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  1. Sammy

    for sale : usa 1985 Searay 255 Amberjack

    Sorry for the late reply, No tackle. Price reduced to $11K.
  2. send me a text or call, 518 281 8309. I'll take the tracks,Thanks
  3. can you ship the tracks? I'm in Albany
  4. interested in tracks. Where R U located?
  5. Depth Raider parts, I believe it's the older 1000 Display with cables and Probe. Don't know anything about depth raiders, Four tite loc rod holders and older thermo troll probe. They were on a boat I purchased and don't need. I was told that everything worked when used two years ago. $ 140 plus shipping. I'm in Albany area, I'll be in Oswego on Saturday 19th. Call 518-281-8309 for info.
  6. I'm looking at doing the same thing. I'm connecting a 9.9 Suzuki to a 262 inboard Penny. What kind of connection did you use for the rudder connection? Thanks
  7. where are you located? I'm interested!
  8. I'm putting a kicker on my single screw inboard . Mount is in center of the transom with a hole threw the transom from the previous owner. When I measure down the gunnel threw the hole and to the motor how much more should I add to the length?
  9. Sammy

    for sale : usa 1985 Searay 255 Amberjack

    1985 Amberjack, 454 with TR outdrive. Never chartered. Seasonally moored only 4 years. Complete outdrive rebuild May 2020, $2500, complete canvass package July 2020, $2450, #10,000+ trailer completely rebuilt May 2020, new brakes, brake lines, actuator serviced, five new tires, new powder coated fenders, completely rewired with submersible LED lights. Boat rewired, new pumps, Sitex auto pilot, new fuel tank sending unit and wiring. Test run time less than one hour after all work done, July 2020. Winterized. Health issues necessitate sale. $17,500 invested, sell $13,000 OBO. Call or Text if interested, 518-281-8309
  10. I have two but can only find 1 at this time. Big Jon Spring A ling rod holder from late 70's early 80's
  11. I have four early 80's es1000 brutes long arm. They have been serviced by Kevin, Big Jon service manager, at the Big Jon plant. All in good working order. Two have the original cast aluminum reels, two have the newer style black lexan reels. Call me if interested. 518-281-8309. Jerry
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