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  1. I would think that the lakers would eat them, they eat everything else.......jk
  2. The bug strikes again!! Got another fisherman......jk
  3. Have done well at oak orchard and we even get some pike there. Also Oswego and Fairhaven too. Have not fished Sodus from shore for many years now, it used to be ok.......jk
  4. Photo #2 looks like Otisco, my favorite......jk
  5. Those are Pa bears you better have a nonresident license for them.......jk
  6. Great story and nice write up. Moments like that is what we fish for, good job......jk
  7. Is there a different way to get your video? I dont seems to be able to down load it and I want to send it to a friend......jk
  8. Once in a while a bass. The lakers are feeding shallower that usual and that is because they are eating perch. We have found some 6 and 7 inch perch in them. We have not caught them shallow though. We fish where we see them on the depthfinder and that is usually 100 feet deep. So to answer your question we catch nothing but lakers so far this year.......jk
  9. I dont troll and I dont want too. But rainbows are not to be found there by us using jigs. We also fish the bluffs and dont go far from there but have not seen a rainbow in years. Occasionally, once every five years a brown and have found some in the stomachs of the lakers but no rainbows.......jk
  10. We jig only and only fish in Keuka and found that full moon has not affected us but the cold front certainly does. One of us always uses the standard white tube jig and the other guy uses a paddle tail. I usually use metal, slab spoon, swedish Pimple or if shallower a blade bait. By the end we are all using the same thing, what ever is working that day.....jk
  11. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    Was up fishing the other day, caught a lot of lakers jigging, but nothing over 23 and they all had big heads and thin bodies. Last year we saw schools of bait most of the time but not this year. What information have they gotten from the bouys that are now red out there. I think the ciscos are disappearing down the lakers stomachs faster than they are reproducing. We enjoy fishing there but it certainly has changed.......jk Ps it was COLD and windy
  12. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    bulletbob, I am probably older than you, prewar baby here. I just want to keep this argument/topic going. We have had a lot of good day and memories on that lake. And does anyone know where any smelt are now. I have dipped for them in most of the big finger lakes but not in 20 years. Why the computer is typeing this way, I dont know.......jk
  13. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    That is not an argument, that is agreeing with me......jk
  14. jk1

    Keuka Keuka 5/14

    BBob, long term solution???? No one knows that. The only reason we fish there is because our main boat is a 14 foot utility iwth now a 9.9 Merc, used to be the 15 1977 Johnson. My friend and fishing buddy does not like bigger water. We frequently fish in a bass tracker of 16 foot with a jet motor. He does not like Cayuga either, so if I am to go fishing I go there. they tried to introduce the cisco the last few years and we did see them on the TV, but not this year. We seldom see sea gulls too, that must means something also. And as far as bass go we have not hooked or caught one is 5 years, we used to get a stray every few weeks. Just throwing in all sorts of fish is not a long solution either. Long time ago Otisco was a dead lake and that has changed some how? I dont know, but keep on trying I guess is all that can be done.......jk
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