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    grand island ny
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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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    I trailer from Grand Islnd
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    Beach House

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  1. I've had good results from Lowrance tech assistence. Friend advised always ask for a senior tech advisor. They usually speak better english, Not wanting to sound prejudice . I've got the Lowrancce Carbon on the boat now before that had HDS 1. Been on phone many time with there techs. You just gotta work thru the learning curve. I do still like Lowrance electronics even though I hear many complaints. Just look at what most of the pros use. i
  2. Just a mention. The 9 ft. ugly stick light action is a great rigger rod. Been using the for 25+ years. Don't worry that hey call it light action.My biggest King just shy of 40 lbs caught on that rod.
  3. I have a bunch of the 8'3' ugly sticks. There a good rigger rod for spoons on LO. or walleye on Erie .To light for in line boards IMHO. I like the Okuma CP-LT-762M 12-20 lb. Just ordered 2 more today. Getting ready for L. Erie walleye campaign.Good Luck!!
  4. My first autopilot was a bungee cord. Wasn't perfect but it did help me set some rods while fishing alone.
  5. Good question. I use Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion. Its SPF 30 and its a moisturizer too. It has Zinc Oxide in it. My old dermatologist told me if a sunscreen doesn't have Zinc oxide in it your wasting your money. Not to expensive . If theres something better I'd like to know what it is.
  6. Good news! Any size to the Kings? We did good Saturday in Canadian water. Just couldn't break 20 lbs.
  7. what you described is exactly how I've been running them. Was just thnking that rigger ball running 6-my 8 inches below my spoon or flasher/fly?? I,m probably over thinking it. I do like the snubbers. Those scotty riggers are so fast and when they stop its definitley jerks the cable.Don't want to lose a prope or a ball. I'll start the season with 12 lb balls. When the fish move deeper I'll switch to 16 lb torpedos. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Started using amish outfitter 6" rigger snubbers last year with my Scotty high speed riggers. My question is where should I have the Blacks release? Directly above the ball or where the rigger cable and snubber connect?
  9. Go to facebook type in : King of Lake results Looks like lots of kings caught today.
  10. We were hoping to be on LO this weekend for first outing. Been working on boat all week and shes ready. Heard some great King reports from Canadian waters west of river. O well, hopefully next weekend will be better.
  11. I've used the the insertion (or Willis knot) for years and never had it fail. It can be difficult to tie on the water if its a little rough.Go on You-tube check out Vision Quest Spotfishing videos. He's come up with a knot called the VQ knot for connecting leadcore to mono. Much easier to tie. Since we tried it couple years ago it has not failed us. i'vleadcore
  12. Congrats!! That King looks healthy. How many FOW were you in? Great start to the new season!!
  13. Curious, what kinda surface temps are you seeing??
  14. Ive got the TR-1 my 22 ft Penn Yan Outrage. My kicker is Merc 9.9 pro kicker. Previous boat was 24 ft Lund Genmar sport cabin. Had a TR-1 on that boat too. That boat had a 9.9 Yamaha kicker. Speed and direction all in one remote. You can even program it to do S turns! If its getting to be 4-5 footers and were still out, were not going to be trolling into the waves. Trolling with waves not only helps the auto pilot, it catches more fish! We will yank all our gear and run back to the beginning of the area that was producing fish. Helps to save some waypts and trails. Anyhow, I think every AP has its limitations. We've been real happy with TR-1 for about 20 years now.
  15. Its the current information and experience that they offer thats so valuable!! Support these small shop B&T owners !! There definitely not getting rich. When there all gone were gonna miss them!!
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