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  1. As a landowner in afford mentioned county and lived here my entire life. (Not the owner of this property lol) I can probably say the guy was just trying to figure on people trespassing and this way if any of the people were people he had talked to he has a leg to stand on when talking to the ECO or law enforcement. Last year I had a terrible time with trespassing and even had group trying to do a deer drive. Just thought they wouldn't get caught. I actually called the DEC and they said even with posted signs local judges don't do much with it but if they were spoken to before and still came on your property it was more prosecutable.
  2. Things changing by the hour here may want to check first
  3. https://www.wivb.com/news/gov-cuomo-golf-courses-are-not-considered-essential-under-nys-pause/ Cuomo added boat launches to this. Not sure if it really changes anything or not if there is no one there anyway
  4. I sure hope the charter captains get a life line out of this stimulus bill. Can't see how a charter boat would be considered essential business. Although Cuomo is allowing golf courses to open. We had a vacation in May scheduled for Tennessee. The hotel called us and said that they were closing we will have to reschedule our vacation. We were already thinking about cancelling any ways. Hope people just use common sense........I know that's asking a lot now a days.
  5. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/12/track-the-currents-in-lake-erie-and-other-cool-things-you-can-try-in-the-great-lakes-observing-system.html
  6. My brother found this deer yesterday and we figure it was from Sunday when there was a big deer drive on adjoining property and plenty of shooting. Makes you a little sick.
  7. I'm pretty sure they did this so you keep hunters interested in staying in the woods till the end of muzzleloader. With Hunter population down (in some areas) it gives someone who didn't kill a buck in archery but got one in gun or vice versa the second chance on another buck. For some hunters that's all they'll shoot are bucks. ( Although not sure why taking a doe here and there isn't a bad thing.)
  8. Saw this and had to put it on here
  9. For smooth bore it's tough to beat brenneke KO's
  10. Yes lots of ticks down here in southern tier also
  11. What if he came fishing here with his boat and then "sold it here or gave it away here" lol.
  12. Should of noted I only do this for gun definitely not bow I use a loud bleat then
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