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  1. How much time left on Battery. When was it purchased. Thanks
  2. 6 to 8K for a transom job.
  3. Could you post a pic along side a ruler that would provide the lenght. Thank you.
  4. I will take them them. payment to follow.
  5. That is an Old Thermocline rig. Spoons were placed every 15 ft from bottom and up to 5 spoons used. Mostly Suttons. Lead weight took it to depth or bottom. Seen a few in use in Seneca many years ago at the Old boat launch at Dresden. had an old friend who had several of these. They used to be on display at the Old G & R tackle shop in West Seneca NY. Ray and Gordy would appreciate seeing these.
  6. I check the the Web-Cam at Fort Niagara every day. Not just to see boats but mostly to check on Lake conditions as the marine forecasts are typically way off. Rarely see boats heading out. Typical for this year. Also know a lot of people who fish Ontario between The NB and Olcott. For this entire season most everyone has the same opinion. Not seeing many fish, It didn't help that the fish cleaning station was removed at Wilson as well. Have to say that this year was the poorest fishing on Ontario that I have witnessed in the last 20 years or so. I know of a lot of very good fisherman who shared the same opinion. In contrast, I am fortunate to live a few miles from Lake Erie and the walleye fishing has been the absolute best I have seen in years. I always take time to speak with boaters and most I have spoken tell me if there going to burn 4 plus bucks a gallon on gas, they may as well get something for it instead of washing lures. My personal opinion is that the state is Neglecting the Lake Ontario fishery. Just look back at all the fish caught this year with Lamprey's attached or showing signs of being attacked. Never seen that level of fish showing those sign's. Again, I attribute it to the neglecting of the state. Really sad to see the business's struggling along the entire shore line of lake O. Wait until 2024 when ALL boaters will be required by NY state to obtain certification to operate a small craft regardless of tears experience. That is going to kill Lake Ontario in my opinion. be interested to hear from those whose fish the Eastern end and hear your comments.
  7. Fished solo out of Wilson Friday. Not on LOC. Just went to have a day chasing Kings. Fished several known areas and depths. VERY FEW marks and only one pod od bait. Found good temps starting on 113 FOW about 70 down. Did not see another boat land any fish either. Fishing this time of year for quite a number of years now, this was undoubtedly the fewest fish I have seen at this time and location. Parking lot emptied fast and early so I assume the experience was shared. Possibly a very late run or the well is pretty much empty. Anyone one else have thoughts. Been shut out on Lake O in the past but lack of fish was stunning.
  8. Take a young boy fishing. When you are old, he will take you.
  9. Slashbait, appreciate the info. I know it's been a disappointment to see Olcott fade from seen. Have found memories seeing boats lined up on the bridge to get in line to launch. Things certainly have changed. Hope the Fall run gets thing rolling. Heading up next week. If my past diary notes are accurate, they will be their on the bottom and inside 155 FOW. Never failed in 18 years mow and counting. Best to all those fishing in the Derby. Wish you all Tight Lines and Reels Screaming.
  10. Seems a bit strange that no reports are being generated from this region. Anyone have any explanation. ? Thanks
  11. This is the result of a DEC that is totally ineffective.
  12. Originally started on Lake O with a 15ft. Captain back then gave me some great advice which I still follow today. Launch out of Wilson and always refer to marine forecast, especially WIND Direction. Launch and head in the direction the wind will be coming from. That way your always heading to port in the event you need to get off the lake. Have always done well fishing within 5 miles of Wilson in either direction. Distance will always depend on forecast and wave height. Good luck, good fishing.
  13. Has anyone any know why Olcott fishing site has been not posting anything for weeks. THX.
  14. Has anyone checked pricing recently on 1000 yard spools. This is two for one sale. This is a very good deal.
  15. Sure do appreciate the pics. Anticipation about what were about to enjoy after all of our national issues. Thank you. But do leave a few for the rest of us. Have a Great and safe season to all. Tight lines
  16. Went to look at this trailer and found it to be in very good shape. Wanted to purchase for a business but was out voted. The camp ground is a very nice place as well and having spoken to owners they are indeed fine people. It is well worth a look. You will not be disappointed for your efforts.
  17. Gerry, should be there between 10 and 11:30. Ler Larry know I will be arriving then. You can give him my number if he would like to call me. Thanks, Mike
  18. It you ever fish the Finger lakes, these baits are the best I have ever used for Lakers. Mine are over 45 years old and still produce like new. Seeing these show up brought back a LOT of found memories.
  19. Boat scams. Most often only include few pics, have no Registration # on Hull. Blocked oLicense plate. Palm trees and a Michigan address. Unreal the number of Center Councils being sold in the Northeast.
  20. Are there any currently working WEB_CAMS along LOU shoreline. Thanks
  21. Gentleman, well worth the money.
  22. Same principal applies to releasing Stealhead in rivers. Let them get water thru gills for several minutes. Released a lot of SH that lived to fight another day.
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