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Mike M

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  • Birthday 08/15/1954

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    grand island ny
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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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    I trailer from Grand Islnd
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    Beach House

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  1. Mike M

    Spoon Debate

    We like the Stingray size vs the stinger size. Best color the last 20 years is NBK! The seem to work from spring till season end. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Mike M

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    just like the line on your reels the last few feet take the abuse. Strip a couple feet and redo the terminal connection atleast once a year. If you don't you'll pay!!! Klincher is the way to go!!
  3. Mike M

    Downrigger release

    I’ve used blacks for many years and like them. On L. Ontario like to really load up rigger rods so the hook set is solid. Occasionally will check a rod and find a little guy we’ve been dragging. On Erie we’ll still use the blacks but will cinch a long rubber band to the line and then attach it to the black release. We don’t load the rods as much on Erie. If u watch your rod tips you’ll see them jiggling when small eyes are on. Bought Chamberlains last year but never got around to using them. They do seem well designed and high quality. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. All our fish are netted head first and off the stern. We will maneuver the boat on a big boy to keep him centered off the stern. On big boys we prefer wind and waves at our back and will position the boat that way if possible before netting a big King. Agree a quick stab under the fishes head is the technique. Never let the net bag drag in the water before you make your move. Clear other rods, riggers, divers etc. before he gets to back of the boat if you think you got a trophy fish. Why take a chance??
  5. Mike M

    Terminal tackle

    Fish USA and Anglers Avenue. Got everything u need no tax and free shipping if over $50.
  6. Mike M

    $2,000 limit graph

    My first year with HDS Carbon 9 is wrapping up . I went with an Airmar TM150 transducer reccomended for the kind of fishing i do. Open water trolling in 50-450 fow on L.Erie and L.Ontario. Was told don't waste money on SI and DI . Overall very happy!! Abit of a learning curve for old guy like me. Was on phone a few times with there techs. I can almost play it like a fiddle now. I've had Lowrance on my boats for about 30 years and unlike many I've been very happy. There a leader in Marine technology just look at what the fishing pros have on there boats. JMHO.
  7. I'm an oldtimer out there alot. The second thing I always do after starting main motor is to turn on my VHF radio. I have favorite channels but I know coast guard is always there waiting for your call on #16. Cell phones are not 100% dependable on the open lake!! Would not go out on the open Lake with out a reliable VHF and 8ft antenna. I was rescued by Coast Guard once years ago and learned this lesson. Just MHO.
  8. Mike M

    Tr1 gold help

    you gotta get on phone and ON THE WATER with a tech person from garmin. I would reccomend a 9:00am phone call or what ever time they open in time zone there in. Sounds like you need to be reprogrammed and recalibrated. Need a location with smooth water.
  9. Mike M

    Kicker Auto pilot

    Love my TR-1 gold !!! Have had it on 2 different boats.My most important piece off trolling equipment. Calumet Marine is where I bought last one. They walked me thru the install over the phone, Theres some on water programmig too. Ask for Frank, he'nos the owner. No NYS sales tax helps.
  10. I have loved this FF/Chartplotter!! Pullled trigger on new HDS Carbon this spring. Comes with 2 transducers:a HST-WSBL 200KHZ 20 degree and a brand new Airmar P-66 dual 50khz/200khz still in the box.The P-66 is supposed to be the best ducer for this unit. Bought it and never found time install. My Penn Yan is a hard top. HDS was mounted to ceiling of hard top. HDS 10 never exposed to Sun or Water. Asking $600.You can PM me. I will post pics when I figure out how to do it. I live in the Buffalo/Niagara area.
  11. Its great that you got your kid out but shouldn't they be wearing PFDs??
  12. Mike M

    Fort Niagara Launch

    All the floating docks are in . What beautiful setup ! There working on the landscaping now. Finally NYS does something really good for us Fisherman!!
  13. Mike M

    Autopilot for kicker motor?

    I'm on my second boat with a TR-1 auto pilot. Probably the second my important piece of equipment on the boat that helps us catch fish. My Fishhawk would be # 1 . Love my TR-1 !!!
  14. Mike M

    Modified Inline Planer Boards

    Don't do it! I did the mods on 6 walleye boards. They ran worse. Called Church and talked about it, they knew all about blood run video. Church does not recommend the mods on that video.Ended up buying 6 new arms to replace the ones I bent up with the lighter. MHO.