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  1. I'm not trying to discourage you in anyway but my advice is to hire a experienced local charter captain for a first time fishing Niagara bar and river. It's some of the greatest freshwater fishing in the country,but if you hire a good captain at least for your 1st or 2nd trip your learning curve will be much shorter and you will likely save in the money vs fun ratio. There are a number of excellent captains to chose from. I'd be happy recommend a few. BTW I'm a local and have fished the Niagara for 40 years.
  2. Bought 3 Scotty 2116's in 2013. Shopped around and found best price at John's Sporting Goods in Everett, Wa. Can't remember if shipping was free or not. Just a warning,they are scary fast. I love em!! But my #1 fishing partner, whos in his 70's is almost afraid to use the 2116's. Previously had old Cannon Mag 10's that were very slooow. Scottys have been trouble free,no regrets. Check out: johnssportinggoods.com
  3. Well said Gator!! You and I are two republicans on the same page when it comes to Trump. Character counts in politics, the workplace in friendships and relationships. I have a n 17 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. They both asked me questions about things they heard Trump said during the campaign. Most of the time I'd say don't worry he's never going to be elected. I guess I was wrong and now I have some really tough explaining to my kids. My daughter was outraged when she heard Trump bragging about grabbing women by the pu**y and his other comments about how he views women. My 7 year old couldn't believe that he wants to build a wall around the whole country! I did explain to him thats not exactly what he wants to do. You try and teach your kids the difference between right and wrong,a being gentleman or a lady. The Golden Rule: Treat others way you would like to be treated. Sadly thats not who Donald Trump is. So how do you explain President Donald Trump to your kids???
  4. OMGO!!! Sorry if I offended any of my fellow LOU members. BTW I am a registered republican for more then 40 years. Also want to mention my original post responding to" Its Over" did not show in its entirety on the LOW website. I'll respond more in future-very busy these days. But I'll restate here that Trump is not my president. He does not represent the core values of the republican party. In his own words he has proven he's a misogynist,a bigot and a racist. He got elected on a fluke! He took the campaign so much into the gutter that we had one of the lowest turnouts in history of presidential elections, Less then 48% of eligible voters voted!!! We've had presidential elections where 90% of eligble voters came to the poles.He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes!!! I am completely puzzeled as to why American sportsman think he is a friend.The man has never held a fishing rod in his hand, he's never walked thru the woods with a shotgun or a rifle,and he never will !!! I'll give him the beniifit of the doubt for a short time but I am very worried. My biggest fear is his thin skinned egomaniac personality could bring young americans into a unnecessary military conflict. Example being: the Irag war that at the time HE was quoted as saying HE supported and yet during the recent campaign HE claimed HE DID NOT SUPPORT. Is there anyone that thinks the Irag war was worth the # of american lives and billions $ cost because we were so certain that Saddam Hussan had weapons of mass destruction?? We were so certain Saddam was somehow involved in the attacks on 9-11??? What a wast of American lives and treasure- for what??? Anyhow I'm sorry I don't think ITS OVER BY A LONG SHOT!! ITS ONLY JUST BEGUN!!! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!!! i
  5. Its only just begun. He's a bigot a racist if you don't see this you have'nt looked at his history. He has so many law suits coming after
  6. Great to have you back in WNY!! Hope our great fresh water fishing had something to do with your coming back. You should think about joining LOTSA.
  7. Best money I've ever spent on my boat is on my Tr-1!!! Love it!! Current boat 22ft Pennyan I/O with 9.9 merc prokicker. Previous boat 24ft Lund Sportcabin with 9.9 yami. Had Tr-1 on Lund also. Its the only way to set up trolling rig under 25ft IMHO.
  8. When you say Bandits are you meaning there shallow diver or deep diver?? I've looked at them-the paint and finish on them is impressive. Great color selection too. We also have had lots of quality issues with renowskis. If they don't leak or break in half they do catch fish though.
  9. We fished the Bar on monday. Dropped my son off at school at 9am.Setting rods at the dropoff at 10am. We fished till 2:15. Had 6 bites, put 5 matures in boat. We stayed close to border in 70 to 110fow. Ran 4 wire divers all with FF and 2 riggers with big flashers and meat.Spinny white double crush glow with no seeum fly was best. Biggest King about 25lbs. One dark mature was only about 12lbs. Gorgeous day to be on lake!! Thats gonna end our season, can't wait for spring!!
  10. we're gonna hit the bar monday. hope the fish have returned. heard east wind past week moved em off bar, i'm sure some went up river. now we've had 2-3 days of west wind and hoping the great fishing thats been at the bar this fall can return for our final trip of the year!! we'll see what lady O gives us!
  11. My hats off to you making that run solo. Saw the forcast today and thought I was gonna be out there. Heard its been great at the bar!! Bull#### got in the way and we could not get out there. Don't know how much longer its gonna last. Hope to get one more crack at them!
  12. I would study area on your GPS/Chartplotter before heading out. The structure of this area is amazing! But you also neeed to know where the canadian border is. The red can is north of the mouth about 3.5miles in about 45fow. Go north of red can about 1/2 mille and you'll find the dropoff. Dropoff is where the action is especially in spring and fall. Guys typically troll the dropoff in a east to west or west to east pattern in 70 to 120fow. There is still lots of river current at the dropoff. Its got everything to be a hugh magnet to the fish(Kings). Its my favorite fishin hole.
  13. I have a ranger salmon sIze net too and I'm happy with it. Replaced bag last year with some genric bag not happy with that. Where can I get a good bag for a salmon size net?? I like the coated bags that are resistent tob hook penatration. Any advice please.
  14. I'm not complanining. Fish strictly off niagara county and sometimes go into canadian waters. Tons of staging kings at bar right now. some are calling the past month the best they've ever seen. You know if your only getting out twice a week its really hard to stay on top of this fishing. You really gotta watch the weather and pick your days. When the east win blows best to stay home. When it starts coming from SW or W don't expect fishing to get good in 1 day. BTW, I only got out twice a week this year but I was able to pick those days somewhat.Got friends that are out 3-4 days aweek,and always out there when weather is right. I network with these guys and it helps a ton.
  15. Its been suggested that I should try VMC sparkpoint 4X strong treble in size 2 for my stingers and size 1 for my stingray spoons. I looked at some-wow! they are sharp!! Made from vanadium steel and chemically sharpened. Almost never need to sharpen so I'm told. Any opinions?? Any other hooks you guys reccomend???