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  1. Typical on Craigelist and other sites offering boats for sale they have these characteristics in common. No Hull ID # pictured. No background views to determine location. Limited photo's, usually no more than 3. No Licence Plate Photo. Use only email for responses. Prices obviously way off they mark. Flag them whenever your in doubt.
  2. What depths were you in. Did you attempt anything around the Red Barn. Thinking of getting one last dance. Thanks, you did have a great season.
  3. I'll get you a pic shortly. I have my boat at a friends house up on Lake O. Should be there tomorrow for some cleaning and I have to install a new battery. Check back tomorrow evening.
  4. Skywatcher, I always fish them behind a Flasher. Larger when deep, smaller behind a dipsey Leader length when using a dipsey I extend to 36"and shorten the lead between Dipsey and paddle to 30. For some odd reason, I have had more success when using a Dipsey painted all black. One thing about these baits is bigger kings do a job on the paint job. I spray them with a clear coat and that protects them much better. I have also used them in the Finger lakes and they have produced as well there for Lakers. One thing My friend from Washington suggested to me, remove the sponge on the inside and do not over fill the cavity. That sponge gets a bad odor to it over time and it most likely turns off fish. I have been doing this now consistently and IT DOES WORK. Best to you, good fishing.
  5. Breaking Bass, I have been fishing these Brads super baits for about 5 years now. Have a friend from Washington state who fishes on the Columbia river for Kings who brought me several. I fill them with Sardines in Oil. Much better than tuna. I shortened the leader behind flasher to 32" inches and upped the test to 30lbs. My best to date has been the Blue Hawaiian, Mountain Due is also been very productive. When fishing deep, I like a larger 11" flasher and smaller when using a Dipsey. I have caught a lot of stealies on the longer version in florescent red. I troll them slower between 1.8 and 2,2. I like them as I find is just as effective as meat, but a whole lot less expensive. Length behind rigger ball 18 -22 ft. Good luck, Tight lines.
  6. Appreciate the response. Deepest I dropped it to was 110. I did get speed indicated, but no temp.
  7. Got out for a couple of hours late Thursday afternoon. Boaters at dock said 220 - 260 . Didn't see a damm thing out there. Went out to 300- 320 and started marking some fish. Temp down 85 was 43. Probe went blank, Sub Troll ) not sure why, any suggestions would be appreciated. That said, switched to a lighter line rod( 14 lb) and got bit. #3 Kings in about 40 minutes before I had to leave. Biggest was 26 lbs. Scary trying to land one that size alone in the boat. Got all 3 on Brads Super Bait with sardine stuffed. Short bite, but sweet for first time out this year. Also, no one I have spoken to in last 10 days has gotten any Walleye east of the Cat. Went to Sturgeon last Tuesday and not a single boat in parking lot. That says it all.
  8. Take a boy fishing when he is young. When you are old, he will take you. Great day Dad, hope you have many more.
  9. Gentleman, for those of you who venture up to Lake Erie for a change of pace and enjoy our fabulous walleye fishing. The Town Supervisor for the town of Evans has just announced that the town WILL NOT DREDGE the entrance and it will remain closed for the season. This Marina has been badly managed for years. Seems like anything run by municipalities just cant get things done right. Town of Hamburg golf coarse still closed while several private coarse's nearby are open. I love New York. Better get another slogan.
  10. The biggest avenue for the transmit ion of Covid 19 in New York city was the Sub-way, buses and elevators. Never seen any one of these at a boat launch. The Mayor of Buffalo, NY was offering free transportation on their transit system Now that's a great way to social distance. And these are the people making decisions to protect the public and close boat ramps, Right.
  11. What make engines, HP and hours. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. Having some issues with my current unit and not wanting to go offshore without one. Have a great summer.
  13. Anyone know the individual who initially posted, I am interested to determine if he still has this unit available. Unable to private email. Thanks all, smooth sailing & tight lines.
  14. Jeff, I will wait for Rusty until Sunday AM. You are first in line if I do not get a response. I just want to be fair to Rusty, he had to look a long way back to find the original post. Thank you for looking yourself. MJ
  15. Rusty, I still have them. I had forgotten about as I was traveling quite a bit with my job. I was considering re-posting. Since you inquired, 60 $ for the whole lot. Throw in another 7 /bucks shipping and I will cover the rest. I can accept pay-pal. MJ
  16. If still available, I will take it. I live near Buffalo and could pick it up tomorrow.
  17. Jet Diver Assortment Jet Diver Assortment Jet Diver Assortment includes 17- 20ft divers; 3- 30ft divers; 7 - 40ft divers. Some used, some brand new. I have used on Lake Erie, Ontario, Finger Lakes and Chautauqua. Just have way too many. Had to have um - That's what I told my beautiful wife! All for $85 ((will not separate, selling only as complete set.) If you want them shipped to you, pay by Paypal and add $10 for shipping.
