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  1. What mapping chip do i buy if i want to upgrade my chart plotting on my HDS carbon unit. Right now I'm running on what came with uniit when I bought couple years ago. I fish western Lake Ontario and Eastern Lake Erie. Want more detail. Thanks
  2. A 2nd Shout Out to Fish Hawk Electronics !
  3. Agree with almost all said here. Bottom line is direction of the troll is hugh. Don't be in such a hurry to turn the boat around cause you had a flurry of action, It could be good for a couple of miles. Trolling direction good be the key to that good action. We try and use the Trails feature on my Lowrence carbon. We're saving less waypoints and more trails to stay on fish. Good Luck.
  4. We troll with em probably 90% of the time. Boat and speed control just seem better. Auto pilot works better and we seem to catch alot of fish going with em. If its getting rough but were catching fish we won't even attempt to troll back to a good waypoint. We'll yank all rods and run back against the waves set down and troll back thru productive area with waves at our back.
  5. I have a Lowrence Carbon FF/GPS mounted under my Penn Yan Outrage hard top. No problem with GPS signal strength.
  6. Call them. You’ll be surprised how customer friendly they are. They have a problem with the counters on the 2116. They know it. Don’t have to tell them you bought riggers used. I have 3 2116’s and have gone thru about 12 counters in 3 years. All free. Finally the last ones are working fine. My only complaint on the 2116’s in 10 years.
  7. 'Should be covered under lifetime warranty. You have to call Scotty headquarters in Canada 1-800-214-8141. I've had the 2116 HPs for 10 years and have replaced the counters a bunch of times. Scotty sent me new ones every time no charge. Its the only problem I've had with my Scottys. The riggers are made in Canada but the counters are made in Maylasia. Overall happy with the Scottys. Had Cannons before with many problems.
  8. On my boat I went with 48” track. My boat is 22’. No regrets.Riggers are mounted at end of track almost in back corner.Forward from each rigger is a ball cradle and 4 traxstech adjustable rod holders. Rod holders get lots of use. Sometimes we run 2 diver rods per side. Also there used for board rods. Be sure and use backing plates with your track. Good luck.
  9. Worst I ever seen. Been using 30 lb mono this time of year for many years. It did not keep the fleas off yesterday. It was like clothes line rope on a rigger rods after 10 minutes in the water. The rope of fleas was 5 to 6 ft long. Fastest way to clean it was to cut line at top of swival retie and put back out. Repeat every 10 minutes. I've tried Bloodrun seaflea 30lb and feafliicker 30lb neither did the job . I've heard some are going to 40lb on riggers , might try that. We were on fish out there, but I felt our presentations looked horrible because of the fleas. Best rods by far were my 300 weighted steel rods off boards.The thickness of the WS kept those rods fairly clean. The 30lb 7 strand wire diver rods were the worst, the flea rope on them would be 10ft long. Usually my wire diver rods are my best rods. I guess we could of picked up and moved 5 miles to try and get away from them. Will take any advice. Thanks
  10. You got me all excited. Went looking for news release couldn’t find it. O well won’t be long. I check satellite shot of Erie every day . Still some out there put it looks real loose. It’s Gotta to get to 250 sq. miles to yank boom. I think April 1 - 5 is average when they start pulling it. Coming soon.
  11. Creek Rd Bait & Tackle ,4419 Creek Rd, Lewiston. #716.807.6111. You'll find them on FB. There right on your way to the Ft Niagara. Very friendly.
  12. Wet Net Fishing charters. Matt Yablonski,716-550-0413.Theres a # of good ones out of Wilson & Olcott. Matt will work his butt off to show you a good day. Mid August is a great time to come.
  13. Scotty customer service(in Canada) was great to me with faulty counters on my 10 year old 2116's. Apparently they outsourced the counters to a company in Malaysia. In 2 seasons i had about 10 counters fail on my 3 riggers.They admitted to me there was a bad batch of counters on some of there riggers. Each time replaced under warranty 100%. So the last batch they sent are holding up. Overall I'm a pretty happy Scotty customer.
  14. Vision Quest Sportfishing, Wet Net Fishing charters and Torpedo Fishing products all have good videos on setting up and using weighted steel. All on Youtube
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