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  1. No, it does not look good. I live up near the lake and grew up on the lake and have lots of friends who live on the water. I see it daily and don't see anything before mid-late July. I called my storage place today and asked what the cost is to keep the boat in longer (no need for tree spinners, bird doo, pollen and leaves filling the boat). He told me not to worry about it right now. That was nice of him. I am going out this weekend to pull the batteries and bring them home just in case it ends up spending the summer in the barn. They are on year 5 this year. Hope it works out with your slip.
  2. Marina's are hurting right now. You may run into the old, this was not the fault of the marina and we can't refund your money. We will knock 10% off of next years slip fee. What does your contract state if you have one. You might have a handshake and not written.
  3. I get it, people do eat them. My father always did. I grew up on the water and we fished all the time and he would eat everything. I was in part, joking. I personally catch and release. I hate the taste of fish. However some of the 2 - 3 lb walleye out of the bay look really clean and very good. I often thought of cooking one up. Now, I doubt I will. Most fish taste like what they are eating. Is it possible their food is nasty due to the muddy waters. In essence, garbage in garbage out.
  4. You eat the fish from these waters?
  5. My lowrance would do that. I finally figured out I needed to set it to deep water. I have several settings like fresh water, clear water, muddy water deep water... Not sure if the hummingbird is the same. Also it is imperative to my performance that I select the correct transducer in my setup. Again not sure if your has these settings, but it is worth a look.
  6. Sounds like it is starving for fuel. I am not sure why you say it has no jets, there has to be a few items metering air and fuel. Needle seats and small orifices. Did you change your fuel filter. Check the fuel ball and make sure it is hard and stays hard. If it collapses on itself it is pulling a vacuum and you need to check the fuel tank vent system. If it is starving for fuel it is running lean. The worst thing ever for a two stroke, it can seize up or melt the exhaust side of a piston under a lean condition. When it starts to die and you add choke does it recover or stall out. http://www.crowleymarine.com/johnson-evinrude/parts/47531.cfm?mdl=YZ0APG http://www.crowleymarine.com/johnson-evinrude/parts/47551.cfm?mdl=YZ0APG
  7. I am in Webster and I had no idea there was someone close by. I have been to a place in Canandaigua for the only repair I have ever needed. I would like to find a prop shop that works with the customer. I am 100% sure there is a better prop for my boat. I found a guy in FL who is willing to send me 4 props for testing. Then I keep the one I want and send the others back. I would like to find that same service up here. Right now I am spinning 6350 - 6400 WOT / 40mph burning 29.5 GPH (best ECO cruise is 2.3mpg @ 4000rpm 27mph). I need more pitch. The boat came with a 13x16 mirage plus on it. I would like to try a 15x15 Enertia. In practice it would drop 600 rpm with that prop. But, it is a smaller diameter so it may only drop 400 which would be fine. Does anyone have any info if a place like this is in our area.
  8. Right near Hedges in Webster. The waves were solid 15 - 20's largest I have seen in 45 years. The Sodus Bay Lighthouse was shot by my friend Jim Montanus.
  9. I can't remember the model of riggers I have. 10?? very old white Cannons but the former owner of them told me they were standard windshield wiper motors that were not too hard to get. I have one very slow one and a burned board on one. Have not used them in years.
  10. After speaking to some folks over there they are working towards a deep water channel year around. never less then 5 feet for large boats. That is why they went with a groin jetty for this location. Something like that. Full dredging from the channel to all the docks and setting up for very large boats. Their goal is the best deep water basin on the south shore. I worked at that marina for 3 years back in the 80's when it was run by Red Gray. What a blast it was working there. I hope they do very well.
  11. Not at Sandy, but at I-bay. Mine was stolen twice. They unscrewed it and took it, nuts and bolts on the ground. Don't rule out that someone took it. If you report it as lost/stolen, the plate may be found on someone's trailer.
  12. Here is my side scan of the Laura Grace. I grew up on the south end of Long Pond (1970 - 1989 Shoreway Dr.). Been diving on that wreck since I got my first boat at age 7. I have a great video my friend goona bird made of it. Here is a side scan of it 1 month ago. Heading out there in about an hour. This was my first attempt with my new Lowrance side scan sonar.
  13. I did Hughes yesterday. 1pm to 8pm. Marked a ton. Most fish from 5' to 20'. Not even sure they are fish as you would think you might see them over the side. The SONAR is only casting a 5' or so cone at that depth. Had one solid rip on the 180 dipsy over 120 East troll after bumping to 3.2 from 2.7 (swing and a miss). Then a small brown 6-7lbs on a glow/green frog pattern spoon on a dipsy out 150 over 80. Marked a ton but nothing was biting except the flies. We had to wash down the boat as we had so many dead flies from snapping them with a towel and killing them. BBQ and racing today. Back on the water tomorrow. Thinking of launching at the river tomorrow. Waiting to read the reports.
  14. Here is a video of the St. Peter wreck. It is a chain from the bottom to the top. The buoy is about 3/4 the size of a 100lb propane tank. Look at all the dipsys, dodgers, snubbers, flys and downrigger cable on that chain.
  15. If you were West of the nuke plant, it is most likely an old Coast Guard boat #56022 sunk in 1977 laying on the bottom. The same markers are also about 1/2 mile out of Hughes Marina 5 or so miles east of the plant. Them markers are marking the St. Peter sunk in 1898 in 117' of water. The local dive shops mark them so they can tie off and take people diving on the wrecks. There is another in between these two called the Homer Warren sunk in 1919 not sure if it is marked.