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  1. Great thread guys, I'm glad I started reading it. Thanks for the tips on slowing my troll firechief. I don't do any trolling but when I saw Lowballers rig it makes me think about it since I have a similar rig. Not to mention I took my son trolling last year on my wife's cousins boat, 3dogs out of the Oak, he had a really good time! I'm sure we would have fun out there on my boat....
  2. I have also thought about adding this to my Powerdrive, but have not found a definite answer if it is compatible with my unit. I bought the power drive brand new last year to add to my new to me boat and could not bring my self to spend the extra money on the one that came with the i-pilot already installed. I have kicked my self ever since!!!! I was told it must be a Powerdrive V2 for it to work. How do I know if I have a V2? It has the small connector for the foot pedal and I bought it new last year.... Sorry if I am hijacking your thread. Just looking for answers.
  3. Low Baller, What is the size of your boat? How do you like trolling with the tiller? Last question how slow can you get that 25hp down to? I picked up an Alumacraft fisherman 145 (measures out at 16' 3") last year with a Yamaha 25 tiller and thought it would be cool to give that a try. My boat doesn't get down quite slow enough with me and my son in the boat so I would have to see how to gear it down for trolling. Anyway nice fish!
  4. Thanks for the info bandrus! And thanks for the other coments as well. I think I may try Myers and it looks like my only day would be Wednesday looking at the wind forcast. We may start out just casting stick baits and see what happens then move out to 70- 100 foot range and try jigging. Hopefully I will report back with a good report Thursday. Thanks again!
  5. Long story short, the family was supposed to go on vacation next week but our plans got canceled. I bought a new to me boat last year, its an Alumacraft 145 fisherman with a 25 hp tiller. Anyway I want to try and get my boat out with my son at some point next week and try jigging for lakers on Cayuga. We will be driving from Big Flats and just wondering if anyone would share a good starting location. I have jigged lakers on Keuka a few times but never tried Cayuga. We have been hitting the fish in the streams pretty good but I am really excited to get out on my boat!! Any tips for fishing Cayuga, if they are different than Keuka would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Mike
  6. We will need to compare vacation pics when you get back to work. Nice fish BTW!!
  7. Well finally got a chance to get "this old boat" out. Pulled it out of hibernation only to find oil dripping down the skeg of my '92 90 hp force motor. Some how water was trapped behind my prop and cracked the unit. The guy in big flats said he can sell me and install a lower unit with a broken skeg for ~$600 plus installed with a new impeller. Sounds like a decent price? Will thw broken skeg affect anything and how hard is it to replace one? I am supposed to go on vacation to Sodus bay next Saturday for a week. Great time for this to happen, but with my luck lately I'm not supprised!!! I need to tell the guy in the morning to go ahead or forget it. Anyone want a nice Calkins trailer for cheap with a free boat? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Me my son and my buddy were the first 2 vehicles there on Saturday. Like I stated in my last post we were on the road right in front of the chapel and saw the sign right at the top of the stairs. We saw foot prints in the snow on the point (on land) and none going out on the ice. I always try and do the right thing, especially when I am with my son. Trying to teach him the to respect land owners property (ask permission, pick up after people that disrespect the property, and so on.). Maybe if we waited around a while to see what others did we would have followed them out, but being the first ones there we didn't want to risk a ticket or towed vehicle. We will try it again but maybe go a little later if we are going to try the college again. Thanks for the info. Mike
  9. My son and I ended the day with just a few small perch. my buddy ended with 3 lakers and a couple younger fellas about 50 yards away limited out with 10 lakers. Just not our day. Ice was very thick, 12+ every where I drilled. Most of the Penn Yan arm is ice covered but the farther south you drive there were open water spots. With the warm temps this week I am sure that will all disappear and the only access will be from the park. Question about access. So I went up to the college and parked right in front of the Chapel and there is a sign right there that says no ice fishing or ice fishing access allowed? We tried to find the campus safety officer to ask but he was out doing his rounds. So we went back up and went out of the park. After fishing and on our way back down the lake you could see a bunch of people that obviously went out of the college area. If someone wouldn't mind sharing (or through PM) how it works up there it would be very appreciated. The drag sucked but it was a nice day out on the water.
