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  1. I use the prop wash trick and it has never failed me. With an outboard you can trim up and make a lot of oxygen. Also, you can trim it perfect to create a giant vortex that pulls that fish way down and they always swim away. I have never kept any of the fish I have caught in the lake. I don't eat them so I would never harm one, 100% catch and release every fish I get near the boat. If it is not a photo fish it never even comes out of the water, un-hook right in the lake.
  2. My friend's cottage is right there. She told me about a month ago that it had opened and I think she has launched her ski from there since then. Sandy Creek near Hamlin, is the one I am talking about.
  3. My Trophy comes up mid thigh at the coming pads with stainless toe rails so you can't fall out. Your toes grab the rails and prevent that.
  4. The boat in my profile picture is my 2011 Trophy 2302 WA (last year made) with a Merc 250 Verado. I have had many boats and grew up on the water. It is not as solid as a Whaler, but, the same 23' in a Whaler if they made exactly the same model is 150K not 80K. My boat is 7 years old now and still looks like new. It has no broken parts and has seen several days of rough water and kids tubing every year.
  5. That part never touches the water at speed. I would leave it and not worry about it. If the looks bother you, try JB Weld or Marine-Tex. build it up to match, sand and paint with the Yamaha paint.
  6. Where can I get these locally. Their website chart shows these going down to 100'. I want to try them out. I called BE Fishing and Tackle and they do not carry them.
  7. I have Diawa and Shakespeare rods with Diawa and Okuma Convector 30 reels. Last week I purchased 2, 9'6" MH Shimano TDR dipsy rods from BE F&T. The price on the rods was so good I bought another Okuma Convector 30 and spooled with with 20lb. These rods are wonderful. I wish I had purchased them a long time ago.
  8. I have an older one in great shape if you need a new one. Has the steering ar m with it. I just found it in a box from one of my fathers old boats. Garlick 55071
  9. I agree, not cottonwood but something new. After trolling this morning we went screwing around for bass in 20 feet. The kids snoopy poles even got the new dark brown fleas jigging for bass. They are impossible to remove and tear up the line.
  10. I have battled fleas since, well forever. But, yesterday out of I-Bay I ended up with the nastiest brown water fleas. Not your normal translucent fleas. These were aggressive fleas. I say that because you can't remove them. They are currently wound up on my reels. I bought a new reel from BEFT yesterday and had them spool it up. Now, 100 feet into the spool where the fleas were the line is all chaffed. The fleas "chomped" on the line and I am not sure the line is any good any more. Has anyone else discovered this new bread of flea. They will not budge, and are dark brown.
  11. I put one on my 18 Wellcraft center console. It was a bow mounted one and I made a plate to remove it. I also had a custom cover made and it had a velcro addition. I could attach a trolling motor cover (bump-out) or use the traditional closure. That way, no matter what the situation I could cover the boat.
  12. I am all back together now. That channel got me for over $300.00 end of August last year. Folded a mirage plus SS prop and took a giant chunk out of my skag. Many people came up to me at the launch ramp to express their personal prop and lower unit stories. I could not believe how many people had hit and no one is taking any stance to remedy the situation.
  13. It was on the Webster, NY Facebook page so my guess is local to Webster. The rod is a 3 year old 13 Fish Omen Black.
  14. I have many of the original designs from Pat. My father and Pat were great friends and Pat would come and test the lures in our in ground pool On Shoreway Dr. Off of Lowden Pt. Rd in Greece. That was the early 80's. Once Pat got them all tuned up we would jump in the boat and head out to the lake via the Long Pond channel. We CRUSHED the fish with them lures. All of them plated with real sterling silver as Pat said, "nothing reflects like real polished silver". Well, my father passed away 3 years ago and when I was looking at his old tackle, there they were. All original NKs wrapped in tissue, hand made and never used.
  15. On another forum an older fella is looking to get his favorite rod repaired. His large 1st guide snapped at the foot and he will need a new foot and a rewrap. He took it to B&E and they could not help. I know guys around town make rods. I am hoping one of them can fix this for the guy.
  16. The "sneezing" effect on a 2-stroke outboard is usually caused by too lean of a condition. Because the lean bur is a fast burn it escapes out the exhaust port before the piston can close it. It may also be a direct cause of the low compression. A lean burn is a very hot burn and it will melt the piston. Most often on the exhaust port side. If you like to tinker, it should be a really fun 3 hours of your morning. Then fatten up or clean them carbs. Read your plugs.
