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  1. 8 life vests for sale, $20.00, if shipped then buyer pays shipping
  2. I received a phone call about a week ago and was asked from one of my old friends if I wanted to fish in the derby this weekend. It was scheduled for 09/22/2018. Tim Farmer was a local from Pillar Point who was an avid outdoorsman and had a love for family and kids. He had a passion for Pop Warner football and spent years coaching. 50 plus anglers registered and decided to battle the aftermath of Friday to Saturday mornings wind machine. When the wind decided to switch it reversed the tops of the swells and was one hell of a washing machine out there. One problem not only was the wind and waves but the battle of the floating weeds and debris. We moved a few times and reports from all the other teams was Black River bay, Guffins, Chaumont, Three Mile, Henderson were all dead. This was much like the fishing on the walleye opener but the swells were much larger on the open lake and the wind cranked for a longer duration. The results were as follows: our boat netted 2 walleyes and weighed in at 1st and 2nd, one other walleye was weighed in and took 3rd. I heard a very few others were caught but we didn't see them at the scale. They also had a bass division and payed 3 spots there. Not sure what the winning bass was but I believe it was close to 6 lbs. A big pat on the back for our team of Myself, Captain Jan Coburn, Eric Demianenko and Brian Monk. All the cleaning and resetting of the lines and lures paid off. Next year they are planning on having another tournament and the current talk is the proceeds will go to Pop Warner Football. We encourage the participation, competition, and support. I know I am looking forward to next year and seeing some new and friendly faces. Sunday my son helped me clean out the Whaler and I hope the lake produces like it did this season. I hate to see it come to an end and with bow season only 3 days and a wake up away I am totally unprepared for the opener. Good luck this fall gang and see you all soon. Thanks to all the volunteers at the Dexter Legion who put time and effort into the organization of the event.
  3. So how is the fishing? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Awesome , I did not fish yesterday but what a weekend. Nice work Brian Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. IMG_4333.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Fished last night 4 hour quick trip. Started where we left them last weekend and locked onto 7 and landed a nice coho and 3 big male Kings. They were tough fighting fish or we may have been able to lock onto a couple more. Great short trip! Today I had the same guys and 3 other clients fishing with captain Scott Lennox of Pole Position Charters. Good fishing today. Scott went 9-10 and did brown and a limit of lakers. We had a case of the dropsies. Locked up a dozen and boxed half and a skip with a limit of lakers. Customers were burned out by noon and we headed back to dock. They battled some fish and had a great day and a half. A big thanks to Captain Scott and showing clients how it gets done out of Henderson. Customers wanted to catch some trout so we gave them some trout. The king bite was still on when we pulled but I’m pretty sure we could have locked up a bunch more. Very happy clients equals happy captains. That’s the end of the salmon trips for this season. It’s been an Epic one. I attached a pic to end the season from today. Good way to go out with a bang. .IMG_4333.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. wallaholic

    Sold / Closed sold

    Responded to the pm’s, lots are sold out pending receipt of payments Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. wallaholic

    Sold / Closed sold

    Still a few proven fish catchers left at a bargain price!
  9. Deepest I took bites was 45 on the wingers. 25, 35, 40, 45
  10. Things got quiet here. Fished Sunday 9/9, fished the trench, N/E winds changed everything. 45 degrees 20 feet down. Nothing stood out bites on J Plugs, FF, and meat. 12 bites and scooped up most of them. Dropped 2 cohos in the prop, had a screamer break off when it hit the wire, caught a whitefish. Scooped one coho and the rest were kings. Floating weeds were a huge problem and a constant pulling and cleaning rigs was the only way to get bites. Way to much work, I think a lot of boats were driving around dirty. On a good note all the fish we caught were bright fish and the cohos were very bright. We may have a little more time to keep after them. Good luck
  11. wallaholic

    Sold / Closed sold

    The flashers are still available. The pickup scheduled for the weekend was a no call no show. The only ones that are sold are the green angel spin doctors.
  12. Call John and ask him. Henchen Marina and Fishing Campground 315-938-5313
  13. wallaholic

    Sold / Closed sold

    All flashers are sold pending receipt of payment.
  14. wallaholic

    Sold / Closed sold

    signalman I sent you a PM this morning in response to the PM you had sent me. I just responded to the new PM you sent me. Go to the PM you sent me yesterday for green angel and open it up. You can read the narrative and look for the response. thanks