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  1. twring23

    Seneca Catherine Creek

    Got it - thanks. Best wishes for a great season for all
  2. twring23

    Seneca Catherine Creek

    Thanks for the info and the heads up. Please forgive my ignorance and maybe you can help me understand this - but why would naming a popular creek with public fishing rights, supported by public dollars be flag worthy and any different than naming a Finger Lake, public launch, specific cove etc? I certainly am not trying offend any one or be intentionally obtuse but I don't get it. I checked out the registration terms especially sections 7&8 on content posted and content/activity prohibited and couldn't really find anything. If naming a creek or tributary is some against some unwritten rule or violation of etiquette I was unaware of then I sincerely apologize and please let me know so I don't inadvertently offend or step on anyone's toes- that's not what I'm about.
  3. twring23

    Seneca Catherine Creek

    Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of shape Catherine Creek is in? I hikes a couple of miles of Catherine last fall and it was still quite a mess from the past summers' flooding. Most of the traditional holes were almost completely filled in with sediment. With a relatively dry winter I would imagine that relatively little sediment was flushed out or new holes created.
  4. Hello. I accidentally left my 4.5 ft Gorilla step ladder at the Penn Yann launch Friday night. If any one that used that launch Friday night or Sat a.m. found it and decided to do the right thing and keep an eye on it until the owner could step forward then I thank you and would really like it back. It was not cheap. Please send me a pm. Thanks for helping me out. On another note, we went 3 for 5 on lakers. Nothing huge but good enough for the smoker.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I am still somewhat new to the game so it is much appreciated
  6. Got a late start around 8 am. Started out in 60 ft. Blank screen. Ran out to 300 ft and trolled out to 450 ft . Blank screen. Pulled up the gear and made a run to Oswego and found some fish hugging the bottom in 135 ft of water. Caught and released one small coho. At least it was a nice day for a boat ride.
  7. twring23

    oak vs sodus vs oswego?

    Thank you everyone for your input.l. What an awesome place we live in to have so many options of places/ species /seasons. Good luck to all and safe travels
  8. twring23

    oak vs sodus vs oswego?

    Thank you. Much appreciated
  9. Hello all. I'm somewhat new to salmon fishing and have only fished out of Sodus point a dozen times. Oak orchard and Oswego are only 20 min further away from my home. So here is the question - is the fishing out of Oak Orchard or Oswego considerably better than fishing out of Sodus to warrant the extra 20 min of towing? Thanks for any info and tight lines to all
  10. I will be staying in Sodus Bay Aug 18th - 21st. If anyone is interested in looking at it during non- fishing prime time hours, let me know and I'll bring it with me.
  11. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yes I still have it
  12. Hi all. Can anyone tell which boat launch (paid or free) in Port Bay is the best for launching a 23' boat?
  13. twring23

    Fillet Knife?

    Buying American isn't cheap. I agree they are quite spendy. I have called in the lifetime guarantee on a few my outdoor knives and they have been awesome about it even though I abused the knife. My home maker set has been awesome, but again sopmewhat pricey. Back in the 70's and 80's you could go to the factory store and get a factory seconds (blems and such) for pennies on the dollar, which is why me and all of my friends ran around with ka-bar marine corp knifes when camping as teenagers. Unfortunately they no longer sell seconds as they want nothing but perfection going out the door.
  14. twring23

    Fillet Knife?

    Cutco fisherman's solution. Holds a great edge, adjsutable blade, great handleeasy to sharpen, lifetime warratny. https://www.cutco.com/products/product.jsp?item=fishermans-solution#sm.00001lafmf1m10fp8yar6dak40uh3 Full disclosure - I am slightly biased because I grew up in Olean, NY where they are made, but they are truly really good knives.