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    for sale : usa .

    Sold tonight. Dave (rod hog) is a great guy with lots of stories. Could listen to him talk for hours. Thanks Dave!
  2. I'll take 3 with a check, please - will look for PM Thanks!
  3. You have been recognized in my post about the 1986 Starcraft boat for sale. Thanks for your continued (daily?) and valuable contributions to this site!



  4. Thanks Whaler! You are one of my favs. Friendly, level headed and always eager to welcome the new guys and congratulate people that have been successful. A true class act. I have been a daily lurker on this site for 3 years and took a charter with Legacy Rob in Aug 2019. I have been hooked ever since. I have been taking notes daily and now is the time to get get rid of the 18' open bow pleasure boat and get out onto the big water. Whaler, Legacy, Gambler, Frogger, Jeremy Goodison(!), HB2, Gill-T, Todd, rolmops, Vince, HarryBumCrack, NymphO, Gator, SilverFox, C3M, Lucky13, Chinoock35, Blue eye, fisherdude, bandrus1, Xxx, Fishnut, Yankee Troller, missdemeaner, and many others too numerous to mention have made a big difference in my learning endeavors and my day to day connection to the great fishery that we have. A special shout-out to Sk8man!! Very intelligent with a scientific engineering-type approach to all subject matters. You speak - I listen. Would love to meet you some time and chat. if you see a friend's name in this post, please let them know they have been recognized for their contribution to this site and the big lake trout-salmon fishery. Thanks to you all!
  5. Sorry, this boat was sold today. We are in the final negotiations this week. I visited Jim and the boat last fall and finally pulled the trigger this week. She's an old girl but a real looker. I am hoping the looks are not just skin deep. Jim, A.K.A rustyhook1971, has been a pleasure to work with.
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