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  1. Thank you Dave. Guess I'm tech dumb, cant figure out how to get this on my laptop, Android phone or tablet.
  2. I ordered the Church walleye board. I have a small boat and normally fish 120' or less, I will use the planer with Crank and stick baits once the fish come back in shallow. Should work good for Smallies I would think.
  3. I was looking at the Church walleye boards but wasn't sure if they would work with a dipsy. I'll try and find the 44. Finding fishing equipment is getting harder to find. Thank you for the help.
  4. Any suggestions on what in line boards work well for trout/salmon?
  5. Thank you, That's what I thought since 200' comes with it when new.
  6. I have a Cannon uni troll 10 STX and need new cable. Anyone know how much cable will fit on the spool?
  7. Doug N

    Perch off Sodus

    Anyone catching perch in Lake O?
  8. Tomorrow I will be in West Seneca to see the grand kids. Can I stop by around noon? My cell 254-681-8116 Tuesday am. I'm headed to see the grand kids at 9am. If you could call me I'll stop by and buy some things.
  9. Just bought a flasher, I've never use one before and am not sure which end is which, there is a wide end and a narrow end, which end goes toward the bow?
  10. Thank you that's a nice link. all in one place.
  11. Thank you. I figured it would be but had to ask.
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