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  1. Very Nice. Great quality vid.
  2. Sorry for.confusion 1st PM to me was answered as requested after 1st 2 inquiries. S
  3. 14 Flashers (Fishlander, hotspot, SD, protroll mix) 14 - Flasher (5 fishlanders, 2 hotspots, 1 large 10in SD, 2 sm 8in SD, 4 -8in protrolls) $100 plus shipping.
  5. Syracuse, Auburn area - message me
  6. 15 Trolling Flashers 15 - Trolling Flashers (Spin Doctors protrolls, etc) - $100 plus shipping
  7. Spoons Spring Cleaning - Trolling Spoons plus storage box with dividers. Left row (mag spoons mix), Center row (Stinger stingrays, standard mix), Right row (reg size spoons mix). 50 total spoons - $100 + buyer pays shipping costs.
  8. Cayuga

    thanks for the comeback Gents. Good luck and tight lines this weekend.
  9. Meyers Launch Cayuga? Looking to see if Meyers Launch is ice free to launch this weekend? Thank you
  10. Nice buck. Bond. Great read. Congrats
  11. Nice buck. Bond. Great read. Congrats
  12. Great buck HD. Congrats
  13. had dipsys on a 2 setting. move them around and find what works. we use 30 wire to a dipsy - size 1 run a 10 ft lead (20 lb flouro) marked bait and fish 70-100 down today pretty consistently. some mark higher and lower. but majority in that range.
  14. Fished sheldrake area this am. Some good action . Riggers 75-90. Dipsies 200-230. Purple spoons were the ticket today . Bloody.death kevorkian got bunch of hits. Couple nice rainbows . Quite a few lakers and few landlocks. Work in and out 100-250. South troll was better into the waves. Good luck.