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  1. Thanks Dan Drag wasn't too tight, was trying to net and fish jumped. Was holding rod up with left hand and trying to use net with right. I ordered a St Croix from bass pro yesterday. Beautiful Musky, do you mind sharing the location? Thanks for the reply! Max
  2. So, I broke my Lamiglas 8' trolling rod today while trying to land a pike. It was 8', one piece, 15 to 40 lb. It was fantastic for trolling for pike and musky. The don't make this model anymore (Lamiglas LX80HBC X11 ) so I'm looking for recommendations is anybody has any. I don't want to break the bank, Sportsman Warehouse had a similar lamiglas for about $110.00 but it was 9' and 10-30 lb. Prefer an 8' rod. Thanks
  3. Headed to cenesus tomorrow for the first time. Any tips for targeting pike or tigers? Thanks Sent from my LG-H872 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Thanks, Is the south end better for browns? we were actually targeting browns. Not complaining about the lakers! they were great. Cheers
  5. hi Recently moved to area from out of state and have been trolling Canadaguia north end last couple of weekends. We caught 5 Lakers last Sunday ranging from 18 to 25". Fishing regs state 21" size minimum but finger lakes have a 15" minimum size? Just want to make sure I understand regs. Thanks Cheers!
  6. Hello to my fellow New York Anglers. just moved here from Sacramento last summer and am really enjoying the fishing out here! In Cali, I fished primarily Bass, trout and Salmon. Spent many days on my boat in the California Delta chasing those big bass around. Been fishing canadaguia recently (trolling) and caught some nice Lakers last weekend. Still looking for my first brown trout. Live in Rochester.
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