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  1. https://vermont.craigslist.org/boa/d/colchester-starcraft-196-fishmaster-2017/6845813985.html
  2. Got the bug to catch some steel heads, Anyone have any recommendations for a drift boat guide/lodging for end of March?
  3. On a budget i would look for a used 840 head unit and transducer then buy a new probe, it works flawless. Half the cost!
  4. Unless something happened she usually gets back to me in a day or so. Mikes Marina n Mexico has a cabins/docks. Salmon River Lighthouse and Marina also has cabins/docks.
  5. I use the main engine with autopilot on the rough days and the kicker with the Powertran Python on the others. So far in the 2 years i have had it the kicker has been used more times than not. The Powertran is a nice unit, turns fast and comes with hard wire and wireless controls. The wireless remote is sweet option, especially with only 2 guys in the boat or solo. Wear it like a necklace. I tried the tie-bar option and it wasn't that hard to turn but the turn radius and reaction time was poor.
  6. Thinking of changing it up this year and going to Sandy for something new instead of Mexico/Oswego over Labor day but my only real reservation is navigating through the channel/pond. How bad is it if you don't know the area? How bad is it with a West wind- 2-4. Would be renting a cottage on the pond by the golf course.
  7. wanted; swim platform brackets Looking for 4 swim platform brackets. A frame style.
  8. Pressure washer!! I had thick sludge last year when i got the new to me boat and now you could eat off it it's so clean.
  9. I'm not sure if they will fit in tracks but the measurements are 3" wide base and 3/8" thick. 9-3/8" overall length. Bolt holes are 5/8" on center from the edge of the base.
  10. Aluminum Triple Rod holders I think these were made in Rochester. They are in perfect shape. 9-1/2 overall length. Fresh coat of metallic black paint. $120 for the pair shipped.
  11. Catfish Creek or Mikes. Why launch everyday when you can just get up and jump in the boat.
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