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  1. Does anybody have a link to a price and venison products list for Swan. I can not find any info on there web site for venison products.
  2. That’s awesome Brian! Good eats right there!
  3. Glad you suggested it and it is a great story of old and new memories!
  4. Very proud of my son Cam last night! I gave him a little pill bottle of my fathers ashes and told him to take his grandfather with him! He used my fathers 270 Winchester that was built in the 1960’s and made a 200 yard shot to take his best buck to date!! Life is Good! A Big shout out to our good friend Tom Without him this could not have happened!
  5. That is a incredible state land buck! Hell that is a awesome buck anywhere!! Congrats!!
  6. Very nice deer congrats! The rut has went to a total lockdown we’re I hunt In Genesee county!
  7. Congrats Rob! Very deserving you work hard and it is nice to see that hard work pay off!! Good luck with gun season!
  8. That is one awesome buck! Congrats!
  9. If this not a perfect night to kill a big buck then I don’t know what is! Good luck all!
  10. I have seen were guys would pour doe sent on the tires to lay a scent trail on the way to there stand. I guess you would have to ride past your stand for it to be effective.
  11. I put them on my trophy 1802 and it helped a lot with getting the boat on plane and keeping it there at lower speeds. The down side to them is it is difficult to control the direction of the boat when backing up.
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