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  1. Rich, seriously, with your level of expertise, making money running charters, providing this level of detail on a regular basis...what can I say except, wow!! Your information is so valuable and important to us "weekend warriors" that I just want you to know how much it is appreciated that you take the time to help us out. I am sure there are many others that benefit as well. Does it also help drive sales to your charter business? I certainly hope so! You have earned it. Thanks Much! Tom T.
  2. If you are located in Rochester or on the west side and need any canvas or fiberglass work done, do not hesitate to contact Susie at Susie's Boat-tique! She did some canvas work for me as was easy to work with, provided great quality, great service, and a great price. She comes highly recommended! Albion area 585-202-0594 https://www.facebook.com/SusiesBoatTique/ I am not a relative or a "personal friend", just a happy customer.
  3. Brian, sorry to hear of your father's passing in June. A huge thank you and shout out for his long term commitment to both national and local security and saftey. Hopefully his lessons and fond memeories will stay with you (and provide some comfort) for many years to come.
  4. I hesitate to answer your questions because while I have ~3 years in this salmon "dog fight", there are members here that have 30-50 years. They have taught me a lot. Many thanks to them! Let's face it. Gas is expensive. Gear is expensive. Your time is, well, limited. I highly recommend the Dan Keating series of fishing books. They can help reduce your learning curve significantly. I also recommend the Salmon School at the Niagara fishing show in Feb (I know, a long ways away but very worth it). That said, many times 10 feet between dowrigger depths can work well. As far as downrigger depths versus divers, your divers are usually much futher back than the riggers so they are in a completely different zone than your riggers. Your downrigger lure may be down 50 feet and 25 feet back from the ball. Your #1 dipsey will be out 100-180 feet back depending on the base plate setting (0-3) to get to the same depth. So they are in diferent areas of the water column. Dan Keating talks a lot about thinking in 3D when considering your rigs. The depth and the distance back for all the rods as a spread or program. One other thing to consider is where to put your "aggressive" rigs. I have made the mistake of putting my biggest, wildest rig on the deepest downrigger with my depth probe to help bring fish into the spread. I learned at the Dan Keating fishing class that the fish down deep in colder water and usually less aggressive (yes, subjective) than the fish up higher in warmer water. So many details...hope you got at least some value.
  5. SamonSez

    Boat Wash

    For what it's worth, I have not tried Star Brite Slime & Grime or Slimy Grimy. If that product works and it's not toxic, so much the better.
  6. SamonSez

    Boat Wash

    Do you want the good news, or the bad news? The good news, you can get it done. The bad news, you are not going to have fun. I have an older boat that was never kept in the water. Pristine hull. Then I put it in a marina of LO. OMG! How can that much crap stick to my hull in just 1 season? Powerwasher, nada. Household products, bust. Some say toilet bowl cleaner works. I say, if you are going to get out the chemicals, use the tool that was designed for the task. Do not do this in the water and plan on a full day (or 2) just in case. *BEFORE* you start this process, get heavy gaunlet rubber gloves, a face shield, a gas vapor respirator (not a paint respirator; it must be rated or chemical gas; about $50), potentially even a protective suit. I am the kind of guy that if a bone is not sticking out or I see blood, I am ok. So trust me when I say, you need the PPE. These chemicals will get in your lungs, drop you to your knees, and have you running for air. But after trying many other methods, this one works. 1) Cover your trailer with polyethylene clear painters plastic. Do not get chemicals on metal or painted surfaces, like your I/O. 2) Put on protective gear. 3) Get out the Kates On & Off (read, hydrochloric acid!). 4) Use full strength. A gallon goes a long way. The chemistry does the work more than the elbow grease (but you will both). 5) Use a thin green scrubby, nothing with a sponge attached that will hold too much volume to run down your arm. 6) Pour a little bit in a 5 gallon bucket. 7) Dip the scrubby in the liquid and shake off the extra. Lightly wet the area with the chemical and let it work for a minute. Then scrub to loosen debris. 9) Immediately rinse with water before it dries. If using a powerwasher, be careful of surrounding plants, animals, houses, etc. 10) Around your I/O or painted surfaces, you can use a user "friendlier" product called Bar Keepers Friend. 11) Wax wax, wax...this is the best proventative measure. Also, do the work in the fall as soon as you pull the boat out of the water. Some may comment or complain about using harsh chemicals, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. It wasn't my first choice, but it ended up being my final choice. If your boat is newer or has a good coat of wax, maybe you can get away with just Bar Keepers. Best of luck to you...
  7. Sam, Rest assured. Chris (C3M) is a class act, very ethical and very fair. You will not be disappointed.
  8. I am not a seasoned professional like some on this forum but I have heard just the opposite. A bag on each side helps to stabilize your boat and your speed control. It was also mentioned in a recent salmon class that the turbulence caused by the bags can actually help pull fish in towards the boat. Of course there are no hard and fast rules in fishing but I would not be worried about any negative effects of the bag(s).
  9. Hey Buster, There are much more expensive rods out there but Okuma Classic GLT CP-CL for value, Okuma White Diamond WD-CL as an upgrade. And then there are those that are $100+.
  10. Your success is amazing! I know it comes with alot of hard work, time, and dedication. Nothing comes easy. Every turkey, pheasant, grouse, rabbit, and deer hunter should be celebrating your accomplishments.
  11. I could also pick them up in Spencerport on any weekend after Feb 12 if that it easier. Thanks, Tom
  12. Hi Nick, I would like 1 blue label and 1 green label. I will be at the Niagara show on Sat. Please reserve the 2 packs of herring and I will bring cash. I am in South America for the next 2 weeks so there may be a delayed response if you send me a message. Thanks much, Tom
  13. 2nd for Jay in Spencerport. Have used them for over 10 yrs. Clean shop, good packaging, always friendly. Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Beautiful deer!! Most sits can be used as a good learning expereince (some more than others). Kind of reminds me of salmon fishing...but I digress... Congrats again!
  15. Tommy will be less $$! Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Been there...done that! Love the effort but...?! Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. ErieBuck, Jay Peck is a very experienced guide on local streams and is a good teacher. 585-233-0436 Best of luck! Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Over many years, I have had mixed results with mechanicals. Have had the best results with Magnus Stinger fixed blade. Unbeatable warranty. I am sure others are good, just my personal preference. Best of luck this year Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Pretty involved. Hope it turns out well. Best of luck to you! Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. There are, and will continue to be, many that would like to thank him for his contributions to our fishing community. And yes, way too young. Condolences and best wishes to his family and friends. Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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