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  1. Has anyone checked pricing recently on 1000 yard spools. This is two for one sale. This is a very good deal.
  2. Sure do appreciate the pics. Anticipation about what were about to enjoy after all of our national issues. Thank you. But do leave a few for the rest of us. Have a Great and safe season to all. Tight lines
  3. Went to look at this trailer and found it to be in very good shape. Wanted to purchase for a business but was out voted. The camp ground is a very nice place as well and having spoken to owners they are indeed fine people. It is well worth a look. You will not be disappointed for your efforts.
  4. Gerry, should be there between 10 and 11:30. Ler Larry know I will be arriving then. You can give him my number if he would like to call me. Thanks, Mike
  5. It you ever fish the Finger lakes, these baits are the best I have ever used for Lakers. Mine are over 45 years old and still produce like new. Seeing these show up brought back a LOT of found memories.
  6. Boat scams. Most often only include few pics, have no Registration # on Hull. Blocked oLicense plate. Palm trees and a Michigan address. Unreal the number of Center Councils being sold in the Northeast.
  7. Are there any currently working WEB_CAMS along LOU shoreline. Thanks
  8. Gentleman, well worth the money.
  9. Same principal applies to releasing Stealhead in rivers. Let them get water thru gills for several minutes. Released a lot of SH that lived to fight another day.
  10. Made a solo trip out of Wilson. Started in 150 straight out. No marks until 265 heading towards Toronto Skyline. Good temp down 55 ft. picked up a Coho then a very big steal head . Marked a good number of fish between 265 and 310. had a screamer on but dropped it at 405 ft. Weather looked spooky and got the hell off at 7:30 PM. Screamer came on meat down 70 ft, Steal head and coho at 55 ft on Stinger alwife pattern. Hope this helps. Happy Forth, while we still have one ?
  11. Thanks for this report, heading that way Thursday. Helpful to get a game plan to start.
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