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  1. Its a Yay for me. I've heard alot of positive reviews from people using it. I'm gonna put together 2 combos and give it a try. Never went all in on copper. Just own 1 300 copper. Don't use it that much cause its not user friendly. My fishing partners don't seem to like copper. Know some good captains that said goodbye to coppers and replaced with weighted steel. Gonna try it this year.
  2. Agree on poor quality of Renowskis last few years. I pretty much stopped buying them. I have some that are over 20 years old that are still catching fish. We get rid of all 3 hooks on most sticks and upsize to a #2 mustad KVD triple grip on rear of the stick. Works for Eyes and spring Kings. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. We will start our early spring salmon fishing running a lot of straight running sticks like renowskis and bombers. This is when surface temperatures are 40-45 degrees. Typically we’re in less then 50 fow. Longer leads on riggers,3 to 5 colors off boards, slide divers on # 3 with 25-40 ft leads. Smelt are around early spring ,sticks look like smelt. As water warms and kings move out to 60-120 fow we’ll switch to spoons and flasher-flys. Usually we start spring king fishing in Wellend canal area or even further west Canadian water. We haven’t been able to go into Canadian water for almost a year. Hopefully this spring we can. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. I know the Ninja board is designed not to release until it gets to the boat. Whats it like fighting a big King with the Ninja still attached to the line ? I'm thinking of trying them for running 10 color or 300 weighted steel rods.
  5. Also have you tried this with any other banana type baits like Kwik fish or Mag Lips? We've been tipping our straight running stick baits (renowskis, bombers, bayrats) for years with a 1/2 a crawler on the back hook. We think the 1/2 crawler gets us more bites vs. no crawler. You got me thinking for next year. I got alot of old banana baits in my basement.
  6. Approximately how fast would you troll your homemade rig ? Also what would you typically run it behind ? Rigger ball, dipsey, leadcore, jet planner or does it not really matter ?
  7. Hey Rick- Thanks for all your great reports !! Us rec guys really appreciate the detail you give in your reports. Its been a challenging year for all of us. Hopefully next year we can be back to normal with tournaments etc. See ya at the Niagara expo !
  8. Anyone else having failures of these counters? Bought 3 new 2116 Scottys in 2013. Been real happy with them. All had a counter with a permanent lithium battery in it. Was told by Scotty they lasted double there normal expectancy. They sent me new counters that run on replaceable AAA batteries. Mind you this did not happen all at the same time. The old counters failed one by one over about a 6 week period. Anyhow all 3 new counters sent to me have failed. Scotty has since replaced the 3 failed new counters with 3 new ones. The old counters say made in Canada on the back.. New counters say made in Maylasia on package.Person at Scotty pretty much said the old counters were better.Also said we had a bad batch of a couple hundred new counters. Scotty has been good about covering these under warranty. I'm just sick having problems. I'm at a point where I'm carrying 1 or 2 extra counters on the boat just in case. BTW i had another new one fail today.
  9. I was advised years ago if you want to go roller rod for wire divers don't go cheap. My Talora diver rods are the most expensive rods on my boat. No regrets.
  10. Been running 9 ft talora roller dipsey rods for about 10 years now. Can't remember the model #. Use 30 lb 7 strand mason wire.Reels are Tekota 600 lc. Love this combo. Caught a ton of fish on these rods.
  11. Any opinions on Bloodrun Sea Flea line 30 lb test ?? Thinking of trying it this year. Been bumping up to 30 lb big game each year at mid summer. The 30 lb B.G. helps but we still get some feas.
  12. Don't forget about the rod holders for your new diver rods! Important and expensive decisions to be made on rod holders. On my boat I have 4ft of Traxtech track on each gunnel. That track has my outdown riggers mounted to it plus 4 adjustable traxtech rod holders. Besides running a diver rod from one of the holders on each side the other holders are used for board rods or sometimes we'll run 2 diver rods on each side..Agree with above. Don't go cheap on the diver rods or reels, there gonna get alot of work.Mason or Bloodrun 7 strand is definitely the way to go. Many days divers catch more then 1/2 our days catch. Nothing like a big King smashing a wire diver rod !!
  13. Rigger weights shoud be round or torpedo shape IMHO. Pancakes are a PITA. You can't get them to run totally true. Currents affect them alot.. Just my HO.
  14. Boga grip with builtin scale is a great tool to have on boat. Very well made and quite accurate. Mine will out last me.
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