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  1. Cayuga 10-3

    Boy I hope it doesn't transition to Keyuka level of fishing. It isn't getting real bad there......jk
  2. My buddy used to say "Spring and fall you can't do it all". Sure fits for me, trying to get to much done and nothing gets done......jk
  3. They are pretty neat. With fish like pike that like to roll in the net with two or three trebles, those S hook things are neat......jk
  4. Canandaigua 9/16

    So now what do you think of jigging? I am not a fan of trolling, I like the express train hits with the rod in my hands......jk
  5. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    Fishstix, good luck with the surgery. All surgery is scary......jk
  6. LakeO EYES

    Oswego used to have a good amount of big walleyes. I haen't been to Lake Ontario fishing in many years, been to busy chasing those lake trout jigging in Keyuka for ten years at least. We used to make good catches of big walleyes either casting or trolling at the entrances around the middle jetty there.......jk
  7. swiftwater210 boy is that heartbreaking news. I am a Grandma user and some of the copycats lures like them. I also get some big walleyes on them and Bass too......jk
  8. Big Black Bear

    Guessing a bears weight is a "crap shoot" at best. We see bears quite often around here and when we are together we vary lot on their weight.. Not sure I can believe a 1000 pounder but there are many over 500 each year around here Have hunted NJ three times and the guys from this area have a 50% success rate probably. Acorn years the water shed area in the very north is excellent. and any farm land is very good too of course. Nope can't believe a 1000 pounder......jk
  9. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Terra firma for me. But in the 100 acres I hunt there are 50 little hiddie spots that I have made over the years.....jk
  10. Chamount/Henderson walleye

    Great catch. Nice fish.....jk
  11. Half those endangered fish I do not know.....jk
  12. Acorns

    We have soft mast and hard. Wild apples at most altitudes, grape and cherry. White acorns and a LOT of beech here. 20 or more years ago we would go with no acorns for 4 or 5 years and no beech for 7 or 8 years. Now for the last ten years there is a mast crop of something evry year. Way before my time the chestnuts died off. Then recently the beech big trees started to die half way up and the Hemlocks in a lot of regions are dying. Now the ash are getting hit. 50 years from now will there be any trees to log. The funny cane is every where, we all were told to plant those multiflora briar bushes and whistle wood is blocking out the sun lite to the young forming plants??????? You young guys will see a big change. Sorry a little off target.....jk
  13. Cayuga Cormorants on cayuga

    Boy I hope this fishery does not go they way Keyuka did.....jk
  14. Cayuga Cormorants on cayuga

    I trap and I got one in a mink conibear set underwater(of course) it had a 10 inch trout in it. My buddy took a photo but that was with and old cell phone and we can not down load it. the photo is to big????
  15. Cayuga Cormorants on cayuga

    Here in north Central Pa we see singles everyplace we fish. and we fish a lot. Never heard of singles or two at a time before, even over seas theya re a flock bird????