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  1. I had an experience today that caught me off guard and I'm trying to figure out how I should feel about it. I'm looking for opinions. A small piece of property (40 acres) I've hunted forever in Cattaraugus county was recently sold and posted. Not that uncommon these days. The property is small but it's convenient and close to other huntable properties. The posted sign said 'written permission only' and had a phone number. My hope was that it may be an investment property or even a lease situation becasue it was such a small piece of property, so I called. The guy calls me back and tells me that he has no intentions of letting anyone hunt the property but he marked the posted signs that way so people would call him so he could tell them to stay off the property. This is a done deal in my mind. I have no desire, or need, for access to this property. I have no hard feeling towards this guy or losing access to the property. What has caught me off guard and has had me thinking about it all day is if this guy is a jerk or a genius for marking his posted signs that way. Is it necessary to bait people into calling? I'm interested in your opinions and whether your looking at it from a property owner position or from the position of a hunter looking for permision.
  2. Sk8man is correct. All reputable ear plugs or muffs will have a NRR (noise reduction rating) on them. The NRR is the amount of decibels that they suppress. Subtract the NRR from the actual noise level and that is what you are exposed to while wearing them. The higher the NRR the better. Anything around NRR 30-33 is a pretty good start for something that isn’t custom for you. If you’re looking to measure noise levels, there is a free phone App called SLA Lite that you can download that does a pretty good job. Everyone should protect themself from noise. Hearing loss sneaks up on you and is permanent. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. JimB, That was us out there today. You aren't kidding about the fog. One of those mornings when you end up in Canada if you didn't have a gps. We worked the same water and did 2 browns and 2 kings. We hooked up with the second just as you were picking up. Fog lifted and fish stopped biting. Green and purple stick bite today.
  4. Had the chance to hunt Iroquois Refuge this morning. Lots of birds, great shooting and the stands well groomed. Mallards, teal, pintails, widgeons and the occasional goose mixed in. I'll try again next year for a tag. If you have the opportunity I'd recommend it to anyone.
  5. Launched at 7 am. Headed east and went back west. Worked brown, green, and clear water all the way to the Genny. No debris floating anywhere. Most marks were outside of 10 ft but the brown water was 10 or less. Water was warmer to the west with 40-41 pretty common. Hits came mostly on small spoons. Slow day but the lake was flat and great to be out there. Would have been nice to have docks at the launch.
  6. Headed out solo in the late afternoon anticipating that the lake was going to lay down for the evening. I was planning on staying to dark but didn't need to. After launching and doing a quick circle around the mouth I headed west in 10 FOW. Only ran three rods off the back with sticks on all of them. Lots of brown water but I stayed outside in the dirty green water from the pumphouse to beach. Picked up a mixed catch of browns and a coho going west and browns, a steelie and an atlantic going east. Bait must have been there because the gulls were all around me feeding and I saw a few fish on the surface. All fish came on perch or gold/black baits. Water temps were 44 west of the mouth and just a little warmer to the east. I was amazed how quickly the brown water disappeared when the lake calmed down. The lines I fished going west were gone on my way back east.
  7. Launched out of Sandy this morning just before dark and headed west towards the Nose. Dropped the boards in at the Pumphouse and stayed in the 10-15 FOW for most of the run to the beach. No water color and no takers until we got the the beach where a laker took a shot a Sutton 88 back 50' in the wash. Turned north out to 30 FOW and headed west looking for better water. On the way back we picked up this bow on a gold/black rapala back 100' on the boards and a second release on a deep diving Jr Thunder Perch that never made it to the boat. By 11 am the wind had shifted to the west and we headed back in. Went through a bunch of sticks and spoons, but only the naturals seemed to get noticed. Best water color and temps were just outside of the mouth.
  8. Nice !!!! I'd name that one Wilson!
  9. Another good morning out of Sandy. Left the launch and headed west towards the beach. Once we passed the pumphouse things broke loose in 10-15 FOW. Worked all morning from pumphouse to Area 1. Water had great color and the fish were there. Had to pick through a bunch of dinks but landed a couple nice browns and an Atlantic (someone please tell me if I'm wrong, yellow eye and no color in mouth). Lake was like glass all morning. We could have stayed all day but I've got an anniversary to celebrate tonight and after cutting me loose this morning I don't think she'd appreciate a sweaty, fish-smelling husband rolling in right before dinner.
  10. Pulled the boat out of the side yard and took the cover off to see how it wintered. Turned the ignition not expecting juice in the battery but the engine popped. That was all I need to hear and I knew where I was headed. No second thoughts. Launched at 3 pm and started setting lines as soon as we hit the lake. Worked west and east of the creek in 5-15 FOW. Lots of brown water and lumber but not as much as I expected. Found some really good lines and clear pockets. Caught all brown with most coming out of the clear water. Not a lot of size to them but great to be out.
  11. My winter project... 5' conduit pipe fits nicely into an old seat post. 1.5" PVC sleeve slides right over conduit. Cut in a couple of pvc crosses & fitted them with tees. Tees aren't glued so I can turn them and lock in place with pins. Cut a plastic wire spool in half and bolted the ends of another onto the cut ends. 3.5" pieces of 0.5" PVC through spools. 0.5" bolt (10") through mast some galvanized & nylon washers. Going to hand spool the line & secure the spools with a clip. Total cost= $50.
  12. Rolmops, same place, same holes. B-joe, bottom of hill with lots of others. Just got to be considerate of residents.
  13. Made the trip from Rochester to Owasco hoping to get into them down at Ensinore and we weren't disappointed. Started drilling holes early and the flags starting flying right away. Steady pick of lakers until about 10:30 when it slowed down. Had our limit so we were back home for lunch. Two great laker trips this season. Next time headed to the north end for jumbos.
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