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    Hardwater report !!

    Dang it's head is 3/4 of it's mass
  2. jckjr8

    Help identifying tracks...

    Turkey population has many factors going against it. I have even noticed two turkey that I have harvested in the last 5 years had a form of tape worm. Dec said they can pick them up feeding in fields that farmers spread manure in.
  3. jckjr8

    Help identifying tracks...

    I agree season is to short the season is also at the worst possible time. Trapping organizations tried having the season moved to December. But the Dec felt that more trappers would partake in October.
  4. jckjr8

    Help identifying tracks...

    We'll said 100%. As a trapper I couldn't agree more
  5. jckjr8

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Some older muzzleloaders we're not designed for "magnum"loads of 150grains. Just double check manufacturer recommendations. I agree 150 is the way to go.
  6. Have had good luck with Norway spruce
  7. http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/71275.html Link for ordering and species info.
  8. jckjr8

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    More like one in a million
  9. jckjr8

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Each area is a little different. Genetics and food/minerals they get can make a 2.5yo in one area look like a 3.5 in a different area. Game Camera's have been a great tool in keeping tabs on deer and seeing their development
  10. jckjr8

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    I love the second picture. Just sitting there napping lol. Nice job
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    Daughter gets it done in New Mexico

    Way to go!!! Proud moment there
  12. I got two girls and hope to have them out there next year too. They grow up fast
  13. It's always good to get that out of the way