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  1. jk1

    Smitty Sled

    Maybe need some diagonal support for the frame???
  2. Fishing / casting gets better as the winter goes on. Great in March......jk
  3. Did you get anything over 24 inches? We have not for a long time, but we only jig. Glad you had fun that is what it is all about. Sure does get hot out there......jk
  4. Boy that is big almost 40 WOW Good for you teaching him how to mount it by himself. That will be an extra specail mount for him......jk
  5. Try jigging, more fun to me than trolling......jk
  6. A real simple rig and it is what most people use. A one ounce round jig head, or for that matter a fish shaped one works too. White is the most common color and that is what all our guys use. A white, with flakes or plain tube, find the thin ones not the fat ones as they make the lure sink to slow. I super glue it on the jig head, first cutting off a little of the head so there is more surface area for the glue to attach to. But my buddy who catches the most does not use the glue and just runs the hook through the front of the tube and out the back. He has to change tube after so many hits. We use 10 pound test line( I have down sized to 6 fire line to get down faster). half a dozen feet of mono to the no stretch fireline. I use my mitchell 400 with a 6 foot rod, nothing fancy just need a spools with a good drag. Need a good depth finder to find the fish, as your lure goes down if you see one come up to it reel in fast-faster and he might clobber it = solid hook ups. Other wise go to the bottom. Bounce there a few times and start to real in very slow, if ones comes looking start going faster. And the rest is personal choice. In our boat of three people each of us has our own style of what to do. Some times they will just bump the lure other time bang and all levels in between.....ok?........jk
  7. We get a limit every time we go (jigging) but a 22 inchers is our recent biggest!!! And we do see a little bait each time, not a lot but some. The fish are healthier looking then in previous years but small.......jk Oh white tubes and no one else is around to bug you either
  8. Travel around until you find the Bait, they will be there!!!! Even if you see big marks of lakers give it a try, if nothing in 10 minutes move again. Once you find bait you will probably find many schools of bait, they are there!!!!........jk Hay in Cayuga there are other species too, browns, those silver salmon bass and pike
  9. Sheldrake Point on Cayuga you have a good chance for a ten pound 30 inch fish, in Keyuka 24 is a big fish and theya re rare. We fish Keyuka a lot because of the size of our boats and the guys I fish with are leary of the bigger water.......jk
  10. Did you see any bait on the depth finder? I am hoping that some kind of bait will show up soon in numbers? any birds flying around? another good sign of life under water......jk
  11. We were there on shore casting and got zero. Se heard that two were caught on the south pier but did not go there. Oh well next time.....jk
  12. If there is any nice weather next week we will try it. Either there or at the state park on the west side of Cayuga Lake which is closer......jk
  13. Thank you was a great event, spent most of my money and starting to save for next year.......jk
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