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  1. That 60k is just wages not benefits. Also NYS does not take state taxes from state retirement. I'm also curious if that 60 includes all police (town/village cops) or just state troopers? I don't think the difference in 20 and out vs 25 and out is causing a recruiting issue. They have issues with recruiting troopers and have had to lower standards. Maybe the state needs to do a better job of showing these jobs in a higher light and people would want to be an eco or a trooper.
  2. I've used snap weights many times up to 10oz. Only lost one lead do to my error. I think they are a great option if fishing solo. It allows you to take the weight off and still reel the fish in close to the boat to be able to net it. I think it's a cheaper alternative to lead core or copper.
  3. Maybe they should go ruffle some feathers on the DSR area!!!! This would move this issue right up the chain pretty quickly lol. I love how some people claim that this was their way of life and do it ceremoniously, well even Europeans hunted and fished to feed their families. I have no issues them exercising their rights but come on spearing and netting Pacific salmon in NYS. These fish didn't even exist here until the 1960's some 200YEARS after these treaties.
  4. Yes and you can look no further than this past fall with the new youth hunt when Erie county legislator's pass the measure only to be vetoed by the county executive.
  5. jckjr8

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    I don't often post pictures but this was definitely one of the most memorable opening days for me. My dad was able to take one of his biggest bucks next to my uncle's tree stand, who passed away earlier this fall. And my daughter was able to shoot her first deer.
  6. This is what Erie county executive thinks. Vetoes the legislators that passed the 12-13 big game hunting law
  7. It's getting to be that time of year to check close regardless of temps for matures
  8. This graph from a study on lake Huron shows pretty good correlation. Time to get the birds in check.
  9. Saw this new change on the online hunting seasons on Dec web site
  10. Looks like quite a bit of fine print. And if I read the Dec website correct. There is no prevision the 12-13 year olds to hunt during the youth hunt weekend. Any one else read the fine print and agree with this before I call and complain lol
  11. With low snow pack through the season and combined with them letting out so much water through the gates for the last year because the water was so high previous years.
  12. The Amish are starting to put a dent in bush hill and farmersville state forest. I was born and raised there and have seen decline there in recent years too.
  13. Nice job. I think a one buck rule no antler restrictions would be better
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