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  1. Is there something wrong with the town launch? We have lunched there before, you walk up to the office to pay......jk
  2. I am running a 1977 Johnson 15 on a 14 foot Grumman. I got when I was over seas and had it delivered to a dealer near my house. I never saw it for two years. Still runs great. Use it on the finger lakes and in Canada---well I used to use in it in Canada. Haven't been there in a few years now. I just got a 10 year old used 9.9 4 cycle Merc but have not used it yet.....jk
  3. A group of us charted two boats (about 20 years ago), Capt Lenard Something and a Capt from Pa the other. In the boat I was in was a young guy and his Dad on his Dad's last fishing trip. Well Dad pooped in his pants after a beer or two and we washed him off and his dirty pants somehow got dropped into the water. 30 minutes later the other boat with our buddys said(on walkie talkies then) "you will never guess what we caught" Well we guess it right away. There were boats scattered everywhere that day and they got his pants on a line......jk
  4. GH73 you have to think positive. Look what your negative thoughts have done, we started to get ice a week ago and now????
  5. I dont expect any good ice before December but before New Years here would be nice. Every once in a while we have early ice only to loose it in January. Lets not have any false starts this year. Ice ice.....jk
  6. Mr. Green hornet you have to think positive = THIS WILL BE A GREAT ICE FISHING YEAR!!!!!!
  7. Been there, done that. But I cheat and have some locals giving me hints. Sort of like insider trading!!!! It does help. BUT we have a lot of zeros too......jk
  8. Yep, now for Cayuga. We stopped fishing Keyuka last week, much bigger fish here.....jk
  9. I thought that the lake trout were spawning enough that they did not need stocking. At least in Keyuka. Am I wrong about that? Did not know that they sere stocked anywhere.....jk
  10. When we see only one fish we throttle up the motor fast on a tight turn and that sometime (most times) bring the rest of the herd into view on the TV. We live on the TV someone is always reading it to the others. The hard hits to tell are when you are pounding bottom with the jig, they seem to try to push it futher into the bottom. Makes a weird hit = set the hook. Lots of bumpies on every trip. we have only snagged up maybe once a year so dont worry about the bottom....jk
  11. Oh white tube jigs(by Getis) is most common in our boat. But paddle tails and Berkley minnows of white color with florescent green or what ever tails also are common. I always try something different on our boat like the metal baits and rapapl ice fishing jigs. Reread guff's, chowder's and Gator post again and again. /try everything and see what works for you. A lot of GOOD info from some good fisherman there.......jk
  12. We fish there a lot. Use 1ounce jigs mid day. In the mornings you can use the 1/2 ounce jigs as they are shallow or use any thing you mentioned. Blade baits, jig rapalas, and cleos all will work. The fish are small, a 24 incher is a decent fish. We start at day lite in shallow and once they scatter we go to 100 feet. I think we might be missing something that deep but it is not my boat and we do get a slow steady bite there and a lot of bumbies. Up near the state launch and down at the bluff (where the two parts join). You will see little bait. I have no idea what happened to the ciscos that they stocked maybe the lakers ate too many.......jk
  13. Yes great show and as he said thanks for all the work you must put into it......jk
  14. Hay Billtown, I am in Warrensville. I jig, not a fan of trolling. Have a small 14 foot grumman utility that some one on here called trailer trash = so that is what we call it. we go up every week but to Keyuka to catch the small lakers to eat. Many friends have bigger boats up to 17 foot, but are small style and my buddy do not like the bigger waters. So it is Keyuka for us......jk
  15. Thank you I will be there with several buddies......jk
  16. I see no notice of it this year. Is it on the last Sunday of the month?........Thanks .....jk
  17. Boy that didn't take long.... good man to deal with......jk
  18. I think Pa is done for. Warm rain right now and it is 39 degrees.....jk
  19. jk1

    Smitty Sled

    Maybe need some diagonal support for the frame???
  20. Fishing / casting gets better as the winter goes on. Great in March......jk
  21. Did you get anything over 24 inches? We have not for a long time, but we only jig. Glad you had fun that is what it is all about. Sure does get hot out there......jk
  22. Boy that is big almost 40 WOW Good for you teaching him how to mount it by himself. That will be an extra specail mount for him......jk
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