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  1. Tail gunning is running a lure 20 to 40 ft back, sometimes further, behind your normal set. In this case, I'm running my probe rigger 50 ft down, in 65 degree water. The rigger above This is 35 to 40 ft down, back about 40 ft. The theory is that after your primary set goes By the fish, the lure set back further gives you another shot at them. This can help this Time of year, when the fish tend to follow your set. Another reason is when the fish are High in the water column, they can be spooky and this gets the lures away from the boat. I've been running j plugs, Lyman's and mag spoons this way.
  2. 8 in spiny, running either a wire slide diver with over sized ring, or dipsy with a 10 ft leader. Another good lure was a mag carbon 14 on the high rigger, tailguned 40 back.
  3. Fished this morning fromThe red can to 4 mile,went 3 for 5, 22 to 25#'s. Best water was 70 to 90, wire diver out 140 to 180 on a 2 with a purple chrome chip and green crinkle fly. One hit on meat down 75. A ton of fish towards 4 mile. Tough to get them to go. East troll was best.
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