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  1. Do you still have the tdrs I'm in Lancaster near airport
  2. No problem with son in law if you could call me we can set up a time for Sunday also I checked my boat and the 24in.would work better so I'll take 2 of them instead,[email protected] thanks
  3. Let me check with my son-in law. And make sure that works for him if you could call me that would be great my number is 716-260-0977 tom
  4. Would it be possible to pick up at hogan's on 394 and 86 this weekend interested in the 36in tracks,thanks
  5. Rod holders made by cuppy products in NY adjustable great shape two pair
  6. If he doesn't take it call me 260-0977 I'm in Lancaster
  7. Check fishusa I bought the cannon three rod with track and pedestal with 20% off free shipping for 165.00 plus tax
  8. That riser does not belong to me that's on duckman 1's post sorry to the confuson
  9. I'll take it apart and you can see, will need a adaptor to mount in track
  10. Thanks for the reply but interested in the triples have a great day
  11. If the sale falls through I'm still interested
  12. Are the triple rod holders still for sale,do you have a pair if so I'm interested you can call me at 716 260-0977, tom thanks
  13. 2 triple rod holders made in NY by cuppy's products these are adjustable and well made asking 225.00 for both can send pics call or text tom @716 260 0977
  14. Are these still available and where are you located
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