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  1. jk1

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    OK what baits are you allowed to use? Can you use any fish you catch as bait? That does not seem clear in the reg book. Also a bait shop told us we can only usenightcrawlers that we buy in NY. is that so? I realize you can not transport bait across certain roads but I am lalking about in the same lake, can you use any fish or parts of those fish for bait in the finger lakes????......jk /
  2. jk1

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    You are welcome and we do appreciate you answers. I like the way you got your name on here. I have had some names given to me that way but most are not allowed on the internet.....ha ha......jk
  3. jk1

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I too agree with cinnamon fish. "Sk8man is one of the most valuable resources of awesome, clear info on the LOU site. I've learned so much reading his posts/replies".......jk. Ps how did you two guys get your signature name? Just wondering
  4. jk1

    Mono vs braid or nanofil

    Use wht you have faith in. Why do you want to use something new. I still have two rods riggedwith 10 pound XT from years ago. Caught a lot LOT of fish on that stuff. Yes there are better and more expensive and better this and that. but you have to have faith in your gear. I use a lot of crystal fireline also.......jk
  5. jk1

    Keuka Sewer Problems

    Was up there yesterday and all seems normal. No dead fish to be seen, sunnies were bedding big time and saw several decient sized bass. Lakers were biting and watched several trollers catch multiple fish. Water was still exceptionally clear and I think that they are zebra mussels that we see on the bottom. Lots of small lakers and they look healthy but nothing in their stomachs......jk
  6. jk1

    Keuka Sewer Problems

    We fish that area a lot amd have seen a lot of dead fish in the waters to the south. Could this be related somehow?????? The weeds also look funny too......jk
  7. jk1

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    Big bait = big fish. Nice catch......jk
  8. jk1

    Cayuga Cayuga Lake North End

    Try jigging also. You will be amazed at the fight you get on 10 pound test hand held rod. There is a lot of real REEL good advise in previous posts here on this site......jk
  9. Fishyoo, we call them bumpies. Not sure what really iis going on but sometimes if you slow the retrive a wiggle and slow retirve for 10 feet then go back to normal they will take it. Try anything to convert the bumpies into fish. we even feel that on occassions they go by slow and they hit the line with their tail but don't hit. Lots of weird stuff going on down there......jk
  10. jk1

    Keuka Launch site

    We used to laundh at the motel a lot, weekly for two years. I am sure some one of us caused the problem. His main interest of course is the motel and some noisy people coming in to launch distrurbed his sleeping clients. He was always real nice to us and has to run his business the best way he knows. I don't know this for a fact but that is usually what happens with to sportsmen, problems caused by us. It might have been trash but I never saw any laying around. Just my thoughs on the subject = we at times are our worst enemy........jk
  11. jk1

    Walleye night bite tips

    For me at nite is to fish the windy sore. If the wind is notin my face I move till it is. Mostly rocky locations usually. big baits at nite also.......jk
  12. Boy I second your last sentence.......jk
  13. jk1

    cayuga jigging

    "And a fluke with no hook." What do you mean?????????
  14. jk1

    Seneca Fish Camp

    Am always looking forward to reading your post. good luck this year......jk
  15. jk1

    cayuga jigging

    I LIKE JIGGING!!!!!!!!.......jk