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  1. I'm going and they make me stand out - side.
  2. I appreciate all your good work to keep this going. Will you have registration forms at the sale in Watkins Sunday?
  3. making a job out of fishing can take the recreational pastime, and fun out of it.
  4. lots of that is fairly common for collectors. It would make a great display at the local museum.
  5. That's very intimidating but I'm still going to enter, If I can ever find the registration form on line.
  6. give it a shot and let us know.
  7. "She has to work but I'm going fishing". Sounds like a keeper to me. With all the talk of how good Cayuga Is this year it should be an exciting derby.
  8. what a difference between your Ontario fish and the ones from Cayuga. Nice fish. makes me want to make the move north.
  9. Congrats sk8 I guess you really can find them. Nice fish.
  10. If you do take the kids don't forget the fun snacks juice boxes and lots of toys, but I'm sure you know all that. you have the right boat they will have lots of fun up front if they aren't getting bounced around. Remember this will be there first impression of boating. keep it fun and hope you can show them some nice fish.
  11. I agree with jk. You don't want there first experience in boating seeing dad be nervous about it. And remember its about them and not you catching a good trout. Give them a good start to a lifetime of fun.
  12. congratulations sounds like a real fun time fishing .
  13. Darkwater I counted 41 boats around Dean's. Somehow you forgot to count your own boat as one of them. I don't disagree with your subject matter. If you don't want others to plow up the spots they fish with a ton of posts then you should STOP DOING IT. If your smart you are posting to every one in the finger lakes region and lake O. that Seneca is slow this year and Dean's cove is the place to go fish so that you can have Lodi pt. all to your self, but you have made it clear that you are not. No need to respond to this and when I next see you I will buy you some bubble gum.
  14. Are you tying to send everyone to Cayuga because you actually fish Seneca ?
  15. Just a heads up about coming under the bridge. Give the incoming boats there right-of -way. some of the larger boats must come down the center and once you enter the channel you are committed to come in. if there is a following wave it can be difficult. There are a lot of new boaters (and old boaters) at Taughannock that don't know what they are doing so be careful and courteous and everyone should have fun.