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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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  1. You got me all excited. Went looking for news release couldn’t find it. O well won’t be long. I check satellite shot of Erie every day . Still some out there put it looks real loose. It’s Gotta to get to 250 sq. miles to yank boom. I think April 1 - 5 is average when they start pulling it. Coming soon.
  2. Creek Rd Bait & Tackle ,4419 Creek Rd, Lewiston. #716.807.6111. You'll find them on FB. There right on your way to the Ft Niagara. Very friendly.
  3. Wet Net Fishing charters. Matt Yablonski,716-550-0413.Theres a # of good ones out of Wilson & Olcott. Matt will work his butt off to show you a good day. Mid August is a great time to come.
  4. Scotty customer service(in Canada) was great to me with faulty counters on my 10 year old 2116's. Apparently they outsourced the counters to a company in Malaysia. In 2 seasons i had about 10 counters fail on my 3 riggers.They admitted to me there was a bad batch of counters on some of there riggers. Each time replaced under warranty 100%. So the last batch they sent are holding up. Overall I'm a pretty happy Scotty customer.
  5. Vision Quest Sportfishing, Wet Net Fishing charters and Torpedo Fishing products all have good videos on setting up and using weighted steel. All on Youtube
  6. Torpedo Weighted steel much more user freindly then copper . Check out Youtube videos. Some captains running no copper just weighted steel.
  7. Chris will take good care of you.
  8. Problem with a bolt together trailer is all the bolts come lose and out off adjustment just from normal use. Dealers like to put expensive boats on cheap trailers IMHO.
  9. I bought a new venture trailer about 10 years ago for my 2450 Lund Genmar sport cabin. Previous trailer and boat damaged in road accident. Boat was fine after accident but trailer was totaled. Bought new venture from local dealer in buffalo ny. After only 2 seasons had to replace all tires. Seemed trailer was flexing alot from boat wieght I was told. All tires wearing unevenly. Also want say I'm a trailer guy. Sold that boat and trailer it was time. Anyhow what I'm getting to is it took me a long time to learn there is are 2 types of trailers out there. The ones that are bolted together and the ones that are welded. If your a trailer guy like me you want a welded trailer. If your boat suits in the harbor every summer and on the trailer over winter a bolted together trailer will save you money. Look at all those beautiful bass boats running all over the USA. There all using welded trailers. Just MHO.
  10. Agree 100% with Chuck Smith. To put the boat in nuetral with a full trolling spread is nuts in IMHO. If that's how you want to catch Kings then go to Devils Hole and cast from shore. We will slow the boat on a big King and sometimes turn almost 90 degrees to reduce pressure on a freight train run of 400-600 feet on a big King. But never would we put the boat in nuetral . Doubles,Triples and Quads are alot of fun. Just my HO.
  11. I've been pretty happy with Boat USA/Geico. Had to get towed once and had another claim. Easy to deal with and very professional. Premium was reasonable compared to the rest.
  12. I tried 30 lb blood run sea flea line. Found that 30 lb big game did better job keeping fleas off.
  13. You cannot have to many rod holders on a fishing boat in MHO. On my 22 ft PenYann I have 19 rod holders that all get used. 7 are on the hard top. I hate rods laying on the floor. Just my HO.
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