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Mike M

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    grand island ny
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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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    I trailer from Grand Islnd
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    Beach House

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  1. Mike M

    Mono to leadcore what knot or swivel?

    I've used the the insertion (or Willis knot) for years and never had it fail. It can be difficult to tie on the water if its a little rough.Go on You-tube check out Vision Quest Spotfishing videos. He's come up with a knot called the VQ knot for connecting leadcore to mono. Much easier to tie. Since we tried it couple years ago it has not failed us. i'vleadcore
  2. Mike M

    I Bay 4/2

    Congrats!! That King looks healthy. How many FOW were you in? Great start to the new season!!
  3. Curious, what kinda surface temps are you seeing??
  4. Mike M

    Another Autopilot question

    Ive got the TR-1 my 22 ft Penn Yan Outrage. My kicker is Merc 9.9 pro kicker. Previous boat was 24 ft Lund Genmar sport cabin. Had a TR-1 on that boat too. That boat had a 9.9 Yamaha kicker. Speed and direction all in one remote. You can even program it to do S turns! If its getting to be 4-5 footers and were still out, were not going to be trolling into the waves. Trolling with waves not only helps the auto pilot, it catches more fish! We will yank all our gear and run back to the beginning of the area that was producing fish. Helps to save some waypts and trails. Anyhow, I think every AP has its limitations. We've been real happy with TR-1 for about 20 years now.
  5. Mike M

    Asb tackle

    Its the current information and experience that they offer thats so valuable!! Support these small shop B&T owners !! There definitely not getting rich. When there all gone were gonna miss them!!
  6. Mike M

    Asb tackle

    Great B&T shop!! Hugh inventory of all you need for L.O. Very knowledgeable on L.O. fishing. We gotta support these small tackle shops !!! There a dieing breed!! So you might pay a couple bucks more vs.a big box store or ordering online.
  7. Mike M

    Transom Trolling Bar

    I've got the Traxtech trolling bar on my 97 Penn Yan 22ft Outrage. It was an expensive way to get a 3rd rigger on a new to me boat back in 2013. Boat has a big storage compartment that stretches for about 3 to 4 feet along transom area where you would want to mount a middle rigger. Valuable storage too that I did't want to lose. So I went with the trolling bar as a way to mount that middle rigger and keep the storage compartment. Its very sturdy as a mount for the rigger. Its a track so I have a traxtech rod holder on far left and right ends that i usually will use for my outdown rigger rods. I've got 48" traxtech track on starboard and port gunnels for outdown riggers and 4 ajustable rod holders on each side..Dipseys and board rods are run off the gunnel track rod holders. The boat is a I/O with a dog house.Anyhow love the setup it catches lots of fish. No regrets on the trolling bar.
  8. Mike M

    Niagara bar spring fishing

    For a number years you had to phone canadian customs if you were crossing the border. Now were back to how it used to be years ago. So long as you do not land in Canada or drop anchor in Canadian water you don't have to do anything. Off course if your fishing you better have Canadian licences.Also they only allow 2 rods per licenced angler.
  9. Mike M

    Niagara bar spring fishing

    We typically troll a spread of mag spoons and flasher flies. Last year it seemed they wanted spoons more then flies for first half of season. North of the red can at the 50 to 200 fow drop off is the place to be. Productive troll is west to east and east to west. Riggers and divers are all u need. Please no boards! To much traffic.Maybe a 10 color down the shut. We always get Canadian lic. so border is no factor. Good luck!!
  10. Mike M

    Niagara bar spring fishing

    Theres no were else you could want to be in the first 2 weeks of May!!
  11. Mike M

    Spoon Debate

    Frostbite looks like a winner. I've never tried it. Does it have any glow in it??
  12. Mike M

    Spoon Debate

    We like the Stingray size vs the stinger size. Best color the last 20 years is NBK! The seem to work from spring till season end. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Mike M

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    just like the line on your reels the last few feet take the abuse. Strip a couple feet and redo the terminal connection atleast once a year. If you don't you'll pay!!! Klincher is the way to go!!
  14. Mike M

    Downrigger release

    I’ve used blacks for many years and like them. On L. Ontario like to really load up rigger rods so the hook set is solid. Occasionally will check a rod and find a little guy we’ve been dragging. On Erie we’ll still use the blacks but will cinch a long rubber band to the line and then attach it to the black release. We don’t load the rods as much on Erie. If u watch your rod tips you’ll see them jiggling when small eyes are on. Bought Chamberlains last year but never got around to using them. They do seem well designed and high quality. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. All our fish are netted head first and off the stern. We will maneuver the boat on a big boy to keep him centered off the stern. On big boys we prefer wind and waves at our back and will position the boat that way if possible before netting a big King. Agree a quick stab under the fishes head is the technique. Never let the net bag drag in the water before you make your move. Clear other rods, riggers, divers etc. before he gets to back of the boat if you think you got a trophy fish. Why take a chance??