. No clue but the Storm's in the boxes under your hand have treated me very well.
  11. Checked my spoons I have 3 or 4 of the one in the bottom left . Mine don't have the black streak in the left side. someone must have customized that one also.
  12. Top right one sure looks like NBKY to me. Other ones with dots are probably custom by NK or someone. I never really got hung up on the names much. I just cared if they put fish in the boat or not.
  13. Walleyes are starting to show up.
  14. https://www.nklures.com/products.html
  15. This listing ? If so it is still listed just down the page a ways.
  16. I wrap them up neatly in a circle. Then take a piece of wax paper and fold it in half slightly larger than my looped leader. I then seal them with a iron. label out side of the wax paper then store them in a zip lock bag. Saves on space and keeps them from the uv rays.
  17. Like mentioned before Offshore boards but with the Sam's pro release.
  18. I received your PM but you didn't except my offer. The guy on ebay did for 2 new in the package. Thanks anyway
  19. fyi Starting May 1st Walleye size limit is going back to 18 inches.
  20. Looks to me they are starting to remove it. There is a barge with a crane on it. https://iceboom.nypa.gov/
  21. https://www.amazon.com/Marine-Tex-RM305K-White-oz/dp/B0014419V0/ref=sr_1_21_mod_primary_new?adgrpid=1346902308081279&hvadid=84181465258655&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=164262&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=e&hvtargid=kwd-84181738061086%3Aloc-190&hydadcr=10034_10498159&keywords=marine+tex+epoxy&qid=1647949354&sbo=RZvfv%2F%2FHxDF%2BO5021pAnSA%3D%3D&sr=8-21
  22. https://creekroadbaitandtackle.com/
  23. https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/124958.html
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