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  1. That may be useful I think. What would the total be with the chart board?
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with The shallow and depth highlight?? What does that do?
  3. I have a $99 Hummingbird and want more than depth and 3 sizes of fish. I fish Ontario for Trout and Salmon inshore less than 150' and also fish Finger Lakes. I do some jigging and would like something to help with that. I have a 16.5 Deep V so want something 7" or 8" because of room. I'm not set on Hummingbird but that's all I have used. My budget is $600.00 or so. Would appreciate Ideas.
  4. In the meantime we have a wounded Bear running around.
  5. I was looking at the walleye boards, thought they may be too small to pull them. I'll order a couple of them. Thanks Doug
  6. Looking to get 2 in line boards for spring inshore fishing for trout. Which boards are best for this? I'll be pulling diving stick baits and crank baits
  7. He called back just after lunch. He said they leave customer service to the dealers. I told him they are loosing sales because of that policy, people are complaining about it, a lot of us do our own work and could use better information than the generic owners manual. He said he was unaware of this and will pass on to his manager. I doubt they will change anything. So I;m not holding my breath. Oh and the dealer I bought from dropped them and are selling something else, less than 1 year from my purchase. When I talked with them they referred me to another dealer a few hrs; from me. Won't buy from them again.
  8. Thank You Kwall, I'll call him in the morning.
  9. Called again and let them have it. If they do not reply today I will go on a anti starcraft, starweld, smokercraft campain. I'll keep you posted.
  10. Trying to get information on my boat. They don't return calls or emails sent to the only link they provide which is Marketing. I'm looking for wiring diagrams and info for my specific model. Am I wasting my time trying? Any suggestions? I'm about ready to sell the damm boat I'm so mad.
  11. I was looking at that exact motor, price is right and has the options I would like. I saw a you tube video and the guy said the power drive are a pain to deploy? My boat is set up with a bow mount cord plug, do you know if that will accept 24 volt? I'm electronically challenged lol. When I buy one is there anything else I need to buy for mounting?
  12. I have a 2018 Starcraft/Starweld 16T. Fully loaded weight approx. 2000lbs. I want a bow mount with remote control and function to keep me at the same place. jigging for perch etc. and for trolling for trout inshore Lake O and finger lakes. The trolling motor guide say 55lbs thrust for my boat but I am not sure it's powerful enough for actual trolling for hrs at a time. Price range up to 1500.00
  13. Doug N

    Sodus Bay

    Caught a few Perch 6" this morning but nothing big to bring home. Try again tomorrow. Surface temp was 59 DegF so I think it needs to get colder before they really come in? Also trolled the bay for Browns but no luck.
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