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  1. How about the ice fishing show? I went to one at the falls several years ago. Is there one this year?.......jk
  2. In Quebec at Lake Chibougamau 300 ,miles north of the USA line we caught them once in a while. Most on the inline niteiy rig but some on rapalas on the big side and a few on real big plugs and spoons. Had a hard time figuring out why they even hit the big lures with such a small mouth, they taste GREAT. WE would go 5 or 6 trips with none than catch one or two. They were rare to our style of walleye pike fishing though.......jk
  3. Just got it all hooked up for $10. Seeing how long it last, thanks guys......jk
  4. WOW in Pa the food pantries wont take venison anymore. I am a flinter and cant wait.......jk
  5. until

    Is there going to be the ice fishing expo this year?.......jk
  6. We used to have birds here in Pa, but now just stocked chickens......jk
  7. Photo makes it look huge, thanks for posting, real interesting to our group......jk
  8. I dont know the temp but we were casting at Tiagodoton Park 5 miles north of Ithaca on the west side and we got some big smallies (20 inches) there. All were deep and none on the surface........jk
  9. That is a nice fish, size? weight? A 21 incher in Quebec years ago was my biggest......jk
  10. Nice rainbow, they fight good and jump......jk
  11. I would think that the lakers would eat them, they eat everything else.......jk
  12. The bug strikes again!! Got another fisherman......jk
  13. Have done well at oak orchard and we even get some pike there. Also Oswego and Fairhaven too. Have not fished Sodus from shore for many years now, it used to be ok.......jk
  14. Photo #2 looks like Otisco, my favorite......jk
  15. Those are Pa bears you better have a nonresident license for them.......jk
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