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  1. Didn't make it out yesterday, my nephew bailed at the last minute. Hoping to get out Monday/Tuesday. If you are fishing Canandaigua today please post your report.
  2. It was clear as an aquarium last week at Hughes and we weren't catching anything form 8' thur 18'. Moved out to 25' and the water had a slight tint and that's where they were. We marked fish in shallower but no takers.
  3. Sure thing, I'll post a report. Where have you been fishing on O? I may go out of Hughes Marina on Friday. Caught a couple last week there.
  4. Thank you Sk8man. I Have not fished there since the late 80;s and don't remember how the wind works there.
  5. Planning on fishing the south end of Canandaigua on Thursday, wind forcast is 10 to15 mph SSE. I have a 16' Deep V. I'm not sure how the wind effects the lake. Am I good to go? or pick another day?
  6. Fished out of Hugh's this morning for about 2 hrs, only caught 1 Brown in 20' Had 3 short strikes. I used the right ramp ( Facing Ramp from shore). I had no problem but I have a 16' deep v so not sure about bigger boats. Black and silver jointed Rapala is what worked, also used perch color Jointed Rapala, it was the short strike lure. Water was crystle clear with less that 1 footers out to 30' depth.
  7. Anyone know if the ice is gone? Can I launch at the south end with my 16' Aluminum Boat?
  8. If I remember correctly it 5.00 to launch. Yes the town of ontario. You can purchase as many as you want but each ticket is for the day you request or just stop on your way. I've been told that you can pay across the street but I've never seen the harbor master there. You can also get a season pass for 100.00. These are last years prices.
  9. That may be useful I think. What would the total be with the chart board?
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with The shallow and depth highlight?? What does that do?
  11. I have a $99 Hummingbird and want more than depth and 3 sizes of fish. I fish Ontario for Trout and Salmon inshore less than 150' and also fish Finger Lakes. I do some jigging and would like something to help with that. I have a 16.5 Deep V so want something 7" or 8" because of room. I'm not set on Hummingbird but that's all I have used. My budget is $600.00 or so. Would appreciate Ideas.
  12. In the meantime we have a wounded Bear running around.
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