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  1. Cayuga Lake has much bigger fish and more of them.......jk
  2. jk1

    any tips for a newbie on Cayuga?

    On the hit it is more reel than set the hook. Keep the rod tip motion to a minium so you don't have slack line ever. My drag is very tight, much tighter than you would think for ten pound line. I jig with ten pound crystall fire line(it is white so we can see where our lines are) and ten pound fluro carbon. No slack what so even or that jig head will shake the hook out of his mouth. Be careful near the boat to keep a lot of tension on while netting the fish and they are not bad tasting at all. Really pretty good tasting........jk
  3. jk1

    Hot summer Browns

    After midnite they are right in the harbor entrances, used to catch a lot of them in between the jettys at Oswago and off the entrance to Sodus Bay. We would troll for walleyes and cast to the structure at the same time. we used all the Storm lures, they were great lures 20 years ago. These were not big fish, 28 inches probably the biggest but greagt hits and good fight. All summer long......jk
  4. Good info for you so far. What SK8Man said about them being half way down is right. You need a decent depth finder that you can see your jig/lure on down to the bottom. Hence the straight down verticle retrive so you can see what is going on. If You will see marks at 50 feet, then fish for them there, fish where they are If you don't see any try the bottom and watch with the depth finder(we call it our TV) for any signs of life. Try anything but you have to keep your mind open and positive. With just what has been siad here you will get some fish. A lot of us use 10 pound test, as there are almost no snags for them to wrap around on and we almost never snag on bottom......jk
  5. jk1

    new fish in Seneca?

    Lives up to 17 years?? And crosses with golden shiners (they are native, arn't they???) So they are going to make a new species = hybrid Goldend Rudd??????
  6. jk1

    Keuka Fleas? 7/19

    Seahawk I am also painting the house---not today or probably not this week with the rain we are suppossed to get. I do the wood work prep in the day and when the evening cooling starts around 6 pm here start with the paint. Way past half way done, just a bit at a time. Also need a new garage roof before fall. Jigging sometimes we do get the fleas (hard to remove snot from the lines) but not often. Don't know when we will go again with this weather, but we will sneak out some day this week.......jk
  7. jk1

    Keuka Fleas? 7/19

    Lots of luck, there were boats everywhere but most not fishing. Something must be going on? Have not seen that many boats before. No fleas but we were jigging......jk
  8. jk1

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    We jig a lot and do not get browns. How were they caught? Trolling? Does anyone get then regulary jigging?
  9. jk1

    Which Lake to go to.

    Fish Otisco at nite/ early morning, not day time. Big fish!!!! Walleyes!!! yummie......jk
  10. jk1

    Keuka 6/23

    C-bug for us Keyuka is smooth driving interstae form here in ess than two hours, no stop sign or red lites till we get to Bath. Have been to T-park and have done well but 45 more minutes of driving and lots of lites and slow traffic. For us the best route is Highway 14 to Elimra, nothing like the smooth driving on the interstates. Will definately keep that in mind. The fall is best - got it. Mr Guff thanks for responding, we have never had a zero and have had 10 fish days but all teenagers, seldom a 20+ inch fish. Keep us informed about seneca. My buddy likes a launch with protected water close. My boat is called trailor trash for a reason, but I like it.......jk
  11. Where do we click to see you fishing u-tube film???
  12. 38 inch LAKER = WOW and jigging too. Which lake were you on if you don't mind telling? I have not seen a 38 inch laker. Great fish and a great day. Now the trick is to do it again!!! Good show.......jk
  13. jk1

    Keuka 6/23

    In Keyuka we hardly ever get any shallower than 90 feet, most are over 100. I am getting bored fishing there but my buddy does not like bigger water. Our boat is not the best (but it is paid for in full) 4 miles is, not even 4 miles is the futherest that we go from the launch. And we only jig and for some reason do not get any brown or rainbows. Lots of yoummie panfish. Pickeral and bass but they are not target fish....jk
  14. jk1

    Jigging reports for Cayuga?

    Did you notice dirty stained water there? Keyuka had a weird color to it, very opaque looking. Just an observation......jk
  15. jk1

    Catching Alewives

    Sabiki rigs or even small gold colored hooks just jigged in front of them. Is it ilegal to use one you just caught? I don't understand the book, can I legally use perch that I just caught for walleyes when ice fishing? Not carrying either one of them away......jk