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  1. Guppy35

    Has anybody else seen these this year??

    Thanks for the replies, i appreciate it!
  2. I looked it up online and it looks like woolly aphids. I've never seen them before this year, but noticed them on several tree branches throughout our hunting property. Mostly wondering I'd this is something to be concerned about (do they continue to spread?) Will they go away on their own, or do we need to try to treat it with something?
  3. Guppy35

    Blown Ignition Fuse

    Thanks for the input Pap & Prayingmantis, it sounds like a logical place to start!
  4. Guppy35

    Cayuga Jigging 8/5

    Thanks Mike, i've been keeping up with your fishing reports on FB! Looks like you had some good fishing as well.
  5. Guppy35

    Cayuga Cayuga Myers 8/7

    Very entertaining read! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Guppy35

    Blown Ignition Fuse

    My parents have a 2005 Tracker Targa V18 with a 115hp Mercury Optimax (I am almost certain it's the original motor on the boat). Last week when launching on Cayuga, the motor started right up just like it always has, they started out onto the lake and the motor stalled. Turned the key again and it started up but stalled again almost instantly. The third time they could not get it to start again, it would just continue to turn over. Upon further inspection when they got home, they found out that the fuse for the ignition was blown. They replaced the fuse and tried starting it again. No luck starting it, so they looked at the new fuse and it too had blown. Replaced the fuse a second time and this time they watched the fuse as they turned the key from the "OFF" position to the "RUN" position and the fuse blew again at that point (before even getting to the "START" position. Has anybody else ever had an issue like this, or does anybody have an idea of what we should look for? Thanks, Sean
  7. Guppy35

    Cayuga Jigging 8/5

    Thanks guys, apparently i'm not too good with fish identification! Les - I still enjoy trolling, but i sold my Walker downriggers a few months ago with the old boat. The new to us boat has the mounting plates for Cannon downriggers which is what i'd like to put on eventually. Just not able to do that right now financially since we just finished building a new house and buying a new car
  8. Guppy35

    Cayuga Jigging 8/5

    Launched out of Taughannock Falls State Park yesterday morning around 6:45 am. We did not know about the Cayuga Lake Triathlon going on, so it was much more busy at the State Park / launch than we were expecting. Got the boat in the water and headed North on the West side of the lake. Started marking a ton of bait fish around 75-80 FOW with some lakers sitting on the bottom. Decided to give it a try and had the first hookup on our second drop. Fished from 7am - 12pm and had a steady pick of lakers averaging 6-10 lbs. All were caught on 1oz jigs with white paddletails, white tubes, and white/chartreuse paddletails. Realized part way through the morning that they preferred a faster retrieve. We ended up with 12 lakers, and the biggest surprise of the day was a real nice rainbow that my mom caught right on the bottom in 90 FOW (Is it normal for them to be that deep this time of year?). She got it to the surface and as soon as it saw the boat it started peeling line off. It put up a great fight and was fun to watch. All fish were successfully released.
  9. Congrats on a nice fish, Bentrod!
  10. Guppy35

    Cayuga (7/5)

    The fishfinder is a Humminbird 597 ci HD with Down Imaging. When we went this weekend we mostly were looking for baitfish and jigging around them. Do you look for baitfish first, then zoom in on the bottom and jig? Or do you just zoom in on the bottom to start and look for lakers sitting on the bottom?
  11. Guppy35

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Well we were able to get out on Cayuga Sunday morning for a few hours of jigging. Despite the wind and algae bloom, we were able to land 4 lakers in 3 1/2 hours of jigging. Fish ranged from 18" to 27", all healthy and fat fish! We launched at Taughannock State Park, and ran North just past the Power Plant. Best depth was 65-80 fow, marked a ton of bait fish. Thanks to the advice of several individuals on here as well as supplies from Copperliner, both of my brother in laws were able to hook and land their first laker! That alone made the trip worth it. I've got a lot of things to learn with jigging, but i'm looking forward to it. Next thing i want to do is try to figure out how to make better use of our fish finder. I don't know much about it, and i know that's one way we can drastically improve our fishing. Sean
  12. Guppy35

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Unfortunately we had to postpone our trip that was planned for yesterday morning. When looking at the weather Wednesday night, it looked like a pretty good chance of thunderstorms by mid morning on Thursday. In hindsight it probably would have been a good morning to be out, but better to be safe than sorry! We are now looking to go out either Saturday or Sunday morning. I'll try to post a report when we get off the water. A big thanks to Copperliner for sending me a big supply of jig heads and soft baits to get us started. It was very much appreciated!
  13. Guppy35

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Wow! Thank you guys for all the information, and for being willing to lend me jigs if needed. If we do get in a pinch, i'll at least know where to start. I'll be sure to post pictures of our trip when i get a chance. Thanks again!!
  14. Guppy35

    Cayuga (7/5)

    Thank you everyone for the replies, i greatly appreciate all of the advice! Copperliner - If you don't mind sending me a few, that would be a great help! I will gladly pay you for the jigs as well as the priority shipping. I just want to make sure that i give the kids the best chance of hooking up as possible. Below is my address, and again THANK YOU! Please let me know what i owe you and i will get a check in the mail for you. Everyone on this site is always willing to help. Sean Mourhess 2675 Reservoir Hill Rd Addison, NY 14801
  15. Guppy35

    Cayuga (7/5)

    I'm planning on taking my two younger brother in-laws (13 & 15) out on Cayuga this Thursday jigging for lakers. It will be their first time fishing from a boat, and (hopefully) their first time catching something bigger than a 12" bass out of my parents pond! The only problem is, i don't have much experience fishing Cayuga for lakers, and i'm just getting into the jigging. I sent my parents on a guided trip with John Gaulke last week on Cayuga, and they did very well - I have picked their brains as well as his quite a bit, but still hoping someone can answer a few questions for me... Where would be the best place to launch from? (coming from Corning area, but don't mind driving a little farther if it gives them a better chance at hooking up) General area or depth to start looking for fish? Any place local to Corning/Big Flats area that may carry 1oz jigs? We have some ordered from www.Billysmtolures.com, but not sure if they will be here in time for Thursday. I have a feeling it could be tough fishing after almost a week of 90+ degree days, but it's my only opportunity to get out and the boys are as excited as all get out We have baitcasters that are all set up per John's recommendation (braided line with fluoro leaders). Thanks in advance for any advice to help them hook up with a laker on Thursday, and please feel free to PM me if you'd rather! Sean