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  1. Browns in close. Kings and browns 60-150fow. all over the water column. 1-3 colors cores, slide divers out 100. riggers 30,40,50,. out front all the way to the plant. Mostly spoon bite, but a few chasing flasher flies. good luck
  2. dubblec

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/27 PM

    WOW - Beast of a LL. Definitely Wall Worthy! Congrats
  3. go deeper - fishing was stellar last night in the 400s
  4. 150-300 fow. Temp was down 100 tues. Lots of fish were around before todays northeast winds. Meat . Ff and spoons all getting fish . 400 500 cippers 250-300 dips and 85-120 riggers. Good luck
  5. dubblec

    Fishing With Dad

    That's what it is all about! Great memories with family. thanks for sharing
  6. dubblec

    Doing something wrong on cayuga

    X2 and even more - north of long point has been very good the past month both east and west sides
  7. dubblec

    Oswego fleas

    Fished Saturday - starting to show up . not real thick yet but some bits on line
  8. dubblec

    Cayuga north end

    Very Nice. Great quality vid.
  9. Sorry for.confusion 1st PM to me was answered as requested after 1st 2 inquiries. S
  10. 14 Flashers (Fishlander, hotspot, SD, protroll mix) 14 - Flasher (5 fishlanders, 2 hotspots, 1 large 10in SD, 2 sm 8in SD, 4 -8in protrolls) $100 plus shipping.
  12. Syracuse, Auburn area - message me
  13. 15 Trolling Flashers 15 - Trolling Flashers (Spin Doctors protrolls, etc) - $100 plus shipping