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  1. Hammered them weather was great fishing was on fire Meat Meat And more meat Lost a bunch of gear on some monsters that we didn’t land Expensive hobby but so much fun and worth every penny Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. After sitting around on Sunday because it was a little too rough we had a great morning, once we found them it was fish after fish. We ended up 7 for 11 7 off FF the rest cutbait 0 spoon takers All in the 240-280depth 90 rigger was hot Dipsey @280 took 3 fish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Lol will do. I'm headed back out this wknd and will post how we do
  4. 3 weeks ago it was unbearable, almost non existent now
  5. Yellows and greens, spoons and FF over 250 -400' Had to find the pods of salmon and work them but once you found them it was amazing
  6. What an amazing wknd, we went 24 for 42 over 3 days of fishing. Biggest was the 24 lb king, had a few on even bigger straightened hooks big. Most were 14-18 lbs, mixed bag of steel coho and browns as well. We couldnt keep the rods in the water. Also had our first triple that the 2 of us managed to land all 3. Last pic
  7. Thx for the tips I appreciate it. Looks like the weather will be nice this wknd. Probably a good plan to head deep.
  8. Headed out this weekend. Any tips on Fow to set up in. Any tips much appreciated.
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