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  1. Your saw bellies will work well. I jig about every week there but friends of ours were up at the state park two weeks ago and got 70 fish in three days using the saw bellies, you wont be disappointed. They fished right out from the park all the way down to the bluffs. Good luck......jk
  2. Keuka is open. Have been going up for the last month or so......jk
  3. We have been up every week and have seen no one fishing. My computer was down for a long time and for some reason just started to work again = might be me. we find fish every where on the TV some are biter but a lot are just lookers. /we only jig......jk
  4. Lack of bait fish is about the same as over crowded. I guess they need thinned out some to let the bait fish repopulate the lake?????? Just a guess.......jk We do like fishing there and go often.......jk
  5. jk1

    Keuka lake

    Was nice while it lasted........jk
  6. I was planning a trip to the western part of the adaks but the weather shut me out. Here in Pa it is our week of fisher season and I have some sets out in good locations BUT not on sign like the last few years. I have no recent trail camera photos of fishers. My weasel boxes are getting mice but not the ermine I am setting for. /doing good on rats, seems to be more and more around each of the last few years and some hit the majic mark of 20 inches. Today was only my second zero day, so that is good too. Just a little fur each day is fine with me. Beaver starts the day after Xmas. that is it, did not know there was a trapping section here, this is good......jk
  7. You were casting from shore?? That sounds like cleo time to me. Thanks for the info.......jk
  8. Sk8man, we have started using our longer (about three feet long) ice fishing rods with 6 pound fire line on Mitchell 308 reels in Keyuka lake only for lake trout. Just to get more bang out of them, when they hit high up it really makes things interesting. As I have said before we have not gotten one over 24 inches in a LONG time. I am sure that there is one down there that eats these little trout but we have not hooked in to it in all these years. Also it has been three weeks since we have been there due to the weather.........k
  9. Hay I fish there a lot, almost every week. I was in the diary program but quit because it is hard to keep records in a 14 foot utility boat that one of you guys called the "trailer trash". I like that name. Since August we have started to see a lot more alwives in the bellys of the lakers. About every forth fish has them in their belly. the fish look healthier, but we have not gotten any over 24 inches. Numbers have improved from a low point last year. We also found one 6 inch brown so them must have stocked some browns at least. Anyway, just saying there is a slight improvement in the looks fo the fish and the bait fish too.......jk
  10. No word on other species that they caught? That seems weird to me. Thanks for the report, interesting.......jk
  11. You are way more prepared than I am. It is trapping season here and the weather in miserable. So maybe I better pull some gear and get my ice stuff around. Always late with something......jk
  12. Cayuga Lake has much bigger fish and more of them.......jk
  13. On the hit it is more reel than set the hook. Keep the rod tip motion to a minium so you don't have slack line ever. My drag is very tight, much tighter than you would think for ten pound line. I jig with ten pound crystall fire line(it is white so we can see where our lines are) and ten pound fluro carbon. No slack what so even or that jig head will shake the hook out of his mouth. Be careful near the boat to keep a lot of tension on while netting the fish and they are not bad tasting at all. Really pretty good tasting........jk
  14. After midnite they are right in the harbor entrances, used to catch a lot of them in between the jettys at Oswago and off the entrance to Sodus Bay. We would troll for walleyes and cast to the structure at the same time. we used all the Storm lures, they were great lures 20 years ago. These were not big fish, 28 inches probably the biggest but greagt hits and good fight. All summer long......jk
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