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  1. The Nissan rep had mentioned that in the Northeast there a number of atmospheric condition which affect fuel. The # 1 cause of issues with outboards are fuel related. Using fresh gas ensures a more cleaner burn as gas deteriorates quickly. Whatever fuel remains in my 3 gallon tank, I top it off. I haven't had a single fuel related issue using this method. Larger tanks are prone to moisture and condensation. I also now never fill my main tank which is a 70 gallon capacity. I know how much fuel I need for any given trip offshore and keep a 10 gallon reserve. That way I am always using fresher fuel. Since I started using this system, I have not had any fuel issues with my main engine which is a 350 Merc. I check the Water /Fuel separator each spring and find NO Water when drained. I check it eack spring prior to start-up for first time. As convenient that it may seem to plum into the main tank, I am convinced a separate fuel tank for the kicker is the best possible option.
  2. I like Yamaha, but they really screwed there customers in 04 when they neglected to inform Owners of a major problem with there Exhaust Tuners on the F225 motor. They burned a lot of bridges with existing customers. I know of one personally. 8K fix. Imagine if you were running twins. Got to stand by your product. You see a lot of rigs available this vintage year and have these same engines. If you consider buying one, do your homework.
  3. These things would destroy Walleyes with a crawler and Lakers with a skirt. Better priced than spin& glows.
  4. FYI, I had purchased New in 2000 a Nissan 9.9 4 stroke motor. I estimate I have at minimum 3000 hours on this motor. It runs like new till this day.Nissan is now Tokatsu. Both motor choices would be good, just one thing I learned from the company rep in California who suggested to me to NOT plum the gas from main engine tank and always use a separate fuel source. Followed this advice and have been greatly rewarded with an engine that performs flawlessly to this day. Chang Oil every year along with gear oil, new filter as well. Spark plugs every 2 years. This Nissan get 12 hours of trolling walleyes on 3 gallons of gas. Get about 9 hrs for salmon. I will not hesitate to buy another one if ever needed.
  5. Could use for spare parts. Offer you 100 shipped. Please let me know asap. have a potential for another, Thanks.
  6. Hey Dublin UP, sorry I could not get there Monday. Had a family member test positive and do not want to endanger ANYONE. NO Symptoms myself, but as a caution for others have imposed a self quarantine to end of next week. If you have interest in your items, do not hesitate to sell. Want to update so those who may be interested can purchase. Thanks,
  7. Drop me a location and I will try to get to look over on Monday. 4/5 21 Thanks MJ.
  8. Thought I would post to determine if any woodworkers may be interested in this collection of Precision Woodworking Tools made by WOODPECKER. If you are a woodworker, or may know someone who is, these tools are perhaps the finest precision instruments you could find for your craft. It includes the following items: SAW GAUGE / TRIANGLE / STRAIGHT EDGE RULE / CLAMPING SQUARE / BOX CLAMP / T-SQUARE/ PRECISION COPING SLED. This assortment contains some items no longer available. They are in BRAND NEW CONDITION. They have never been used. Must be purchased as a package. WILL NOT SEPERATE. You can look up these tools online to review costs if you like. Would make for a very special Fathers Day gift. These items if purchased separately would cost well over $850. I am selling entire lot for $500. Cash or PayPal only. (Pick up from my location in Hamburg, NY or buyer pays shipping cost. (Weight of these items is around 32 lbs. so you can determine the cost to your location.) Thanks for looking. Have a Safe and Healthy year on the big O.
  9. I have 1 Penn 230 GTO reel and 1 spool ( 600 ) of Opti 30lb copper ) Both are Brand New never used. Will trade plus 100$ Cash if interested. PM . Thanks.
  10. Pic of the boat might help you sell it.
  11. Check out Big Water Boats in Duluth MN. Got a nice 278. 1993.
  12. if this unit is available after you review potential prospects ahead of me. Drop me an email, I can pic it up at your location. Thanks. MJ.
  13. If still available let me know.I will be in the area today to pick up.
  14. Looking good friend, keep it going. Some great colors for Walleye in this mix.
  15. Typical on Craigelist and other sites offering boats for sale they have these characteristics in common. No Hull ID # pictured. No background views to determine location. Limited photo's, usually no more than 3. No Licence Plate Photo. Use only email for responses. Prices obviously way off they mark. Flag them whenever your in doubt.
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