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  1. Cayuga

    gota love it when a plan comes together. right depth, right fish, right fly. good job. what color spinny and fly ?
  2. That's probably just the raw sewage overflow from the sewer plant burning.
  3. Lodi is going to be the hot spot this year. nice fish.
  4. If you stand on the concrete right now at the front of Taughannonk you will get your feet wet. At this point the level is determined ( by monkeys ) and by how much water can go through Baldwinsville.
  5. Today at 6am 4/4/17 the level is 383.02 flood stage is 383.5 and the lake is still rising. Google cayuga lake water level and go to the national weather service site. They post the level several times a day. The other site was last updated 3/27/17.
  6. If The lake is connected to the barge canal ,and there isn't a barrier to stop them, in time the gobies will get to that lake. They have made there way from Ontario to Cayuga and are on there way into Seneca. Just like the Zebra mussels.
  7. I'm going and they make me stand out - side.
  8. I appreciate all your good work to keep this going. Will you have registration forms at the sale in Watkins Sunday?
  9. making a job out of fishing can take the recreational pastime, and fun out of it.
  10. lots of that is fairly common for collectors. It would make a great display at the local museum.
  11. That's very intimidating but I'm still going to enter, If I can ever find the registration form on line.
  12. give it a shot and let us know.
  13. "She has to work but I'm going fishing". Sounds like a keeper to me. With all the talk of how good Cayuga Is this year it should be an exciting derby.
  14. what a difference between your Ontario fish and the ones from Cayuga. Nice fish. makes me want to make the move north.
  15. Congrats sk8 I guess you really can find them. Nice fish.