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    Nice report! Funny how this lake fishes. I don't have much of any luck on the hard water but can be a great place to spend a day with the kids in the late spring / early summer.
  3. Looking to rent a cottage on Sodus bay A few years back I rented a place on Sodus bay and now the owners have changed and the price sky rocketed. Looking to rent a cottage that sleeps up to 8 for a week some time in August. Not a big fan of the online rental agencies so I thought I would try posting here to see what others may have. Thanks, Mike
  4. Chemung river. Glad it is close and no one around. I have been wanting to go up and chase kings but every year it gets more frustrating with crowds. Now I am going to concentrate on local fishing until the crowds thin out, if they thin out. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. My son and I found a few this beautiful evening. He wanted to get a walleye and finally got his first. Nice to know the spots I used to fish (or close to the old spots) still hold some fish. Definitely a day I will remember for a long time. The look of surprise on his face when he saw he hooked his first eye! Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Short report. Windy! We did get a few small mouths fishing the shoal out in front of us and a few pike and large mouths but the wind every day made it tough to stay where you wanted to be. I heard the walleye bite was good but I never went out in the evenings, just spent time with the family. Got small mouths on tubes and drop shot rigs with hellgrammite and leech patterns in the 20-40 foot range. Beautiful place just wish I fished more. Less than 24 hours there, I dropped my phone in the water!!! My replacement is coming today. On a positive note the boat ran great! Going to try Keuka a couple days the end of the week. I hope the wind is not as bad and we get a few there to make up for it.....
  7. Leaving tomorrow and staying a week. I will make sure to post our results and hopefully post on the spot reports. Any last minute tips or reports for us? Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Thanks for the report. We are leaving in 10 days for a week. So looking forward to it! My son is super excited as well. We will be staying right near Alex bay right across from Bolt castle and there are a couple rocky humps right out in front of the cottage we are renting. Hope to get into a few smallies myself. My son wants pike and musky, lol! I am sure I can get him into a pike or 2 but I told him we will see about the musky.
  9. Keep these reports coming! I will be up there the week of the 20th with the family. We just rented a cottage just outside of Alex bay. My son is dying to wet a line, as we are still going strong with baseball. We just won the district 6 10U all-star championship!!! We are looking for anything, bass, pike and of coarse he wants to get a muskie..... Hope the fishing is hot when we get there and the boat is running good!
  10. Nice fishing boat for sure. I assume your is the 19 footer? I have the 17 footer (1706) and like it a lot for fishing the finger lakes! Want to get up to the big lake some time but I am not set up for trolling. Funny I am considering down sizing to make it a little easier to launch with my 10 year old son... Good luck with your trade/sale!
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I am going to take the boat in and have the impeller replaced soon. Then when I get it back take it to the lake and see what happens with the water and see if I cn pn point where it is leaking from. Thanks again!
  12. Sorry, I got into stream mode for a bit. Not much shore access there. But there is a little near the launch, the only problem is it is shallow. You could possibally catch fish from shore there. You can launch canoes and kayaks from there with no problem. it is not much of a launch actually. Especially now with out the dock in. I may try it again back over there in a week or so.
  13. I read a few posts on replacing rivets. I am sure I have some loose ones on my boat but I want to try the garden hose test to make sure I don't have other problems as well. My question is, how hard is it to replace them if you have a finished floor? Can you do it from the under side and not tear up your whole floor? I am not sure how much I want to tear into the boat, or if I want to dump it real cheap and get a smaller fishing boat? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the reply Mike. So I took my son out on Saturday and this is how it went.... Read the forecast and there were to be light and variable winds and we found the wind blowing out of the north but not bad. We also saw that they did not put the dock in yet but we managed fine. We motored out with the trolling motor and then tried the big motor. Started up just fine for the time out this year! We motored over the area around the inlet and almost as soon as the minnow hit the water a bass hit. My son landed 3 and I landed 2 all on minnows. As far as the panfishing went, we just could not get the fish to take the minnows in far enough to get a hook in them. We had a lot of hits and fish on for brief periods of time but did not land very many. I tried to switch to plastics but the wind picked up and changed directions on us. Every time we started to drift through the spot we were hooking up we had to change the "drift". We ended the day with a few crappies and a couple perch. Let them all go this time, hoping the gods will smile on us next time out. I am sure we would have caught more if the wind was as calm as was forecast? As for leaving the wind changed direction again and was out of the south pushing the boat to shore. This along with no dock made it interesting. Not sure if he is on here or not but thank you the kayaker that helped me load my boat! He was wearing waders and made things a lot easier, my son thanks you too!! As far as the weed treatments go, I am not sure about the effects on the fish and if it would harm you for eating them?
  15. Just wondering if anyone knows the lake conditions on Cayuta? I was thinking about heading out there with the boat and going after some pan fish with my son and cousins boy. I don't think there would be anymore ice left and it will give me an opportunity to run the boat just a little. Any reports on fishing there would be helpful also. If I get out I will report how we make out. Thanks, Mike