  18. Jet Diver Assortment Jet Diver Assortment includes 17- 20ft divers; 3- 30ft divers; 7 - 40ft divers. Some used, some brand new. I have used on Lake Erie, Ontario, Finger Lakes and Chautauqua. Just have way too many. Had to have um - That's what I told my beautiful wife! All for $85 ((will not separate, selling only as complete set.) If you want them shipped to you, pay by Paypal and add $10 for shipping.
  19. REPAIR or PARTS Motor - 1975 Mercury 3CYL 65HP Outboard This motor was purchased as a spare for a boat that was completely refurbished. That boat was recently sold. I bought it knowing it had a fuel leak. Had the motor running to locate and identify options for fixing. Had the motor checked at Presque Isle Sports in Erie PA. Had the Carbs rebuilt, Installed New Fuel Pump and Filter. Had the Water Impeller changed. And pressure tested lower unit. I had planned to change a gasket to repair fuel leak at some point in future. I have purchased another boat to refurbish and I will need a much bigger outboard for this one. The Merc 650 had very good and even compression in each cylinder (142 142 140). You can check it time of purchase, I have a compression gauge. If you are mechanical inclined, you will have a very nice motor when done. This motor will come with Power Cord- Controls- and a spare prop and fuel tank ( 6 gallon ). It has very low time on it, was in storage indoors for quite some time. I have priced motor so you can recoup your initial cost if you want to part it out. This motor has been properly stored indoors. I just do not have the time to break it down. Need the space and want to get started on this next project. Price is $400 and it is FIRM (cash sale only). Thank You for looking.
  20. Launched out of Sturgeon on Friday. Ran 6 miles at 279 compass. Found and caught several nice walleye on large stick. silver/blue clown color yellow/red head. All fish on dipseys set at 185 and 175 back # 3 setting. I only use 17lb test/no snubber. Ticked bottom a few times. Trolled a north/south pattern right up tp Canadian line. Started in 67FOW to 73 FOW. Been fishing evenings most of this season and have done very well in this area. I right between State Park and the Cat for a better reference. Marked most fish very tight to bottom. Trolled very slow, 1.4 to 1.7 SOG on gps. Cant catch"em all. Good fishing. Hope this helps.
  21. Pllain and Simple, fully understandable business cost could rise 100% over a 17 yeaar period, and no doubt fishing is no cheap date. In just a few years 15$ went to 25$ went to 40$, Added up thats 120% increase. Not my intention to raise hell, just putting out some info that is factually correct As for my luck in business, no such thing for me, I simply pay close attention to competition and there price schedules. I simply know when potential clients are affected by cost and what questions to ask. Best time to introduce my company. Alot of responces, but no one yet can address the high % cost increase in such a short duration. In 17 years of business, have you ever seen that level of increase, that quickly, I haven"t. Even the IRS aint that bad.
  22. Mr. Chaos, I put two kids thru college the past five years, 1 at Canisius, 1 at Hilbert. Defineltly was"nt CHEAP. The definition in a dictionary for the word GOUGE. READS : To exact exorbitantly " TO Swindle. Consider yourself fortunate that a 60% increase in cost is no issue for you. But I am certain for a lot of folks here New York, especially those on a fixed incomes, or those who have suffered a job loss, or have been burdened by rising Health costs. It is an issue. While highliting this increase, I am mindful of those who have been dealt these difficult circumstances. Do you suppose Charter Captains could increase there cost by 60%, how about Marina operators?. I have been successful in business on my own for several years now, I continue to grow and acquire more clientel each year. I doudt if that would happen if I myself just randomley raised my cost at that percentage. For that matter any other busines as well. No matter how big or small the amount, cost increases altimately reflect the RESPECT that you have for your clients. They understand that cost inevitably rise for a whole host of reasons. On PRINCIPAL I do not ever support efforts to swindle others, no matter how big or small. Its all the same. Gouging: look it up.
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