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  1. ncej03

    Outboards With Freezing Temps

    Thanks for the response! I've been keeping an eye on the weather trying to time my trip.
  2. Hello All, I'm trying to time a trip in late April. I won't have indoor storage. I have a Verado and Pro Kicker. Given that time of the year, there still is a chance for overnight freezing temps. Just wondering what you all do, or if that will be a problem. Thanks!
  3. ncej03

    Electric Downriggers

    Thanks for the reply. This is great news. Ok, now I have two manual Cannons for sale!
  4. Hello everyone. Great board. Amazing info shared. Any general advice for putting power to electric down riggers? Will be running two. Thinking about upgrading from my manuals. I run a 19ft Lund. Current power is my main starter. Then I have a 24 volt electric system up front. My preference would be to run off my two batteries up front. I have a charger wired to them, won't be using the electric when using down riggers, and would like to avoid an extra battery on the boat. Anybody doing this? Thoughts? Thanks in advance, Mike