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  1. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    Was up fishing the other day, caught a lot of lakers jigging, but nothing over 23 and they all had big heads and thin bodies. Last year we saw schools of bait most of the time but not this year. What information have they gotten from the bouys that are now red out there. I think the ciscos are disappearing down the lakers stomachs faster than they are reproducing. We enjoy fishing there but it certainly has changed.......jk Ps it was COLD and windy
  2. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    bulletbob, I am probably older than you, prewar baby here. I just want to keep this argument/topic going. We have had a lot of good day and memories on that lake. And does anyone know where any smelt are now. I have dipped for them in most of the big finger lakes but not in 20 years. Why the computer is typeing this way, I dont know.......jk
  3. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    That is not an argument, that is agreeing with me......jk
  4. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    BBob, long term solution???? No one knows that. The only reason we fish there is because our main boat is a 14 foot utility iwth now a 9.9 Merc, used to be the 15 1977 Johnson. My friend and fishing buddy does not like bigger water. We frequently fish in a bass tracker of 16 foot with a jet motor. He does not like Cayuga either, so if I am to go fishing I go there. they tried to introduce the cisco the last few years and we did see them on the TV, but not this year. We seldom see sea gulls too, that must means something also. And as far as bass go we have not hooked or caught one is 5 years, we used to get a stray every few weeks. Just throwing in all sorts of fish is not a long solution either. Long time ago Otisco was a dead lake and that has changed some how? I dont know, but keep on trying I guess is all that can be done.......jk
  5. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    Bulletbob, I understand what you are saying, but I feel more fish are needed to be remover. They are starving, no food. They are stunted from over crowding at the dinner table. Last year we saw some bait on the TV but this year we hardly see any bait. Argue with me, I want to hear you side of the story.......jk
  6. Those muskies are good eating, hope you kept some fillets off of them......jk
  7. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    In days past (meaning at least 12 years ago) it was know as a big fish lake. I keep getting the feeling that there must be a monster there eating those 20 inch fish but in the last 8 - 10 years, we have not had anything on the felt BIG, even the ones that come unhooked with out us seeing them dont feel big. I have changed to 6 pound fireline just to get down deep with smaller lures. We only jig and usually at least 100 feet minimum to 140 maybe.......jk
  8. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    We jig there frequently but the fish are smaller and they are getting thin again like they were several years ago. A 24 incher is big now and we even get some under the limit size occasionally. Most are right at 20 to 21 inches long, but we usually do get limit of 5 each. Have not caught a rainbow in years there and only caught one brown ever there.......jk
  9. That pickerel is great eating, hope you kept it.....jk
  10. Jigging, we pack the tube with power bait. I tap and thinned the power bait with fish oil. We dont fish without it......jk
  11. Laketrout 6, I sure do remember casting cloes for trout up there. That was a 3 1/2 hour dirve then, now less than three hours form here. That was fun and made a lot of friends there.....jk
  12. Me too I like them a lot and from the address above I bought several of each size. Good jigging lure. I also use the cloes for jigging but they sink slower, which is good in shallow water. And you are welcome Mr Prince......jk
  13. I dont think a bluegill is legal to use for bait. Things might have changed but that was not allowed several years ago.......jk
  14. Does anyone use the Milwaukee drill lithium battery for their ice fishing depthfinder? It does not seem to work for me???? What am I doing wrong?.....jk
  15. Is it on? My guess it is cancelled but i do not know?......jk
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