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  1. Hi Chris, Perfect. I'll have cash. See you then! Tom
  2. Hi Chris, I'll take the 8" Spin Dr's. Sent from my SM-G975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Next time, I will get the gel. And yes, gloves are required. It is a strong formula.
  4. I used Starbright Instant Hull Cleaner. Works great but unlike On and Off, it is not a gel and isn't scented. On the good side, you can dilute it to make it last longer if needed. Good luck with the new-to-you boat! Sent from my SM-G975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I heard you have to use a special knot with the D rig. Problem is, he won't tell us what it is.
  6. Congrats Rick and as always, thanks for the detailed report! But I gotta say, you guys are killing me. 2 years ago it was Carbon 14. Last year is was DUV 2-Face and everybody sold out. This year it is Rod Father...next year Double Harpoon Ghillie Monster... If I could just get a Gary-D, even at $100, it would save me a ton of money. As it is, I need to buy a dingy to pull behind the boat just to carry the lures and equipment. (I know...catch the fish...or catch the fisherman) My guess is that you would still do well with just a randomly twisted paper clip on the end of the line. Spending time on the water...can't buy that, gotta earn it. Joking aside, thanks again and best of luck this season.
  7. Thanks for the clarity and additional insight. I too am an indepenant. I don't think "elephant hunting" or "donkey hunting" should be mixed with fishing, but that's me. I understand peoples' convictions run deep, I just wish devisive topics would be left at home so we could all "just get along".
  8. REELDRAG2, I want to speak, I have much to say But in this world, there is no way… You look for friends and advice on this forum And then claim the members here have poor decorum This group of fishers are chock full of so much info Sk8man, Yankee, Whaler1, Frogger and NymphO It’s mostly the fishing that keeps us together Both when it’s a good day on the water or tough weather It’s unfortunate that religion and politics can keep us apart Right from the beginning, before we even start Perhaps the time will come when we can bite our tongue Not like when we were 20 and oh so young For me these members are mostly first class Though, perhaps, a few may be a little crass My guess is the time will come when you will need a “fish worker” And you’ll come back to this site…if even just a lurker Best of luck to you
  9. mr 580, "solid choice".....solid lead core.....I get it. You're funny! Thanks for the knot suggestion.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Brian and VooDoo. Stealth core is on the way. Going on Coldwater 553 reels so plenty of room. Appreciate the responses and advice.
  11. Thanks Rick! You are a great asset to the fishing community and this forum. Greatly appreciate your advice! Tom T.
  12. That's great advice. Many thanks. Best of luck to you this season! Tom T
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