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  1. "a place on the saw mill land over on the Oswegotchi River" Now I really have to get to meet you. That is is just a few miles from where I trap in NY. See you Sunday......jk
  2. Weather permitting will see you there......jk
  3. pheasantguide is that just a normal Swan, it looks small compared to what we see flying by? They seem much bigger, I am not much of a water fowl guy but a trapper and they seem a lot bigger, I see a flock occasionally of 50 to 70 in some of my beaver swamps......jk
  4. I use their credit card, are those rebates you talk about the the ones I get every months? Mine are only for $20 but it spends like money to me......jk
  5. A little off topic......Who all is going to the Watkins flea market next week? Would to meet up with you guys after it is over.....jk it has been great talking to you on this web site
  6. No sound but real nice fish and nice job with the camera.....jk
  7. Used to be a lot of FUN. People talking shooting and even getting a spike now and then. A 14 inch 6 pointer was good and an 16 inch 8 was great.....jk
  8. Hay we have to get together next time I go east. Last time was on almost no notice......jk
  9. Wow Pap that is sad to hear. I hardly ever hear a beagle on my trap line anymore. The last time might have been 4 years ago and I just stopped and listened, reminded me when I was a kid looking for the flash of brown running in front of the dogs. Back then the sporting magazines had dogs and beagles on the cover not deer with the modern monster antlers. We got pheasants in front of the dogs two and they were wild birds that ran a lot, seldom flew like the stockies do. Big changes in the sporting scene. Deer season my sisters and mom went out even with buckshot guns for the first drive. No tree stands, either drives or slow walk hunts if you didn't get included in a gang. After the first drive, everyone saw deer and it was fun, we ate big time, all sort of food was brought along then the woman folks usually went home and the drives started again. Maybe three drive was average on the first day........Now it is so expensive and secretive and all about antlers and the cost doesn't end here. People get those expensive deer sticks to eat and baloney and jerky. And the cost f mounts then was $25. We used to cut up a deer by ourselves into roast and chops and a little bit of grinds for spaghetti. Cost almost nothing but an hour of time. Changes are not always good......jk
  10. I am an outsider on this conversation, don't fish the big lake much. But my take is that more money is taken in by the king salmon that the other species because of their size for the charter guys that only come(or go) up once or twice a year just for the photo. Saying that the king is the big money drawing fish for the outside.....jk
  11. You need to go fishing with a ide for a day or two. Most will answer you questions by showing you how they do it. And everyone does things a little different.....jk
  12. Have worked on a lot of marine stuff but never an outdrive, 3 - 4 inches sounds excessive. Unless you are talking about slop in the push pull cabling system. And you are welcome about the bearings, in 50 years with trailors I have had problems only once. That was when I believed my neighbor that bearing buddys were good for a long time. I am now back to re packing twice a year. I do not clean out the grease from within the bearings unless there is a color change in the grease and I use grease of two different colors and alternate them so I know when I completely changed the grease.....jk
  13. Can't disagree with anything you said. I have not hear of professional opinion on the disappearance of the alewives. A combination of those clams you mentioned the icy winters you said and maybe the dirty water from the flood occurring during the spawn but that was my idea and now think the bait disappeared before the flood. We all are mostly in agreement with you........jk
  14. I just sent an E-mail to sign up for the diary program.....jk Chugbug, you live around Ricketts Glenn? You have some squirrely roads there to travel
  15. The bearing buddys only get grease if you can not push in the plate the grease fitting is mounted on making it move. Too much grease and you will push out the seal on the inside of the bearing assembly. Do not use the electric powered grease guns, or carefully use them. When grease is added it pushes on the outside the plate(piston like) that holds the grease fitting, then you can push on it and it will move. If you add to much grease it(piston/plate) will rest against the retaining spring and invert the seal causing it to leak. Hope I explained this clearly.....jk