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  1. New website seems great!! Hopefully it gets lots of traffic. Optimistic its going to be a greet year! Friend caught 5 kings at bar today..Spring fishing is going to be fast and furious IMHO at the bar. Think temps will rise quick and Kings will move eastward fast.
  2. Bluegiller- I generally agree with all you have said. I sure hope your right!!
  3. I've lived 10 minutes from the Falls my whole life. This IMHO on how to fully experience Niagara Falls. Walk -don't drive across the Rainbow bridge and enjoy the view from the bridge and the great view from the Canadian side. Then take the Maid of the Mist boat ride to the base of the falls. All of this is breath taking!! Next go for a nice relaxing ride on the Whirlpool Jet Boat. Jet boat rides depart from Lewiston,and Youngstown NY or Niagara on the Lake Canada. The Jet Boat ride will make you really appreciate the power of the Niagara!!! Finally take a salmon fishing charter out either Youngstown or Wilson and fish for spring Kings on the Niagara Bar in the month of May!!! Do all this and you will have really experienced what NIAGARA is all about! And I'm sure we'll see ya again soon!
  4. Anyone know what the fate is for the Tonawanda Gander Mt ??? I'm sure hoping they stay open I think there fishing dept beats Cabelas in Cheektowaga.
  5. Problem with a handheld is they just don't have any transmission power. What gives a regular VHF its transmitting power is the antenna. If you have a good quality 8 ft or bigger antenna mounted at about the highest point you can on your boat NOW YOU CAN TRANSMIT. Once I had a conversation with another boater that was 27 miles away from me. This is important for your safety on the open water.If your in trouble you need to be able to reach out to the Coast Guard on channel 16. There always there on 16 ready for your call. Buy a regular VHF and power it to your 12 volt battery and spend the most you can afford on a quality VHF antenna. Also don't think your cell phone is gonna save ya cause theres no towers on L.Ontario. Once your any distance from shore you have no cell service!
  6. My #1 has been the Stinger NBK in the Stingray size. I have a collection of old Fishlanders #2 size thats always been good for me. Warrior is the new name for Fishlander. Generally a mix of green,glow and black and you can't go wrong. I buy some plain black front silver back spoons and then add tape. I like green,glow,silver and purple ladder tape. Warrior #2 gow alewive and easter egg are 2 I really like. Good Luck! Great time of year!
  7. I've been with Gallagher Charter lakes for quite a few years and I'm very happy with them. I've had a few claims and they were a pleasure to deal with. Had to be towed about 7 miles off of L. Erie couple years ago when main and kicker both failed me. Tow bill was approx 750.00. Submitted claim to Charter Lakes, they reimbursed me 100% no problem. Have not shopped insurance in while cause I'm a happy customer.
  8. Yakima Mag Lips ???? Has anyone tried this bait on L. Ontario? Have seen some video and some adds it looks like an interesting bait. Of course there claiming it works at all speeds and catches all species of fish. Says it can be trolled up to 4.0 mph !? Also supposed to dive up to 20 ft. I'm usually a sucker for a new bait,just wondering if anyone has tried them?
  9. Agree with everyones advice on your making a trip to fish Niagara Bar. My reccomendation for a 1 day charter is Matt Yabonski Wet Net Charters 716-550-0413 or 716-550-9413. getthenetwet.com Spend 1 day on Matts boat and the rest of your time will be way more productive. Also I would suggest coming between May5th and 14th and sign up for the LOC derby that runs during those dates, its a 44,000 payout for the derby with 15,000 for biggest salmon caught. Its usually great fishing and the derby winner usually comes from the Niagara Bar. The place to launch is Fort Niagara State Park IMHO. Gets you closest to good fishing with shortest boat ride. You can register for LOC derby on line at www.loc.org check it out!!
  10. The Trump budget funding cut is NOT a 97% general cut to the EPA. It's a direct 97% cut to Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. This program has been in place for many years and has positive results that we've all seen. I remember Lake Erie in the 1960's it was pretty disgusting. Anyhow Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has had bipartisan support in congress for many years but doesn't seem to be a priority to this administration. Even Chris Collins republican/conservative from the Buffalo area has voiced his concern about these proposed cuts to the Great Lakes. Collins has supported increased funding for Great Lakes Restoration in recent years. Collins has been a huge Trump supporter but apparently there not going to agree on this one. We all need to be watchful and ready to make our voices heard. On my personal priority list my Great Lakes Fishing and recreation rates way above my interest in politics.
  11. I said before the election and I'll say it again Trump is no friend to the hunters and fisherman of this country. He's never walked through the woods with a shotgun or rifle in his hand, he's never held a fishing rod in his hand on one of the Great Lakes,Rivers or streams. Get ready for his 97% reduction of funding for the Make America Great Lakes!!! Sportsman and blue coller people of America I'm sorry to say but he fooled you. Is Great Lakes Sportfishing billion dollar industry on his priority list?? - NOT!!! Make America Great Again means lets go back to the 50's & early 60's remember how great the Great Lakes Were Back Then!!! I'm a registered republican that could not bring myself to vote for Trump for so many reasons. Been watching his shady dealings since early 70's. God help us all!!!
  12. ????
  13. Hey Letsfishtday, Hope your Lund 2450 Genmar is good to you. Loved mine. Always thought it would be better powered with a V-8motor vs the 4.3 V-6. But man could she take the waves of L.Ontario!!! I also put a 9.9yami on her with a TR-1auto pilot. When I let her go she had very soft floor boards and some transom issues. Just did not want to take on the project.A terrific hull on that Lund for the waves of L. Ontario!!!Hope its a great boat for you! O BTW my top end speed was about 31 mph on gps. Always felt I was pushing her to hard.
  14. I owned an identical Lund Genmar 2450 HT for 18 years. Same year as one your selling. Only difference was mine had the 4.3 V-six motor. Always felt I was abit under powered. Curious what is your top end speed on flat water. I agree with you 100% GREAT rough water boat! My old lund caught a ton of fish! Miss her.
  15. I'm not trying to discourage you in anyway but my advice is to hire a experienced local charter captain for a first time fishing Niagara bar and river. It's some of the greatest freshwater fishing in the country,but if you hire a good captain at least for your 1st or 2nd trip your learning curve will be much shorter and you will likely save in the money vs fun ratio. There are a number of excellent captains to chose from. I'd be happy recommend a few. BTW I'm a local and have fished the Niagara for 40 years.