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  1. over 5000 views an no bites. whats the kicker guys? shes a pretty lil-big boat that is well suited for walleye, trout and salmon. thanks for looking. pm me for more info.
  2. still for sale. pm me for details. thank you
  3. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/uploads/monthly_2017_04/20170423_170350.jpg.70e9582ceb68beaa9a43059440731ddc.jpg
  4. bump! shes still for sale and able to be sea trial if desired!! she needs a good home for a nice fishing platform! able to be haul easily but still big enough for lake ontario
  5. oswego sub shop, canalies italian resturant
  6. the boat is 21'3" long. 8' beam and weights 3250 lbs
  7. bump!!!! this boat is in need of a good home. she would make anyone a great fish catching machine. fully service last, including raw water pump. she runs like a top.
  8. i had the same issue with an older 120 and seen the malkings for the same problem on my inboard 454. the impeller had come apart in my 120 and a chunk of it had made its way up the intake hose to the elbow that goes into the side of the engine i took the intake hose off quick as the engine was running to check for water flow and the rubber peices were jammed in the elbow. my 454 had the impeller come apart with the previous owner and the chucks were stuck in the tranny cooler inlets side. hope this helps. good luck
  9. not sure the age of it but its def a loco. iv got a bunch of them havent run them very much but they have a crazy action to them