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    grand island ny
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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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    I trailer from Grand Islnd
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    Beach House

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  1. There are fewer boats then ever going off-shore for steelhead and salmon. The cost of running 10-15 or 20 miles off shore is a factor. If this regulation passes there certainly will be less of us out there. Yes there is alot steelys/salmon out there. Just very few fisherman trying to catch them. There will be lots of dead steelys on the surface..They just don't release well in mid summer. That willl be a shame. Its supposed to be a put and take fishery. How is this a win-win for our L.O. fishery?? Should we just stop mid summer fishing for the sake of the tributary fisherman???
  2. I'm totally against these proposed changes in open water steelhead regulations. It will hurt more then help the popularity of sport fishing on lake Ontario. Yes it will hurt the charter boats but us rec guys hate it too. Its a question of is it worth it. When summer finally gets here its well known on L.O. if you want to catch fish you go off-shore. Off Niagara county shores that means 400-550 fow. If you want to go out there you better have a seaworthy boat thats mechanically sound. You better have good electronics/GPS too. Not to mention the fishing gear this all costs ALOT of money. The good thing is thats alot of money for our local economy. For 2 fish per angler whose going to want to spend the money to go that far to catch a couple fish. Whether it be a charter boat or a rec angler. Does not make since unless you really love open water steelhead fishing, which I do. I hope many/most of you will respond to the DEC on this proposed change and say NO. LEAVE IT AS IT IS.
  3. Anyone have any experience with this company. Seem to carry alot of name brand gear. There prices are redicously low. Was trying to help friends shopping for cannon or scotty riggers.
  4. What do you call that spoon?? Who makes it?
  5. I have a Airmar TM-150 medium chirp ducer with my HDS-Carbon unit. We fish Erie and L.Ontario. Very happy with performance. Previous had a 200 khz skimmer ducer. Was good inside 100 fow. Marked very little when we went off shore on L Ontario. z i've
  6. So sorry to hear of your loss. My fishng partner and I have been together for more then 30 years. He's about 10 years older then me. (65) He's slowing up in alot of ways and i guess i am too. When he can't do it anymore I just don't know what I'll do. We're going strong this season!! We'll see what the future brings!! Lots of great memories!!! Its not just about the fishing!!! RIP.
  7. Our best spoon for more then 20 years has been a Michigan Stinger Natural Born Killer (NBK) in the Sting Ray size.
  8. I've had good results from Lowrance tech assistence. Friend advised always ask for a senior tech advisor. They usually speak better english, Not wanting to sound prejudice . I've got the Lowrancce Carbon on the boat now before that had HDS 1. Been on phone many time with there techs. You just gotta work thru the learning curve. I do still like Lowrance electronics even though I hear many complaints. Just look at what most of the pros use. i
  9. Just a mention. The 9 ft. ugly stick light action is a great rigger rod. Been using the for 25+ years. Don't worry that hey call it light action.My biggest King just shy of 40 lbs caught on that rod.
  10. I have a bunch of the 8'3' ugly sticks. There a good rigger rod for spoons on LO. or walleye on Erie .To light for in line boards IMHO. I like the Okuma CP-LT-762M 12-20 lb. Just ordered 2 more today. Getting ready for L. Erie walleye campaign.Good Luck!!
  11. My first autopilot was a bungee cord. Wasn't perfect but it did help me set some rods while fishing alone.
  12. Good question. I use Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion. Its SPF 30 and its a moisturizer too. It has Zinc Oxide in it. My old dermatologist told me if a sunscreen doesn't have Zinc oxide in it your wasting your money. Not to expensive . If theres something better I'd like to know what it is.
  13. Good news! Any size to the Kings? We did good Saturday in Canadian water. Just couldn't break 20 lbs.
  14. what you described is exactly how I've been running them. Was just thnking that rigger ball running 6-my 8 inches below my spoon or flasher/fly?? I,m probably over thinking it. I do like the snubbers. Those scotty riggers are so fast and when they stop its definitley jerks the cable.Don't want to lose a prope or a ball. I'll start the season with 12 lb balls. When the fish move deeper I'll switch to 16 lb torpedos. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Started using amish outfitter 6" rigger snubbers last year with my Scotty high speed riggers. My question is where should I have the Blacks release? Directly above the ball or where the rigger cable and snubber connect?
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