  17. I had to visit a customer in Victor yesterday. So, these folks are only another 15 min. I stopped in and dropped off my prop. She told me that they are the only game in any driving distance. Her husband now picks up props from marinas in PA and NY as far the Adirondacks. All the other prop shops went out of biz. They are really good folks to deal with it will be back before the boat is out of storage.
  18. I won't order the one I want (because there is no way to know how it will perform) . I want to try 4 or more then pay the 5 or 600 for the prop. A guy in FL is willing to send me the 4 he thinks will work better. But I have to pay shipping both ways for 4 ss props and buy one of them. Not worth it for me. It sucks we don't have quality places to buy props around here. The folks in FL will bend over backwards for me. I'll take it to Canandaigua, they fixed a prop for me several years ago and did a great job.
  19. I am looking for some advice. I have been to both locations but not in a long time. I found the bottom in Braddocks Bay last fall. I need a 13P SS Merc Mirage fixed up a bit and if they can go up 1 pitch to a 14 that would be awesome (not everyone can do that). Sodus is 30 min away Canandaigua is 1 hour +.. Thanks
  20. That video was the video that inspired me to try jigging in the lake.
  21. I am going to keep trying for sure. I actually have dropped anchor in 100 feet of water to "mess" around jigging. It got so hot that day and the water was gin clear, the girls wanted to jump in and swim. We all did and to my amazement, it is a good thing I tied 2 fenders to 25 feet of dock line and sent them out back. The top current was "invisible" till you jumped in and looked at the propeller in the water. It looked like the boat was in gear. The prop was spinning like crazy and the current drifted us all away from the boat as soon as we jumped in. We had to grab the fenders tied out back and pull ourselves back to the boat. If the boat was not attached to the bottom with the anchor we never would have noticed that current. But it was amazing how fast it was moving.
  22. I have tried this 4x now. Last year I watch a few YouTube videos of a guy off of Sodus jigging for lakers (I setup the same way). He did well. My problem, even with 1oz ocean jigs I can't get to the bottom with 8lb line. The current in the lake is moving fast. I drop the jig in 50 - 100 feet of water, only after I locate fish on the bottom, on the graph. Drop the jig and I watch it drop on the graph. At about 60 feet, it just takes off and never hits the bottom near your boat. If you don't let out enough line it will never touch the bottom. That makes it impossible to jig for them. The current catches the jig and it just moves horizontal. Does anyone have a fix for that.
  23. That information is not like what I read back when they started this project (Yes, a lot was for the wetlands). I was understanding that the project was built around moving the new channel and clearing all the old garbage out of the bay. This is why they are paying for a new groin jetty and have budgeted for continued dredging. Also starting this month according to recent data. I hope you are wrong about no attention to the channel. I like that launch ramp. I think it is the best in the county.
  24. Jason, I worked at this marina when I was in high school (I grew up off of Lowden Pt Rd). I worked for Red Grey in the early 80's, best job I ever had. With that said, I know this bay like the back of my hand. So, why would I need new instructions to navigate the new channel. Just follow the rules. Red / right return. Well, when launching my boat I was told keep right in both directions and the water was "sketchy". Thank god it was blowing hard and I was only going 10mph when I hit. But, when I got to the dock several people came up to look at my boat on the trailer and my lower unit and prop. They all had stories of night time and day time underwater accidents. Here is what I was told. The pipes for navigation were placed for the barge. The barge was in the east channel removing "Stuff". It placed the "stuff" in the west channel and never removed it (due to the high water and the barge was able to make more money on high water projects and never returned to finish the job it was paid to do). So, if you ever use the west channel it is full of old cement and railroad tracks and telephone pole stumps. This is what I was told, not what I can prove. Except I did hit there). There is no true USCG markings on anything. Just 12 (I think) white pipes. the outer pipes (east/west) were 6" or 8" in diameter (4 or 6 per side) and the middle pipes were aprox. 2" round. All white. So, what do you follow. I was going to take my outbound path back in but this day had 4+ footers and other boats in that channel. I took the westerly channel because it was full. That proved to be a BAD idea. What there should have been was two GIANT RED no-go signs attached the the outer markers indicating to all boaters that the west channel is closed for navigation and all vessels should use the east channel only. There should have been very good written instructions at the launch ramp on the use of the new channel. It should have also noted the hazards in the west channel if you were to stray over there. Just my .02 on that. Many people did 1000s of dollars in damage to their boats last summer. Several of them came and spoke with me while I was wiping my boat down.
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