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  1. Four phiscon rod holder track mounts will work with 90 or angled tracks 60.00
  2. If you still have the 6in tracks and the rod holder in the first pic I'll tack them you can text me @716-260-0977 or pm me
  3. Interested if he doesn't take them you can email me at 716-260-0977 thanks
  4. Can be used with track 90 or 40deg plus tracks such as lund call tom @716-260-0977
  5. I see lockport if you'll take 500.00 I'll take them you call call me at 716 260-0977 tom I'm in lancaster
  6. Do you still have the tdrs I'm in Lancaster near airport
  7. No problem with son in law if you could call me we can set up a time for Sunday also I checked my boat and the 24in.would work better so I'll take 2 of them instead,[email protected] thanks
  8. Let me check with my son-in law. And make sure that works for him if you could call me that would be great my number is 716-260-0977 tom
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