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    grand island ny
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    Trolling for Kings & Steelhead on L. Ontario. Also Walleye on L. Erie
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    I trailer from Grand Islnd
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    Beach House

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  1. Anyone else having failures of these counters? Bought 3 new 2116 Scottys in 2013. Been real happy with them. All had a counter with a permanent lithium battery in it. Was told by Scotty they lasted double there normal expectancy. They sent me new counters that run on replaceable AAA batteries. Mind you this did not happen all at the same time. The old counters failed one by one over about a 6 week period. Anyhow all 3 new counters sent to me have failed. Scotty has since replaced the 3 failed new counters with 3 new ones. The old counters say made in Canada on the back.. New counters say made in Maylasia on package.Person at Scotty pretty much said the old counters were better.Also said we had a bad batch of a couple hundred new counters. Scotty has been good about covering these under warranty. I'm just sick having problems. I'm at a point where I'm carrying 1 or 2 extra counters on the boat just in case. BTW i had another new one fail today.
  2. I was advised years ago if you want to go roller rod for wire divers don't go cheap. My Talora diver rods are the most expensive rods on my boat. No regrets.
  3. Been running 9 ft talora roller dipsey rods for about 10 years now. Can't remember the model #. Use 30 lb 7 strand mason wire.Reels are Tekota 600 lc. Love this combo. Caught a ton of fish on these rods.
  4. Any opinions on Bloodrun Sea Flea line 30 lb test ?? Thinking of trying it this year. Been bumping up to 30 lb big game each year at mid summer. The 30 lb B.G. helps but we still get some feas.
  5. Don't forget about the rod holders for your new diver rods! Important and expensive decisions to be made on rod holders. On my boat I have 4ft of Traxtech track on each gunnel. That track has my outdown riggers mounted to it plus 4 adjustable traxtech rod holders. Besides running a diver rod from one of the holders on each side the other holders are used for board rods or sometimes we'll run 2 diver rods on each side..Agree with above. Don't go cheap on the diver rods or reels, there gonna get alot of work.Mason or Bloodrun 7 strand is definitely the way to go. Many days divers catch more then 1/2 our days catch. Nothing like a big King smashing a wire diver rod !!
  6. Rigger weights shoud be round or torpedo shape IMHO. Pancakes are a PITA. You can't get them to run totally true. Currents affect them alot.. Just my HO.
  7. Boga grip with builtin scale is a great tool to have on boat. Very well made and quite accurate. Mine will out last me.
  8. I had the TR-1 on my previous boat and loved it . Was a big factor helping to sell that boat. My next, new to me boat I bought another TR-1 and have no regrets. That was in 2013. Best money I have spent on both boats. As far as the EZ-steer setup,leave all the hardware on the kicker and your outdrive. Disconnect the EZ-steer bar and keep it on the boat. If TR-1 ever fails just recconect the EZ-steer bar and continue trolling. As far as parts availability I'm not 100% sure. Talked to Garmin and they did not give me a definitive answer on how long parts would be available. I talked to a marine dealership in pacific NW that has sold and installed probably more TR-1 then any place in USA. Can't remember the name but I wrote it down and will find and post. They made it sound like they have lots of parts that would be available for some time to come. The TR-1 originated from the pacific NW. Company was called Nautimatic marine. My first one I bought directly from them. Garmin bought them out-not sure when. Garmin made no chances or improvements in the TR-1. BTW only component that has failed 20+ years of 2 TR-1s is the pump on my first TR-1. Watching this closely cause I feel someday I'm gonna need parts or need to replace the TR-1. Yes I have read positive reviews on the Reactor 40 AP. If it was me, and they would discount the TR-1 heavally I'd go for it.
  9. I’ve got Scotty 2116 high speed riggers. I’ll be using Amish outfitter rigger snubbers this year. Where should the blacks release be? Between snubber end and ball? Or between cable end and top of snubber? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. I called the # on that public advisory. Was told this is about recreational boaters crossing borders is now banned. It’s misleading the way it reads. We can still social distance on our boats and fish in NY waters. Called Coast Guard too and they confirmed no ban on recreational boating. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Very handsome looking dog! Looks like he's happy to be part of the crew. Does he got some Lab in him?
  12. Good topic. Years ago before EVERYONE had a cell phone there was lots of chatter on the VHF radio. Its very quiet now and personally I don’t like it. The purpose of your VHF is safety. Your supposed to all ways be monitoring 16 even if it’s on scan. We all need to get back to this. Cell phones are not dependable especially on the open lake. I miss the days when I’d get info on the radio to help the days catch. I’ve made some friends on the radio. But # purpose is safety! The radio got me towed in once by CG. Another time by a fisherman 20 years ago and he’s still my friend.Yeah,turn the radio on even if u just leave it on 16. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I would find a reputable prop shop in your area work with them. My current new to me boat had wrong prop on it when I bought it. Local prop shop let me test 2 different props by giving them a deposit. What a difference when I got right prop on the boat. BTW , I do not like stainless steel props on a fishing boat. No need for it. If you ding something with a SS prop its just gonna cost more $$$ cause you probably have lower unit damage too. Aluminum props are easily repaired.
  14. I’m local. A place I’ve heard good things about is the Lakeview motel in Youngstown NY. 716-791-8668. It’s in a good location to launch at either Ft. Niagara state park or Tuscarora state park in Wilson. Hard to say where best fishing will be that time in May. Checkout Lakeview motel on line. I’ve heard it’s fishermen friendly. I’m gonna try PM you with more info. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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