  10. Just lost 1 in 23 foot of water. Pretty slow for me and my son. My buddy has been doing good not far from me? He just got a 5-6 pounder. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Yeah thanks Bruce! Hey red, look for a guy with a kid and a clam nanook. We will be there. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Headed to the college in the morning with my son. Parking a problem at all? I assume the fishing report was after the snow fall and there are no ice issues? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Nice looking boat! Wish I didn't have mine, I would be all over this one.
  14. Thanks sk8 for all of your insight! More to think about than I thought. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Thanks for the tips. I was going to ask about taking a lantern. I would most likely go out late afternoon early evening to get set up then stay late to see what happens. I have heard about the holes opening up too. I am an advocate for using smaller auger for this reason. And especially because I take my kids most of the time and don't want them to step in a hole. Thanks again. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Anyone do it? I have not done it at night and really thinking about trying it out this year, maybe this weekend. I am thinking in general about going to Lamoka as this is where I have quite a bit of access and I hear the crappie fishing can be pretty good. I have never caught one there although I have never specifically targeted crappies either. I know tip ups are not the preferred method I am going to try setting these up and putting glo sticks on the flags to see them from a distance in the dark. Any other tips or tricks for finding them on Lamoka would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Wish I weighed that one!! Not saying what I thought it weighed but we got a few that day on Keuka. I fished Sodus this past Friday and I felt bad keeping some of the "10 inchers" I am seeing all these reports of. We kept a few but in no means did we keep our limits. All the people we saw out there was incredible, and if they are all keeping their limits of "10 inchers" it has to put a hurting on that system.
  18. Nice report! I am kicking around the idea of going there for the first time with my son on Saturday. Never been there before but planning on starting out going out of Vitale (sp?) park. I don't know anything about it but going to be setting up some tip ups and jigging around. Wish us luck!!
  19. Seneca question I hear a lot about the lake being slow and have heard it referred to as "dead" once or twice. When people talk about the slow fishing are they talking about just trout and trolling or all of the fishing in general? I am not a troller, yet, but I do have a couple old big jon captains packs my uncle had on a boat years ago and have been thinking about putting them on my boat. I have a cousin that has a permanent camp site at Smith Memorial park and I have been kicking around the idea of "giving" him my boat with the 1 condition that my son and I can come up and use it with him and his son as we want to. Due to my schedule with my kids and sports, the boat sits around 90% of the time and I figured he can get some use out of it! Would it be worth me having him store it up there and fishing Seneca or just keeping it at my place and use it to go where ever I want? Is the fishing that bad there for bass, panfish, pike, even trout? Thanks for any replies!!
  20. Yeah, caught enough in the bay we never made it out. I really would like to try jigging out there some time! I think the wind was wrong this week anyway? Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. So the week went well! Some may argue that we did good but I did everything I wanted to. My son had fun every morning and evening and I got his twin sister to get out a few times too. We got largemouths every day and my son got the biggest at about 4-4.5 pounds. 3 full days of fishing and we got at least 10 each day. I hooked a monster pike then my son got focused on his bucket list to get a pike so I took the twins out trolling with deep diving rapalas. We got 2 nice pike, my daughter's was 30" and my son's was 29 1/4". Then my son got a 25" casting one morning. My son and I found where the smallies hang out so we started targeting them. Didn't hook many but they were feisty!! Unfortunately I had to battle the wind every day which made controlling the boat a bit difficult. Then the big winds started Wednesday night, actually lost the boat off the dock due to the winds and older dock lines.... so the boat came out yesterday. No fishing for our last 2.5 days of vacation. If I can figure out how to post a couple pics from my phone I will get them up. If not I may post some when I get to use our computer. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Thanks krux! We are all the way down in the south end of the bay so I will explore the whole bay for sure. Less than a week and we will be on the water. Will give a report with what we find. Sent from my SM-G920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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