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  1. Good going, nothing wrong with fourth!!!!......jk
  2. Keuka

    BB (Bait Bucket) anxious to hear how you did and what you see on the depth finder. Will probably be going up tomorrow.....jk
  3. Keuka

    Hi Adam, we too were there on Saturday form7 to 11 am. we got several lakers from small to 22 inches. There were two boats in our group at and around the Bluffs. we kept 7 to eat but as I said small sized fish. We finally did see a fair amount of bait high up on the TV screen(our Depth finder = TV) Then we went after pan fish. For some reason we got a lot of pickerel along the shore. we always get some but this time I alone got 8 and lost about that many. Nice looking kids you got there......jk
  4. Weather permitting we will be there tomorrow too......jk
  5. Keuka

    Boy that is bad news. Keep your chin up and keep trying to work it out. good things will happen......jk
  6. Keuka

    Hi neighbor, trying to get a group together right now
  7. Keuka

    I am in Williamsport, where are you from? We are going up tomorrow probably.....jk
  8. Keuka

    We were up there recently got quite a few lakers but only one was decent size about 25 inches most all are thin also. We see no bait on the TV (depth finder) but we did get into the big bluegills. we were at the bluffs......jk
  9. I have had the "Trailer Trash" for 20 years but just recently someone here named it that. I like that name, it fits. Was in a barn that caved in during a heavy snow storm, the left side is sort of caved in looking. There is some kind of a name on the back of it that is a combination of the previous owners name. But that is hard to see as we hang the depth finder(removable) 15 hp Johnson and the electric motor there. Suits us.....jk
  10. Cayuga

    Love those browns, that one sure is pretty. Hoping to get there soon......jk
  11. Hay stay off my buddy's lake!! ha ha My good fishing buddy just loves that place and I am sure that is where we will be tomorrow in my boat "trailer trash" as some one on here called it. I like that name. We catch fish there but and quite a few but seldom over 25 inches and thin too. Oh we got a dandy batch of big sunnies there last time.....jk
  12. Seneca

    You forgot about mother nature, she rules!!!!!!!
  13. That does not look like a fawns foot to me. Too big I think.....jk
  14. Nice catch, good job......jk
  15. Yep that is what we are doing right now, sort of late but better than never. Thanks.....jk