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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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  1. I agree !! No boards at the bar!! Everyone is trolling west to east or east to west trying to cover 60 to 120fow. Its just no place for boards. Granted some are running stuff down the shutt but boards forget it !!! Its asking for trouble, and is inconsiderate of your fellow fisherman!
  2. When I was running Cannons I got the best service and repair from A & P Custom Tackle 518.283.5920. He an athorized cannon repair center. Knows em like the back of his hand. Ask for Peter Schumann.. Really fast turn around time was my experience with A & P. I did switch to Scottys in 2012 and have been very happy. Not bashing Cannons at all. Made the switch with a new to me boat and have had no issues with the Scotty 2116's.
  3. Thanks for the replys. I've got way many fashers and flys. Theres a few FF combos that I've kept together for years cause there steady producers. Looks like stud glow fly will be a steady producer with a few different flashers.
  4. Glow stud fly and spin doc??? Just bought some atomic glow stud flys. Which spin doc works well with it ??? Realize i could pair it with anything. Just wondering what spinnys work best with it ?? I've heard it mentioned alot lately is why I grabbed some.
  5. Thanks for responding Garymny. Think I read some of your previous posts and thats what scared me abit. Glad to hear things have improved. Sounds like separating the transducers made the difference. If you could tell me part # for your transducer that would help me in my purchase.
  6. Your right Fish Hawk uses 70khz. What I heard was medium chirp setting did not get along with Fish Hawk. So what chirp ducer do I buy for my HDS 9 gen3 ??
  7. Chirp Transducer and Fish Hawk ??? Which Lowrance chirp ducer will be compatible with my Fish Hawk??? Gonna buy a new FishFinnder/GPS plotter soon and don't want any problems with electronics that don't get along. I've heard great things about chirp ducers but my Fish Hawk is my MVP for catching fish. I've pretty much decided the unit is gonna be an HDS 9 gen #3. I know some don't like Lowrance but I've been running there stuff for 30 years and been pretty happy.
  8. Reverse the wire on the reel. Make it so the bad spot is at 700ft on your counter. To do this you can wind line off the reel on to another line counter reel or you can unspool reel by walking it off. I've done this by going to a local park and stabbing a screw driver in the ground. Connect to screwdriver and walk all the wire off the reel. Its alittle work but why waste all that expensive wire !?!
  9. Agree!! Had a great experience with them last year. They are the best!!
  10. Great report. Curious did you launch at Wilson Tuscarora or do you have a slip in the harbor?? Keep hearing horror stories about all sorts of problems caused by this rainy spring.
  11. Mikecatt14- I'm local and fish the bar alot. I trailer a 22ft Penyann. If you use Accuweather type in Youngstown NY for location. If you can only come up here for one of the 2 weekends the spring LOC covers, I would definitely make it 2nd weekend. Honestly if they forecast winds over 12mph out of NW,N,NE,or EAST it can be pretty uncomfortable. NE or EAST the fish usually have lockjaw. We will try this weekend but not optimistic.
  12. The first weekend of the spring LOC does not look good weather wise. This is fairly typical this time of year. If you can pick your days to get out, theres no doulbt the Kings will be there. Watch the weather sites real close is my advise.
  13. New website seems great!! Hopefully it gets lots of traffic. Optimistic its going to be a greet year! Friend caught 5 kings at bar today..Spring fishing is going to be fast and furious IMHO at the bar. Think temps will rise quick and Kings will move eastward fast.
  14. Bluegiller- I generally agree with all you have said. I sure hope your right!!
  15. I've lived 10 minutes from the Falls my whole life. This IMHO on how to fully experience Niagara Falls. Walk -don't drive across the Rainbow bridge and enjoy the view from the bridge and the great view from the Canadian side. Then take the Maid of the Mist boat ride to the base of the falls. All of this is breath taking!! Next go for a nice relaxing ride on the Whirlpool Jet Boat. Jet boat rides depart from Lewiston,and Youngstown NY or Niagara on the Lake Canada. The Jet Boat ride will make you really appreciate the power of the Niagara!!! Finally take a salmon fishing charter out either Youngstown or Wilson and fish for spring Kings on the Niagara Bar in the month of May!!! Do all this and you will have really experienced what NIAGARA is all about! And I'm sure we'll see ya again soon!