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  1. wanted; swim platform brackets Looking for 4 swim platform brackets. A frame style.
  2. for sale : usa WTB: Otter Boats

    i have a pair and live in me
  3. Cleaning Bilge

    Pressure washer!! I had thick sludge last year when i got the new to me boat and now you could eat off it it's so clean.
  4. Sold / Closed Aluminum Triple Rod holders

    I'm not sure if they will fit in tracks but the measurements are 3" wide base and 3/8" thick. 9-3/8" overall length. Bolt holes are 5/8" on center from the edge of the base.
  5. Aluminum Triple Rod holders I think these were made in Rochester. They are in perfect shape. 9-1/2 overall length. Fresh coat of metallic black paint. $120 for the pair shipped.
  6. Mexico bay

    Catfish Creek or Mikes. Why launch everyday when you can just get up and jump in the boat.
  7. for sale : usa 8" Flasher Lot

    my bad, a quick glance made me think there were 8 of them.
  8. for sale : usa 8" Flasher Lot

    what are the colors of the ones not shown?
  9. Labor Day Trip? Sandy Pond?

    I'm at 25' and really not looking to do a beach landing in the dark so that info helps my decision. Thanks!
  10. Labor Day Trip? Sandy Pond? Been doing Catfish Creek for the last 5 years or so around Labor Day weekend as was thinking of changing it up this year....maybe renting a house on North Sandy Pond or maybe even go back to Fairhaven we we fished a number of years before Catfish. Can Sandy be good around Labor Day? Is the channel well marked? We have always done well fishing out of Catfish but sometimes a change of venue is nice.
  11. Sportcraft 250 Re-Birth!

    I did all the work....guessing around. 100 hours but that a guess, lolSent from my LGL41C using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Sportcraft 250 Re-Birth!

    Thanks guys! I really did enjoy doing it and yes I'm meticulous to a fault sometimes. 5.0 230hp that runs smooth as silk. No real major work needed to it other than usual wear items. Nice cruise at 27-28mph and top out at 35mph. If anyone has the old Bennett single joystick style trim tab button the one they sell to allow you independent tab control is a must have for short money.
  13. Sportcraft 250 Re-Birth!

    lol...the 30hp chain saw is long gone and a honda bf8 has taken it's place
  14. Sportcraft 250 Re-Birth!

    Got lucky and sold my Trophy in the dead of winter for top $$ and from there it was an all-out search for a new vessel the day it pulled out of the driveway. The Trophy treated me very, very well and I have no complaints but I really wanted to do a restore on a bigger, roomier hardtop for the Lady O! Was able to buy this boat from a fellow member back in April and have been working on it ever since. Boat was/is solid but needed a new backboard, carpet removal and lots of cleaning/wet sanding. Numerous upgrades throughout including; new trailer, total re-wire, 3 bank batteries, dash panel, gauges, switches, wash-down system, bilge pumps, Bluetooth radio and tablet, led lights, usb charging station, spotlights, teak re-finish, custom passenger seat/tackle center, driver seat/cooler storage, Honda 8hp, alternator, riser gaskets, flappers and other minor engine preventive maintenance needs…. a little bit of diamond plate too just cause I love the looks of it. Been out 4 times locally and FishBones is very smooth, stable, roomy, comfy and pretty damm quick if she needs to be (now propped correctly) The big test will be up at Catfish Creek this week 8/24-8/29. I’m excited and satisfied with how it all turned out and a bit anxious to get her back to her home lake all dolled up in her new outfit. Hope the Lady O is kind to her Give a shout if you see us, if i don't answer back that means I'm busy netting the LOC winner
  15. I have two Otter boats for sale that are in excellent condition (single keel) I can get pics if needed but you know what they look like I'll be in Catfish Creek 8/24-8-29. Would prefer pick up only, can meet somewhere if need be. Call, text, or pm on here 774-262-0039 Jim