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  1. My bad on the topic title.Was running a 30# and a 10# last week off the riggers and no fleas. I was just a little upset is all.
  2. Launched at T.Falls this morning went north.Was running 10# test and the fleas were real bad.
  3. You could launch at Dean's Cove ,same side of lake. If you run down from state park,if I remember you will have to go down to at least Red Jacket, about 6 miles.
  4. I can't say anything bad about my Terrova. Spot lock works great along with the jog feature. I always tell people If I sell the boat I keep the Terrova. Best anchor you will ever buy.
  5. Ok,thanks for the update.Absolut40 do you fish with Dan?
  6. Anyone know the status of the launch?
  7. Anyone know what the status of this is?
  8. For me electric start & fuel injection,but I don't know who if anyone makes a 15 hp with fuel injection.
  9. I'm retired so I'm not going to none essential work if I fish.
  10. I've always used ball bearing swivels with spoons & loop knot on stick baits.
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