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  1. That's a Perfect little cover. Can you guys all come over and help me build one in the back yard.. I have a pile of Rough sawn Lumber and we can have a cook out, drinks some Beers (Will somebody bring a Pig and a couple Kegs) . Lets try to do a proper job and get the boat in straight unlike the one in the picture. And I do like those Straw Hats, Can you bring some of those for all the guys.
  2. Lets see pictures of all your Winter Frame Ideas to Cover Boats. I don't , won't cant afford and or justify shrink wrap as it just creates a big pile of plastic waste and sucks money out of my wallet I dont have. So, I usually build a couple wood frames that leans on the hardtop of my boat and cover them with a few big green poly tarps. Blue would work but I want the heat from the sun to help keep ice and snow off the boat. My boat is only 24 ft long, 85 ft wide and the hardtop is about 12 ft high when its on the trailer. Looking for New Ideas!
  3. the 5th Amendment, ratified in 1791, says that no person can be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. the Declaration of Independence states that all people have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." PS: There is No Law against Manufacturing Firearms. You can whittle one in your home if you wish. Same with Ammo, Bake up all you want if its for Personal use. If you intend to Produce them FOR SALE, then you must get a License from the BATF. How many of you know that if you Make Fishing Tackle that you must pay a Federal Tax if you intend to sell it. Again, make as many lures, rods, reels as you want if its for personal use. A tax of 10% of the sale price is imposed on many articles of sport fishing equipment sold by the manufacturer. This includes any parts or accessories sold on or in connection with the sale of those articles. Pay this tax with Form 720. No tax deposits are required. Sport fishing equipment includes all the following items. Fishing rods and poles (and component parts), fishing reels, fly fishing lines, and other fishing lines not over 130 pounds test, fishing spears, spear guns, and spear tips. Items of terminal tackle, including leaders, artificial lures, artificial baits, artificial flies, fishing hooks, bobbers, sinkers, snaps, drayles, and swivels (but not including natural bait or any item of terminal tackle designed for use and ordinarily used on fishing lines not described in (1)). The following items of fishing supplies and accessories: fish stringers, creels, bags, baskets, and other containers designed to hold fish, portable bait containers, fishing vests, landing nets, gaff hooks, fishing hook disgorgers, and dressing for fishing lines and artificial flies. Fishing tip-ups and tilts. Fishing rod belts, fishing rodholders, fishing harnesses, fish fighting chairs, fishing outriggers, and fishing downriggers. See Revenue Ruling 88-52 in Cumulative Bulletin 1988-1 for a more complete description of the items of taxable equipment. https://taxmap.irs.gov/taxmap/pubs/p510-033.htm
  4. Now they will be Yelling BAN PAPER! BAN PAPER!
  5. However I may be wrong about the machine concept and everything will turn out OK, Its Not the Machines fault. Just use it correctly and this may be the future! ( Actually I did set up some Vending Machines Full of Beer in the NAVY Barrecks years ago and they were a great Success! Had to refill them sometimes multiple times a day! a Can of Beer for a Buck. Outsold the Cokes 100 to 1
  6. If People Dont Stop these Crazy ideas of Using Machines to provide things, it wont be long time the Machines take over the world and no one will be able to do anything for themselves anymore. This Evil trend need to be Nipped in the Bud Now before it Grows into something that Humanity will regret for eternity. Here is a concept of what Could become of our future if you do not act Now!
  7. Any machinist worth their salt would be able to just copy any type of gun part and make one with a milling machine and lathe. ( Making a quality Barrel is the hard part). as far as just making something that fires people have been doing that for thousands of years, even using wood filled with powder and rocks for shot. Convicts and grade school kids make zip guns with ball point pens and rubber bands, does not mean that they wont blow their hands off doing it. If you look at the whie Plastic single shot that they keep showing it has a barrel the diameter of a baseball bat shooting a .22 short low pressure round. may even be a CB Cap which has no gunpowder in it at all and is about as dangerous as your average toy bb gun. Have also seen people just take a chunk of old scrap metal and a file and many hours later they made a single shot gun. Not very accurate and pretty ugly, but nothing wrong with building stuff yourself. The CBS News media was showing a CNC Milling Machine making a lower receiver for an AR and telling people that anyone can do this. Maybe if you have the Cash & Knowledge. I have run, programmed and repaired CNC Equip and its very sophisticated and way beyond what I can afford. Well you can also just go buy a ready made lower at many, many stores for short money, under $49.95 but its all the other components that will set you back the big bucks. The Real problem might be if those 3D printers start making knives in London England, The Mayor and Bobbies would just be overwhelmed. Anything that has a US Patent on it can be copied for Personal Use Only according to the Law.
