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  1. Spoons??? What was your trolling setup??? Just wondering i fish up north on the Indian river lakes an kind of run off finger lakes reports at times
  2. Hey man stay at the 1800 house on the salmon river. Very nice spot and I'm not 100% but I think they've got a wifi. You could park your boat there and drive to the salmon river launch or Mexico launch and by the time u get here you won't have to go far in a boat for slob kings! They should be stacked off the river by then as long as weather stays the way it's predicted
  3. I always tell people paypal the money and I literally have them on then phone at post office or ups to give then tracking number so it's safe on both ends. Tracking numbers instantly go through and so does PayPal payments. I won't let it out of my hands till the money is in the account. If people don't like that well then there is something shady going on and I can wait for someone else to buy it. That sucks tho man. Always someone out there looking to get one over on you unfortunately
  4. As far as worm colors chartreuse n bright stuff on real sunny days an more natural crayfish or dark colors on the cloudy days. Don't get 4 inch worms they don't catch fish. Need the big 5-6 inch ones
  5. Can also try trolling some mini bomber a's in the white color. There crankbaits. Hammer smallies trolling them in the deeper water along long point and out by cherry island and shangri-la boat launch
  6. We use the 5 inch wave worms with the weighted hook when we go for bass. A good spot is the whole shoreline along point salubrious, also deep into griffins bay is really good and directly across from the chaumont boat from the bridge up to the point is usually productive for bass. For pike you want to troll stick baits out along long point state park shoreline in the 10-20 ft of water there. Haven't been out there much this year but those r usually good areas to focus on. Cherry island is awesome for big bass to on the backside of the island
  7. 7 ft waves in Henderson last weekend I don't think anyone was out there
  8. And feathers if you want to specifically target browns I would definitely fish Mexico in the 70-100 ft of water anywhere from 10 ft off the bottom to 40 ft below the surface.
  9. Hey salmon freak! We have a cabin right in pottersville too! Schroon is an awesome lake although I've never had much luck with lls there I have caught some 5 lb lakers. You guys run spoons for lakers there or what! I don't get over there enough to figure the place out. I'm there only a few times a year. Let me know man private message me I'd love to get a schroon lake report as there definitely aren't any lake George or schroon reports on here!
  10. This makes a bit more sense as we were running mags over the weekend. I just bought some 001 tho so ill try not running the snubber with them and see how it works out.
  11. Hahaha I like the toilet paper analogies. And yes there actually is a correct way to use toilet paper. However it was shafted onto the cardboard core, you want to run it off exactly opposite. Haha but yeah we had a huge rip on the dipsey and lost a fly. So I was thinking well the snubber would help with that for sure. I guess it's definitely a preference then. Ill run one rod with and one without and compare the ratio of fish to the boat. So to the guys that are not running snubbers though, what pound test are you running from you dipsey to flasher? I'm think inning your not running the snubber you had better have some serious line to withstand a hard hit
  12. So I've got one party saying no we don't run snubbers lose fish. Got other people saying run snubbers or your losing gear. I'm sure there has been debate on here over this before but I would like to hear it first hand. I just bought snubbers for my dipseys and buddy I fish with says there junk and we will lose more than we will catch
  13. Shoot up to the north dunes they were getting them there pretty good 2 days ago
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