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  1. We have been out here since 6:30. Lots of marks and bait but only 1 brown. Have not seen any of the other boats catching. 25 to 50 fow. Surface is 65* it was 76* last weekend.
  2. As asked, our setup is mostly NK spoons (mags right now). I have boated fish, they hit mostly black/purple and green glow. I do have spin doctors and flys, dodgers, flashers. No diver rods (I have them with mono but don't use them). I run Scotty riggers with 12# Cannon, balls and Roemer releases. Speeds are between 2 and 3 on GPS mostly 2.5ish. I will add I have been fishing this lake since the 70s and have won a derby with these fish. The past few years with new gear has been tough. I should go back to the old Proos downrigger and the old Heartland Diawa rods and Sealine reels they worked great for me. Thanks for all the great tips. Many we have tried. Some guys today came by my boat when they were pulling their boat out and said they boated 10 fish. When we compared notes we ran almost the same stuff, same speeds and depths except he did a laker program with cow bells and that did well for him. My cow bells are in my storage locker.
  3. I can't buy a bite out here. I read all these reports of guys going out just for a look and boating several fish on 1 hour on a whim. I go out for 8 hours of hardcore trolling and I got no releases in 8 hours (changing speeds, depth and lures flys you name it). So my guess is speed is my enemy. I don't have a Fish Hawk. All the fish I have caught this year have been south troll only fish at 2.6mph. What surface speeds on GPS are you guys going out of the ROC / ibay area. The down currents are crazy out here. Pulling the riggers under the boat on an east / west troll. This morning it looks like the thermocline is at 55 on the graph and all the marks say 55 also. Is anyone fishing deeper than 55 this morning out of IBay. I am in 150 to 250 down 50 to 80 across my spread with 4 rods out. This morning we're running Coyote Ugly and Northern King mags.
  4. Thanks for the report. I am at Mayer's and for me the fishing has been tough this year. I don't have a sub troll or Fish Hawk. I have noticed the current in the lake is ripping. Are you seeing any difference between east or west troll. What speeds are do you doing on GPS if you don't mind sharing.
  5. I use the prop wash trick and it has never failed me. With an outboard you can trim up and make a lot of oxygen. Also, you can trim it perfect to create a giant vortex that pulls that fish way down and they always swim away. I have never kept any of the fish I have caught in the lake. I don't eat them so I would never harm one, 100% catch and release every fish I get near the boat. If it is not a photo fish it never even comes out of the water, un-hook right in the lake.
  6. My friend's cottage is right there. She told me about a month ago that it had opened and I think she has launched her ski from there since then. Sandy Creek near Hamlin, is the one I am talking about.
  7. My Trophy comes up mid thigh at the coming pads with stainless toe rails so you can't fall out. Your toes grab the rails and prevent that.
  8. The boat in my profile picture is my 2011 Trophy 2302 WA (last year made) with a Merc 250 Verado. I have had many boats and grew up on the water. It is not as solid as a Whaler, but, the same 23' in a Whaler if they made exactly the same model is 150K not 80K. My boat is 7 years old now and still looks like new. It has no broken parts and has seen several days of rough water and kids tubing every year.
  9. That part never touches the water at speed. I would leave it and not worry about it. If the looks bother you, try JB Weld or Marine-Tex. build it up to match, sand and paint with the Yamaha paint.
  10. Where can I get these locally. Their website chart shows these going down to 100'. I want to try them out. I called BE Fishing and Tackle and they do not carry them.
  11. I have Diawa and Shakespeare rods with Diawa and Okuma Convector 30 reels. Last week I purchased 2, 9'6" MH Shimano TDR dipsy rods from BE F&T. The price on the rods was so good I bought another Okuma Convector 30 and spooled with with 20lb. These rods are wonderful. I wish I had purchased them a long time ago.
  12. I have an older one in great shape if you need a new one. Has the steering ar m with it. I just found it in a box from one of my fathers old boats. Garlick 55071
  13. I agree, not cottonwood but something new. After trolling this morning we went screwing around for bass in 20 feet. The kids snoopy poles even got the new dark brown fleas jigging for bass. They are impossible to remove and tear up the line.
  14. I have battled fleas since, well forever. But, yesterday out of I-Bay I ended up with the nastiest brown water fleas. Not your normal translucent fleas. These were aggressive fleas. I say that because you can't remove them. They are currently wound up on my reels. I bought a new reel from BEFT yesterday and had them spool it up. Now, 100 feet into the spool where the fleas were the line is all chaffed. The fleas "chomped" on the line and I am not sure the line is any good any more. Has anyone else discovered this new bread of flea. They will not budge, and are dark brown.
  15. I put one on my 18 Wellcraft center console. It was a bow mounted one and I made a plate to remove it. I also had a custom cover made and it had a velcro addition. I could attach a trolling motor cover (bump-out) or use the traditional closure. That way, no matter what the situation I could cover the boat.
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