  8. I have built hardtops onto convertibles but would never remove one. A Canvas Bonnet will only last you a couple years and the Hardtop increases the value of the boat so much more. Don't raise the center of Gravity on that boat as it does not have ballast in the keel as righting momentum and may cause it to turn turtle. Penn Yan were made before full foam flotation was required and it will sink like a rock. For the same reason don't try adding a tuna/marlin, flybridge on the roof unless it came from the factory with it.
  9. The Skeg on outboard motors is only there to help you steer them, if that's not a concern? Go for it? It also acts like an Airplanes rudder to keep tracking when trying to drive in a straight line. The Skeg also provides protection for the Prop to keep you from bending the crankshaft when you hit logs, rocks and other things. May the Force be With You. Force Outboards are the old Chrysler with the name changed to avoid the bad mojo. I have had a couple 15 HP Force motors that were Merc/Force and also branded as Gamefishers. The nice thing is they were really cheap brand new and disposable as in No maintenance required, it is cheaper to buy a new one. They do have some interesting uses.
  10. Years ago some Navy Buddys & left a cooler full of Squid, sans ice in the Camper Back of my pickup truck for a week while we went about doing Navy things for a couple weeks in Virginia Beach during the Summer. Step #1 Upon Approaching the car stay back at least 100 yards. or further depending if your upwind. Step#2. Go Buy a case of Cheap Beer and a Couple Bottles of Lysol Step #3. Go find some Seamen and Offer them Free Beer to wash your truck. Step #4 Leave all the windows open for a few months and sprinkle a few bottles of Old Spice After Shave everywhere. If you can go to a car wash and pressure wash the entire interior it will help a bit. Having the Good Fourtune of my Dog getting sprayed by a skunk and jumping into the truck with me did decrease the fish smell. Don't Bother to worry after swimming in the Ocean and getting into the truck soaking wet, it will Only improve the smell. Leaving soaking wetsuits and towels helps, but dont let them develop mold or your back to step #1.
  11. Back when Mariners were sold in the USA, I had a dealership. The small Mariners were actually made by Yamaha and the larger Mariners were Made by Mercury. The Gasoline contained LEAD and No Alcohol. the 2 stroke mix was 50:1 and worked well. Sines the crazy Kaliforinas removed the Lead and added 10 to 15 % Alcohol you need to compensate for the ****ty gas by running a 40:1 Oil mix or even 30:1 if your in high altitude ie: Not at Se leavel as the O2 Percentage that is calculated for proper combustion diminished. Smoke those MosqueSkiToes! well, I have never seen an Ice Scratcher Motor but it Looks Safe? Here, Hold my Beer!
  12. Those Pipes look good., but if you don't have pipes or a welder hanging around, just Bolt a coupe of 2x8's or 2x10s, 2x12's depending on the wieght load and span (Width of your boat) between two trees and then use a chain fall with a strap to lift your boat. This also works well to put outboard motors on or to replace inboard motors. Nice thing is you can leave these up in the tree to hang deer or put up a swing for the kids. If you dont have trees handy you can laminate up a large A Frame Gantry crane using 2x8's . We did this for unloading boats from trucks at a boat shop and it works well and is kinda Portable as you can put dollys under the legs and roll it around to where you want it. Remove the dolly's or Lock them down. before using it to lift a boat or your boat will roll away. Here ya Go, if you want to Bottom Paint your Camper.
  13. I have a big Roll of heavy Sunbrellas Canvas. Still need the Frames made and the Canvas sewn and grommets to make it fit. Would be nice to cover the boats seats and cushions with the same fabric to make it all match.
  14. Be sure to buy some Lead Additive or you will be burning up your Valves. had a 1988 PMC Chevy 350 that started off at 280 HP and after 4 rebuilds it was pushing over 600 HP out of it. They only last about 2,000 Hours between rebuilds. a 1987 Motor required Lead Gasoline.
  15. I have replace old rotted wood bunks with PT many times. Always try to go with the widest you can get on the trailer. my little 18 ft trailer has 2x12 PTs on it with Indoor Outdoor Carpet, Use Stainless Steel Staples and it will last for years. If you spay the carpet down with Silicon or Fluid Film it will help the boat slide on and off easier.
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