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  1. Butter milk falls gets a spring run of trout from the lake and there are stocked creeks all around you there. Also look up at Salmon creek for trout in the spring. Some good hunting to and a lot of state lands open to you.....jk
  2. Keuka

    Bait bucket, did you try for trout?
  3. Nice catch. lot of nice eating there.....jk
  4. That is what this site is all about, helping people. I don't fish Cayuga mush anymore, my buddy does not like the bigger water. Just saying thank to all the helpers on here.....jk
  5. Hay we fish Keyuka every week too. We start out for the skinny lakers(taste good) then when the sun gets up and usually the lakers stop biting we go for the pan fish. We usually get several bull heads, 5 or 6. The last time out the lakers started to bite late in the morning (like 8am) at the bluffs and we did not fish for pan fish. But the pan fish are fun and good to eat too. Lively1 were you one of the boats at the bluffs, that was the most boats we have seen in a long while......jk
  6. Hard thing to do, sorry about your loss......jk
  7. Kids look happy!!!! That is what counts.....jk
  8. PIKE where are the pike??? We used to go to Chibagamau 2 times a year, lots of pike, I like pike too. We fished a different lake every day, always a good time and yes we too have had problems at the border, twice by female officers......jk
  9. Keuka

    We are going tomorrow morning to the bluffs first for trout then the shore line for pan fish, bass and pickeral. Every week....jk
  10. Doesn't the marina still have a launch? I haven't been there in 8 or 9 years. we used to launch there and park our rig at the parking lot across the street and south 200 yards. Was $5 each......jk
  11. Seneca

    What lake??? Keyuka? If so was surprised to hear about the 10 pounders......jk
  12. Those little sharks are good eating......jk
  13. What am I the only one who likes Mary???? She is beautiful......jk
  14. That is the best way to learn quick. And ask a lot of questions, push (gently) the mate aside and try to do his job. good luck.....jk