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  1. jk1


    he green algae, when will ha leave?
  2. Thank you but I alreadyordered form ?Copperline......jk
  3. Who makes the big jigs with the good gamagusku hooks? Address and telephone number please, thanks......jk
  4. We see green buoys at the bluff and have not see anything in the bellies yet. The fish seem health and in nice shape but I feel there are to many of them in the lake. 24 inches is our biggest in a while. They do bite a lot and we get a lot of bumpies but never fail to get a limit usually. Have not see any sign if bait fish on the depth finder or on the surface.....jk
  5. We are there every week, still good fishing but they are not over 24 inch often. I think way to many fish there, I have not seen a school of bait on the TV (depth finder) yet, but they all look healthy. 3-4 years ago they were sick looking, thin.......jk
  6. Keyuka for a lot of fish but few over 24 inches. They are a lot healthier than the ones last year and the two years before that. There are a lot of fish there, most every where over 70 feet and it seems the best depth is 120ish. I can't believe that you had trouble. We have fished at the state park and the bluffs. It is hard to find an area without fish. Friends fish iwth bait minnows from the small shop (607-794-2053) on the east side and they do better than we do, but I like jigging. Monday we got a limit in three hours and kept the ones over 20 inches.........jk Ps lakers only, no other trout fish are there it seems
  7. So at deans you dan not pay with a credit card anymore? I am from out of state if that makes any difference......jk
  8. Your saw bellies will work well. I jig about every week there but friends of ours were up at the state park two weeks ago and got 70 fish in three days using the saw bellies, you wont be disappointed. They fished right out from the park all the way down to the bluffs. Good luck......jk
  9. Keuka is open. Have been going up for the last month or so......jk
  10. We have been up every week and have seen no one fishing. My computer was down for a long time and for some reason just started to work again = might be me. we find fish every where on the TV some are biter but a lot are just lookers. /we only jig......jk
  11. Lack of bait fish is about the same as over crowded. I guess they need thinned out some to let the bait fish repopulate the lake?????? Just a guess.......jk We do like fishing there and go often.......jk
  12. jk1

    Keuka lake

    Was nice while it lasted........jk
  13. I was planning a trip to the western part of the adaks but the weather shut me out. Here in Pa it is our week of fisher season and I have some sets out in good locations BUT not on sign like the last few years. I have no recent trail camera photos of fishers. My weasel boxes are getting mice but not the ermine I am setting for. /doing good on rats, seems to be more and more around each of the last few years and some hit the majic mark of 20 inches. Today was only my second zero day, so that is good too. Just a little fur each day is fine with me. Beaver starts the day after Xmas. that is it, did not know there was a trapping section here, this is good......jk
  14. You were casting from shore?? That sounds like cleo time to me. Thanks for the info.......jk
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