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  1. Fished Oswego on Thursday evening. Dipsy's out 300 picked up a few fish. Downriggers at 130 picked up a few more. Temp is deeper since the big waves. Fished 300 FOW to 550 FOW.
  2. Buoy Data near Oswego Somebody told me there is a buoy located 2 miles due north of the lighthouse in Oswego that will give wave height data. Anybody know anything about it? Can you send me a link? Thanks
  3. Thanks for helping me out. This looks like one I would be interested in. I don't like hanging out the back of the boat to manually pick up the motor. THANKS TO ALL FOR TAKING THE TIME TO REPLY!!!!! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. Is the bracket capable to handle the weight of the motor when trailering the boat?
  5. Kicker Motor mounts What is a good kicker motor mount. I have a 23' Bayliner with a Yamaha 225 outboard and a 9.9 4 stroke Honda kicker. I purchased a Panther Marine mount and I am not satisfied with it. It was falling apart and the bolts that hold the unit together bent. I was able to temporarily fix it, but I need to get another mount. Any suggestions??
  6. Benched the cannon releases and got OR1. (Offshore release medium) Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I installed another battery switch that allows me to choose which battery I want to power the riggers and electronics from. (i.e. front or back). I run a 24 volt trolling motor off the front set of batteries and the 24 volts occurs at the plug. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Tracker Magna 19' SC 90 hp Cannon 10 STX downriggers and a lowrance HDS Gen 2 fishfinder. Launched at the estuary of the salmon river. Been out several times and no luck. Been here a week. Picking up some fish, but no luck catching them. I would fish seven days a week if possible, but the wind and waves won't allow that. First time at the pond. Still having fun!!
  9. What is the best way to present a J plug? Are they used in combination with a flasher or do they "fly" solo? Downrigger or Dipsie?
  10. How far back from the downriggers do you run the flasher/fly combo or flasher/spoon combos? What is a good rule of thumb?
  11. I am wondering if anyone can give me any info on where to stay. I am planning a trip to the Pulaski area on September 4th. I really would like to get there sooner, if possible. I've never been fishing on Lake Ontario and I am really looking forward to it. My situation is that I would like to mix work and play, thereby extending the length of time I would be in the area. The only catch to it is that I would need Internet access in order to do my work. (Civil Engineering Consulting). I would be able to work anywhere as long as I have Internet access. I recently lost my girlfriend to pancreatic cancer and really need an extended vacation. I guess the only requirements would be a place for me, the boat and Internet access. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Motels, campgrounds, etc. and availability.
  12. Thanks for the info. I was hoping to get there earlier. (Next week). The person that invited me is not available until the 4th. I may take a ride next week, without the boat, just to check things out and get my license, gear and stuff. I am brand new to this kind of fishing. Hopefully, it will be a blast. Thanks again!
  13. My name is Mark, from Poconos, PA, and I will be making my first trip to the Polaski area September 4th. I plan to take my boat. (Bass Tracker Magna 19, almost ready to go). I've been invited to go for several years and never made it. I can't wait to go. Hopefully, we catch some Kings. Got the fever.........
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