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  1. WickedGood

    Trolling with electric?

    Im thinking of setting up 2 pairs of these electric motors bolted under my dive platform and using a joystick to control them. 4 motors in total. would be able to run them all forward or reverse or even spin the boat around in circles with port fwd & stbd reverse. etc.. figure that an extra pair of large deep cycle marine batteries would be needed for these ( as well as the deep cycle batt for the electric downriggers, fishfinder, GPS, VHF) and the two batterys for the Diesel Engine. Could run the engine to recgarge everything or have it charge from the pickup truck when on the trailer or battery charger when parked at the house. anyone try this type of trolling setup? Was looking at getting some from China as they are less cost but shipping is a killer. Maybe doing a group purchase and bringing in a bunch of them would lower cost?
  2. WickedGood


    The Shamrock boats are all Custom Boats. Have never seen two identical boats. Bought this one brand new in 2010. the Model I have is the 246 CC Tunnel Hull Sportfishing model with a hardtop & cabin under the center console. Have dive platform duel fish boxes, transom live well, sink & washdowns, duel electric walker downriggers, outriggers, and a lot more options. a Yanmar 240HP Turbo Diesel. Diesels last a lot longer than gas engines, get much better fuel consumption and are less to insurance as they are much safer. they do cost more to buy upfront and oil changes 12 quarts and $70 worth of oil/fuel filters vs a gas engine are a bit more. It is easy to tow at only 4,000 pounds dry and hold 150 gallons of Diesel in twin tanks. once you add all your gear fishing/diving its around 6,000-7,000 pounds. still gets up and does 35 kts in calm water 2-3 ft waves. It will handled snotty seas 6-8 ft better than my body will and I usually don't take it out more than 50 miles as there are plenty of fish closer in shore and when storms blow in it does get wet. aside from all the USCG Equip requirements once you past that 50 mile line, just your extra safety gear up another $10,000. or more in top of the already expensive gear for inshore. It works great in larger lakes as it only drafts 2 feet of water and is easy to launch off the trailer. I am a Disabled Veteran and need help getting the boat back on the trailer which is easy with one person driving the truck & trailer and another just driving the boat onto the trailer.
  3. WickedGood

    Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on your hull??

    I bought that Harbor Frieght Oscillating Piece of Crap when they put them on sale for $30. Its OK for buffing auto paint, but for Fiberglass you need to get some real heavy duty heat and power to buff the carnuba wax into the gelcoat. When you buy a $130,000. boat you need to maintain your investment. I would have guys washing/waxing it every single day if they would like to go fishing.
  4. WickedGood

    Maine Moose Lottery

    When they open the Lottery, you can buy tickets online. There is a Permittee and a Sub Permittee and also Alternate Subpermitees. Only the Permit Tag holder or the Sub Permittee may shoot the Moose. Both People must hunt together. You can both shoot at the same moose if you want. But ONLY One Moose. As many people that would like can join in on the Hunt and you could have 100 people out scouting and helping with the Moose after it is shot. Lots of nice places to Camp in Maine http://www.maine.gov/ifw/hunting-trapping/moose-permit.html
  5. WickedGood

    Need ideas for a frame & soft top over the deck.

    I already have a roll of Sunbrella that I bought for my previous boat. If I could find someone to build some tube frames like these it would work. I would also add a couple removable vertical pipes on the transom that could snap in to withstand snow load or be used as a gin pole for hauling in really large fish on a block and tackle and add a boom with stay sail for long drifts for bottom fish offshore.
  6. WickedGood


    WickedGood Name is Walt ex US NAVY Submariner, Disabled Veteran Fish Fresh & Salt Water. anything that bites 24 ft Shamrock, Yanmar turbo-Diesel.
  7. WickedGood

    First Mizzleloader

    You cant beat a TC Halkins .50 cal. Rifle or smooth bore. uses regular #10 caps and shoots very well with just 60 to 90 grains of regular old FF. or FFF . Goex work well and at $15. a pound you get a lot of shooting for short money. or Elephant is a couple bucks more and a bit cleaner. you can shoot round ball, conical s or bird shot. It is really versatile. I bought mine as a kit in the NAVY BX in Sub School years ago and it has increased in value tenfold.
  8. WickedGood

    Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on your hull??

    for the gel coat Soft Scurb is the way to go. It cleans and removes stains like Blood, Urine, Beer and Tomato sauce. I usually wash the boat after every trip and before covering it for winter and uncovering it for spring. I wax it a dozen times a year. Need to get a Big Ass industrial Porta Grinder with the sheep wool bonnett to buff it out. The cheapo automobile oscillating buffers don't work for ****. Also need People to help me wash & wax on Wax off. if you want to help and go fishing.
  9. Need ideas for a soft top over the deck. I would really like to get a frame made from Anodized Alum and canvas to go over the back deck from the hardtop. Any ideas how to still be able to reach the rocket launchers and do this? also what about the sunbrella when trailering down the highway at 85 mph? the boat only does 35 kts in the water.
  10. WickedGood

    Looking for 30-06 semi

    the 742 is a very nice gun ( Woodsmaster) It was designed to use the 30-06 ammo of its day and will feed military M Ball flawlessly. and regular velocity or softer pure lead or paper patched handloads with no problem.. The reputation that people say they jam is when they force high velocity extra hot ammo in it. It was never designed for hot ammo and that's what will mess up any nice rifle.
  11. WickedGood

    2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    How do you carry a camera and take pictures and hunt or fish at the same time. Fishing, Im navigating, Piloting the boat, watching out for danger, trying not to run over the lines as we troll and dont have time to fool around with a camera. Hunting, I usually cant justify the weight of extra crap in a backpack to carry into the woods other than the rifle, pistol, ammo, food, water and survival gear. 20 pounds of cold weather clothing and boots alone. Can only do so many things at once. when you see a deer you dont have time to say Smile, stay right ther while I dig out my camera, take its picture and ten shoot it.
  12. WickedGood

    Maine Moose Lottery

    Maine Moose Lottery. who is getting into the Maine Moose Lottery for 2018? I'm thinking of getting a ticket but not physically able to do a Moose Hunt by myself.
  13. WickedGood

    New lever gun

    Henry 44 Mag will do it. Nice thing is that you can also carry a .44 Mag revolver along with it and use the same Ammo. With Henry made revolvers. Maybe a Matched set of Stainless Steel Henrys would be a perfect combo.
  14. WickedGood

    Bulk ammo ?

    Order it from Cabelas when it goes on sale. They hit you with Hazmat and shipping fees, but if you buy a good volume. it reduces the cost. Usually look for their bulk deals for ammo boxes with 10,000 rounds or more to make it halfway reasonable. maybe get together with other shooters in your area and do a million round purchase and divvy up? if there is a Bass Pro or Cabelas near you you can have them ship to store to save on shipping costs but they still hit you with hazmat which is stupid since there truck is going there anyway.
  15. Ah, Ideas that generate more questions? What the hell is a Seth Green weight? "dekes on the Finger?" When you Google Pictures of these things you get Amazing Pictures! As far as dragging stuff on the bottom to kick up fish that works really well! A few years ago myself and a couple other guys tried Sea Urchin Diving. Thake a garden rake and rake the urchins into bags, then drag the bags back to your boat, bring them to the buyers at the commercial docks in Glouster and wait a day or two to find out that those 2 to 6,000 pounds of urchins that you busted ass for only were worth 25 cents a pound. The boat was totally messes up, urchin spines in your hands & feet and the expense for boat fuel, dive gear & air and the work you had lost money. The amazing thing I found out was that Lobsters and Flounder came out of everywhere a few mins after all the urchins had been raked. So we started to just follow other Urchin divers and pick up the Lobster and spear the flounder. Better, Much Better! Maybe Ill drag a bunch of Sash Weights around in the sandy bay and see what kind of fish show up. Apparently they also have other uses as yet unknown to modern mankind.