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  1. "keuka village ramp" I will call it that from now on. Our plans right now is to go to the north end at the state park. We will see what happens. We have fished in front of the keuka village ramp a lot previously, last year it was horrible there, for us anyway......jk
  2. PIKE LIKE chugbugs too!!! No there is no dedicated parking lot for the ramp on the east side of the lake near the old hydro electric plant. We are going tomorrow !!!! yippie, finally but probably to the north end, will be first time there with a boat. Now if the weather cooperates we will finally get out. Launch around 9 maybe....jk
  3. We spoke with the young lady who was emptying the garbage can at that launch on the east side near the bluffs (town of Keyuka 300 yards from the old water plant(hydro electric with water to come form Lacoma/Waneta lakes)), It is a public launch open to all. Please be courteous to the neighbors, be quiet as possible, park to south along the street. We used to park at the water plant, but two years ago no parking signs appeared. That is where we parked for ice fishing also. Is it still no parking there? We almost went up Friday but the weather report was borderline to bad for our little boat. We are all set to go somewhere real soon once we get good weather. I have itch and have done well this time of year before. Good luck all and keep posting. thanks.....jk
  4. jnj(((((kasbdlf (greaChugbug (great lure for fun fishing) , half way up the lake just before the bluffs on the west side is a launch "JAKES" 607-868-4876, used to be Annes. But it sounds to me that the better fishing is up north according to what I have read here......jk
  5. Yep that is where I saw it. Boy I looked everywhere but there. Tanks Kappy, thought that I was going blind or something.....jk
  6. I still can't find it. Not good on computer, I looked under upcoming events(to the left) and calendar(calendar on top). I saw it once that is how I knew it existed but can not find it again. Lead me to it, thanks for replying......jk
  7. Thank you, hope to be fishing next week. Just repacked the wheel bearings,next got to get the rest of the stuff around.....jk
  8. Make list of hose spots and run and gun those spots till you find some action then finesse them into the frying pan. n canals that we have fished the only good fishing we did was fun fishing for carp, they are fun......jk
  9. I am afraid that is the only lake my buddy will want to go to and he still likes the south end. Will try to convince him other wise. We will be going soon within ten days. We go the ITCH BAD.....jk
  10. Cayuga

    Darkwater thank you and Bandrus IF I gt to go there in their boat it would be to Aurora just north of Long Point to start. that is good news, thanks everyone.....jk
  11. Cayuga

    Thanks for the report. Where can you launch your boat? have friends coming up in three weeks to go fishing and their boat is about that size. Thanks.....jk
  12. Oh boy is that sad t hear. Be safe and think safe folks, do your best. Pray for the full recovery of that man....jk
  13. Mr. Guff welcome back, haven't wen your name for while. Hope to go for lakers in the next two weeks someplace......jk
  14. Boy that area across form Deans has produced a lot of fish. Glad you got some to eat. Working on my stuff the last few days. Ice fishing here in my part of Pa numbered......k
  15. Rochester area Flea market Saw some place a notice about a flea market this month near here. I would like info about it and a place to stay nearby, with in 25 miles. We would come up and fish the area and go to the market the next day. We di this with the Watkins Glenn one around April first or so. Thanks......jk