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  1. Last time out picked up a few on riggers/spoons. 5ft back. Thanks for the comments.
  2. ncej03

    Rescue off oak orchard !?

    Sad story. Was out of Olcott that day. Saw the rescue boat and helicopter running around. Scary when you see the reality of situations like that. Unfortunate for the the family and people involved. Feel for them. Will be a good reminder to double check and have all my safety gear in order and not buried in storage.
  3. Tough bite out there today. Out of Olcott. Dropped in at 100ft checking if any stagers are around and started trolling north. Marked some good stuff, but only one quick rip. All warm water moved in. Here's a picture of one that came up for a look at my rigger.
  4. Thanks for all the comments. All make sense. At the time I was seeing this I was running 20-30ft back.
  5. ncej03


    Thanks. Went out this morning. Didn't last long. A bit much for my 19ft. I'd say it was 3-5ft, with a bigger one mixed in. Never dropped the probe, but surface temps were back in the low 70's.
  6. ncej03


    So Monday looked like cold water pushed in. Saw 67 on the top and 40 deg down 20ft to the bottom out in front of Olcott. Was a good east wind for two days. What do you guys think happens with this strong NW all day today?
  7. Yeah. I think I was going slow with waves. No probe yet. I try to watch my dipsy rods loaded and blowback to judge speed. I did pick up a few when bumped speed.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Interesting. I had three fish hit my dipsy setup while I dropped it back a few feet after it was running a while.
  9. ncej03

    Okuma glt downrigger rods

    I have two for riggers. I like them. Good value for the $$.
  10. The last few trips I've been seeing a decent amount of fish come up to the ball, sometimes follow, then nothing. Didn't get many rigger bites those days. Anybody else experience this? I"m running 20lb main line right to swivel. Running 20 to 30 feet behind ball. Thinking about putting on about 10ft of fluorocarbon for leader.
  11. Two Daiwa Accudepth Plus 47 size. Great shape. They're 90 bucks new. Freshly spooled with 20lb. 100$ for the pair. Two Sealine SG 27 size. Great shape. They'e 109 new. Freshly spooled with 20lb. 120$ for the pair.
  12. Two Okuma White Diamond wire rods. 10ft 2pc Med/heavy. Roller tips. Like new. 119$ Brand new. Will sell the pair for 180$. Used twice. Want shorter rods for my boat.
  13. Dropped at 160. Pretty good for first couple hours. Staying 180-200. Then worked out to 450. Was a slow pick after the first few hours. Finished landing 8 out of 13. Largest about 15lbs. Spoons and FF. Most boats I saw were way off in the horizon.