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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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  1. Its great that you got your kid out but shouldn't they be wearing PFDs??
  2. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Launch

    All the floating docks are in . What beautiful setup ! There working on the landscaping now. Finally NYS does something really good for us Fisherman!!
  3. Mike M

    Autopilot for kicker motor?

    I'm on my second boat with a TR-1 auto pilot. Probably the second my important piece of equipment on the boat that helps us catch fish. My Fishhawk would be # 1 . Love my TR-1 !!!
  4. Mike M

    Modified Inline Planer Boards

    Don't do it! I did the mods on 6 walleye boards. They ran worse. Called Church and talked about it, they knew all about blood run video. Church does not recommend the mods on that video.Ended up buying 6 new arms to replace the ones I bent up with the lighter. MHO.
  5. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Launch

    We launched at Ft.Niagara on Monday. Fioating docks are in on the left side of the south launch. Floating docks in on right side of north launch. They got alot of floating dock to still install. Eventually floating dock will connect south and north ramps. Its functional now, will be real nice when 100% done .
  6. Drove across Grand Island bridges couple times today. Been lots of ice in Niagara river for about 10 days. Today there is no ice!! I really think thats it! Now if we could just get rid of this white stuff on the ground!!
  7. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Hey Gary do you keep your boat on the Catt on Erie in summer?? Think we talked on phone last summer about set-up problems with your TR-1 AP. If your the same Gary hope all is going well!
  8. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Also want say I’ve been launching at Ft N. for over 30 years. Right now water level IMHO looks close to normal. I was at Olcott harbor Saturday and looked fairly normal there too. Spring 2017 was a very abnormal event. I’m optimistic this years water levels will not affect boat launching to much and the fishing is gonna be fantastic!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Anyhow when we were there Friday I got the name of contractor that’s doing this project. Got project managers name& # too. Cerone construction co. Tried calling him no luck left message. Want to know what the new project ed completion date is. Right know it’s 1 year past projected completion. I’m gonna be a squeaky wheel. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Water level looked fairly normal to us.
  11. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Made trip to Ft Niagara. This is what we saw. Will try and send a few more pics if I can figure out how to it. Its definitley a floating dock system that will connect north and south ramps. The floating docks will run parallel to the shore.. It should be real nice when its done. Was supposed to be completed in spring of 2017 according to billboard/picture/sign at entrance way to launch area.
  12. Mike M

    Waves Up To 26ft Today

    I live on upper Niagara river. Never seen so much ice in river with boom still in. Feel like there can’t be much ice left out on Lake Erie. Had some bad tree damage today. Hope you all came out OK from this wind storm. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Thankyou Jeb1340. Water level looks totally fine. Glad to hear they are working on it. Its gonna be a really nice launch setup when its finished.
  14. Mike M

    Scotty Downriggers

    Had Cannons for more then 20 years. Had my fair share of problems. Got to a point where I bought an xtra cannon just to keep as a spare while one was in the shop getting repaired. Went with Scotty 2116's on new to me boat in 2013. Zero problems since then. Only problem I'd say is Scottys don't look as cool as Cannons.