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  1. Like Frogger said it's the kill switch. It should have a plastic clip around it holding it out, usually on a tether cord. You can connect the tether to you and if you are thrown away from the controls it pulls the clip out and kills power to your engine.
  2. Emerald Shiner numbers seemed good early spring in the river.I had no problem netting bait.
  3. Sent you a text not sure if it went threw or not.I have 2 13 lb. weights I will sell for $60 located at Silver Lake.
  4. Is your transducer mounted on the starboard side ? Should be mounted to the side the prop turns for less turbulence.
  5. The clicking noise is power to the relays.
  6. To test the motor itself, bypassing the relays and relay wiring, find the two heavy gauge wires that lead to the trim/tilt pump motor. One should be green and the other blue. You will probably be able to find a quick disconnect plug near where the wires exit the outboard engine cover that you can disconnect. Ground one wire to any metal surface and provide +12 volts from the battery to the other. The motor should run in one direction or the other. Now reverse the wires and the motor should run in the other direction. This will at least tell you if the motor is operating, so that you will have a better idea of what the actual problem might be. You can also pull out a relay (one at a time) and place a temporary wire jumper inside the relay socket across terminal 87 (the +12DC input voltage source) and terminal 30 (the outgoing wire to the trim/tilt pump motor) to make the motor run. It is worth repeating here: The voltage and current flows through BOTH relays, therefore when testing be sure you have a complete circuit.
  7. Been getting Quite a few Walleyes on Erie during the day fishing for Perch with minnows on bottom in 58fow. Tuesday was the 1st trip we got none.They must be moving in.
  8. I use Berts for boards (inline and big boards) Big Jons for down rigging (mounted on my riggers) Salty Down East for my Dipsey Divers. I have my Down Easts mounted on Berts electronic bases.It gets them a little higher waste high and gets the rod buts out of the way a little more.
  9. If it isn't full of foam I would think toggle bolts would work.
  10. I willing to bet you have been out of your house more than me in the last week.I did go fishing last Sunday thou and was within 6 ft of 1 person.I did touch a gas pump with a disposable glove and touched a dock which I washed with soap afterwards.
  11. Better be ready to stay home for a couple more years then.It isn't going to go away anytime soon.
  12. I am sure he had better boat control than I did.I was pretty much at the mercy of the surf.Yeah I would say I was probably that f i .lol
  13. Never met the man but use to look forward to reading his reports almost daily on At The Oaks.He sure shared some great reports.That's what really got me hooked on fishing Lake O.My success rate more than doubled from reading the daily reports from him and the other great Captains who shared info.Had a close encounter with him one day while fishing off the Oaks.It was blowing hard with 8 ft plus swells.I was in about 400 fow in my 16' glass boat(pretty crazy looking back on it) on the fish.Then I see Irish Thunder working the same water as I.I was in awe he was like a legend to me.I must have got a little close because I almost got Thunder Struck.I respected that and moved on.I will never forget that day.Thanks for sharing Capt. RIP
  14. What gets me is when they report the number of positive cases (which is probably low due to lack of testing) per county.It keeps getting higher and higher every day.Then you see the number of cases that have recovered or died at the bottom.It makes it look like many areas are really spiking until you subtract the recovered cases.Why don't they report current cases ? It makes things look much worse than it is. It is not fake news but it is misleading.
  15. I could probably come up with 2 or so.I could use those Big Jon holders manly the butterfly plates.
  16. Way to rock the boat BlueEye I Knew were this one was going.Over board lol
  17. Nice pair of collapsible planner boards $60 picked up.Silver Lake Castile NY
  18. Maybe you should have fished first. If they saw what swims in them waters they might not have wanted to go diving. lol Enjoy Good Luck
  19. This sure isn't helping and this is just 1 day and 1 location.
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