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  1. i drove down to wrights to take a look so far its looking promising for next year parking lot is raised and paved, They raised all the power panels also. Heres to hoping to be back in the spring🤞🏼
  2. im looking for a lowrance Nep-2 box used to link more then 2 head units together using the ethernet cables(yellow) which i would also be intersted in. thank you for your time. please contact me if yah have one kicking around text or call 315-591-3252
  3. are the shakespear rods ugly stix? what action are they? any pocs?
  4. what are the specs on the 2 shakespeare rods?
  5. rlconverse

    Sold / Closed 1995 240 Thompson Hardtop

    to anyone interested in this boat: she is spotless!! the owner/seller of this boat has kept her in excellent condition and clean, it runs extremely well and has always been perfectly maintained. i have personally operated and fished out of this boat! shes a catch for the new owner for sure! good luck with the sale buddy!
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