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  1. Nothing like being 47 going on 14. Yes - I'm living proof that you have to grow old but don't have to grow up. Happy Friday
  2. Hey pal that's kinda personal - I'm sorry- I just couldn't help myself with that one. i believe it is a long shaft. I will check after I get out of work and update the information
  3. $1,000 for everything or $800.00 engine, $200.00 bracket
  4. Great to see that 2160 is still around. This boat has a great history. My family owned it form around 1989- 2003 and called it the Argonaut. I I recognize it because my father built the chart rack, custom bow pulpit, extra grab rails or the roof and above the swim ladder, and the shore power, 2 burner We also had a 2 burner alcohol stove, and 12v dc fridge under the stove. We had many great adventures with this boat. We used it mostly as a pocket cruiser to circumnavigate the Georgian bay of Lake Huron This boat is a standout because most of them came with a rather under powered 4 cyl. The V8 give it plenty of oomph especially in heavier seas when you need a quick punch to maintain controll Also the factory bulkhead is a rare find as well. Both the companionway door and bulkhead door locked so you didn't have to worry about your stuff. Very dependable, stable hull. good luck with the sale
  5. Any help would be great.

    I wrestled with this very same problem. Perhaps this might help your situation Trying to Lube up the cabel doesn't work - I tried. I replaced the lower shift cable and my problems went away. Took about 1.5 hours - the first half hour spent reading the service manual. the differne was night and day. No more clicking, no more stalling and I didn't have to mess with the shift interrupt switch at all. After the new cable is in adjusting the shift cable can be finickey and a second set of hands is helpful so you don't have to climb in and out of the boat ten times like I did. Go with small adjustments. One turn of that barrel nut can make all the difference. If you do decide to replace it, order a newer style shift shaft seal as well. The old design fails and allows water to leak into the small cavity where the shift cable attatches to the outdrive which is usually what causes the cable to fail ( you mentioned a Rochester carb, so I'm assuming GM Mercruiser/Alpha setup) If that cable is currently shifing hard and snaps when you are out on the water you could in for a long day. Hope this helps.
  6. I'd like to say thanks to everyone for sharing pics and tips over the years. I feel blessed to live here in the finger lakes with all of the great fishing opportunities we have.. Makes me feel bad for the rest. At any rate I don't usually post anything as I rarely have anything post-worthy. A friend took me out on Cayuga (first time I'd ever fished it) last week I got lucky and landed this land locked that I felt was worth a mention. It that taped out at 27.5 in and tipped the scales at 7.5 lbs. I'd love to report the temp, speed, depth, etc, but I can't because this fished latched on to a spoon as I was hauling in a copper line. After a small cranking marathon I stopped to clear some weeds off the line it then wham! - It jerked the line out of my hand as I was clearing the weeds, which I must say was a pretty cool sensation and got my blood pumping. It put up a nice fight, complete with a few aerobatics. Only fish of the day - but after that one I didn't really care. Tight lines and fair winds to all.
  7. Assuming Captain oblivious, in addition to the ability to threaten the scuttling of other's boats, can read, here is a good refresher on right of way in crossing situations for him , excerpted form Boat U.S. Foundation's website at The Crossing Rule Both International and Inland Rules state that when two power-driven vessels are crossing so as to involve risk of collision, the vessel which has the other on her starboard side (the give-way vessel) must keep out of the way. As the give-way vessel it is your duty to avoid a collision. Typically, this means you must alter speed or direction to cross behind the other vessel (the stand-on vessel). At night, if you see a red light crossing right-to-left in front of you, you need to change your course. If you see a green light crossing from left-to-right, you are the stand-on vessel, and should maintain course and speed.
  8. Two Thumbs Up for Hills Valleys Streams

    I'd like to say thanks to all the folks at Hills Valleys and Streams as well. Stopped in a couple of days ago to pick up some stuff to convert a dipsy rod to a wire dipsy set up. Never used one before and wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Not only did they have what I needed but Yvonne put me on the phone with Mike and he got me squared away. Thanks for the great customer service! So nice to a have a local store that has what you need instead of a big box stores' idea of what you need based on some national best seller list handed down from a corporate marketing office.
  9. Trolling speed for browns and landlocks

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. A quick trip to Hills Valleys and steams for some smaller spoons and flourocabon. Then hitting the water first thing in the a.m. Tight lines
  10. Howdy all - I was hoping someone might share some tips with me on how to catch browns and landlocks. I do ok with the lakers but I never seem to able to catch BT or LL's. Any tips would be geratly apprciated. Thansk and tight lines