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  1. The "vanish" brand of fluorocarbon is horrible. Have had many breakoff with it. Now use easy floro or Segar floro only......jk
  2. Nice photos, good read. Thanks.....jk
  3. Cayuga

    bulletbob, us to we like jigging and casting. Nothing like the old express train hitting your line with you holding it and fighting it all the way back......jk
  4. For me I bet it is twenty years since we dipped for them......jk
  5. Cayuga

    That is what it is all about. There are those greedy goys on every web site but most of the sporting web site are good people.....jk
  6. Canadice

    It is warming up. Was 39 just a short while ago......jk
  7. A pup that made it through the winter season.......jk
  8. 35 rem 336 long tubular magazine 1957 year. Cost 56 muskrats in those days with a K 2 1/2 weaver scope. When I started shooting the Hornady 200 grain ammo I doubled my accurate distance......jk
  9. Thanks for the information about Severan.....jk
  10. I am confused, where is "Severn"?
  11. I will wait to hear your answer, thanks.....jk
  12. I am local, only 100 miles south!!!! give or take a few.But I do know a fella up there we bought a truck from years ago
  13. He and I and the country between us IS fisher country. Them and otter are every where around here.....jk
  14. Rats, That was fun fishing. Love to see the pike hit surface lures. Can you say "chugbug"?????? What is the closest launch now, across lake?