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  1. Gentleman, well worth the money.
  2. Same principal applies to releasing Stealhead in rivers. Let them get water thru gills for several minutes. Released a lot of SH that lived to fight another day.
  3. Made a solo trip out of Wilson. Started in 150 straight out. No marks until 265 heading towards Toronto Skyline. Good temp down 55 ft. picked up a Coho then a very big steal head . Marked a good number of fish between 265 and 310. had a screamer on but dropped it at 405 ft. Weather looked spooky and got the hell off at 7:30 PM. Screamer came on meat down 70 ft, Steal head and coho at 55 ft on Stinger alwife pattern. Hope this helps. Happy Forth, while we still have one ?
  4. Thanks for this report, heading that way Thursday. Helpful to get a game plan to start.
  5. Finally able to get a very good friend out fishing on the Big O. At 86 not many more days left to enjoy a day on the lake. Started straight out in 200 and trolled NW to 400 FOW. Turned and headed SE toward Olcott into 160 FOW. Been fishing Ontario for more than 35 years. Been skunked a number of times, but it was extremely disturbing that NO FISH showed on the screen. Have 2 units on board and used both thinking maybe one was just fuzzy. Trolled a distance overall about 12 miles in total. Seen one mark 55 down over 370. That was it. No boats out, seen only one other boat all day. No trailers at Wilson, 3 trailers at Olcott. Something is definitely wrong with Ontario. This was a strange day on the water. WOW, got me wondering whats out there.
  6. Appreciate the tribute for your father. memories last forever. God Bless.
  7. Voodoo, thanks. I think that's going to be be my best option.
  8. Orangediablo, only used ! time this season just to check. Battery is a Lithium/brand new. Checked the cable last fall and will check again. Appeared to be fine. May consider running a separate wire directly to DC battery. Will look to upgrade the insulation procedure and eliminate as much bare wire as possible. I appreciate your taking time to offer some suggestion. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Looking if anyone with a Sub-Troll 900 has had issues with faulty temp readings. I was getting 83 degrees on my unit this past week. Has this occurred on yours, what possible solutions did it require to eliminate. Appreciate any and all responses. My unit is about 12 years old. There is NO water intrusion into probe. Using a Lithium battery as well. I did use a Swivel between the Cable end and probe. Many Thanks, Tight lines, smooth sailing.
  10. First time out of Wilson for season. Fished west trolling 200 - 265. 1 small King and 1 Laker. I have never seen the amount of trash in the water for so long a stretch. I did mark bait but very few fish showed on screen. Wondering if anyone else encountered the same. My opinion is this Debri field has pushed the majority of fish away from this area of water. Spoke to a couple of guys out previous three days and they all said fishing just stopped upon it's arrival. Have encountered scum lines in past but nothing the size of this one. Be interesting to hear comments from those who may have witnessed this the same day or prior to Friday. Any Idea's and consider it's impact on the fishing.
  11. The Nissan rep had mentioned that in the Northeast there a number of atmospheric condition which affect fuel. The # 1 cause of issues with outboards are fuel related. Using fresh gas ensures a more cleaner burn as gas deteriorates quickly. Whatever fuel remains in my 3 gallon tank, I top it off. I haven't had a single fuel related issue using this method. Larger tanks are prone to moisture and condensation. I also now never fill my main tank which is a 70 gallon capacity. I know how much fuel I need for any given trip offshore and keep a 10 gallon reserve. That way I am always using fresher fuel. Since I started using this system, I have not had any fuel issues with my main engine which is a 350 Merc. I check the Water /Fuel separator each spring and find NO Water when drained. I check it eack spring prior to start-up for first time. As convenient that it may seem to plum into the main tank, I am convinced a separate fuel tank for the kicker is the best possible option.
  12. I like Yamaha, but they really screwed there customers in 04 when they neglected to inform Owners of a major problem with there Exhaust Tuners on the F225 motor. They burned a lot of bridges with existing customers. I know of one personally. 8K fix. Imagine if you were running twins. Got to stand by your product. You see a lot of rigs available this vintage year and have these same engines. If you consider buying one, do your homework.
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