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  1. Mattjc

    Mexico Launch

    Just wondering the status of the launch. Last I seen there was a glacier in the way!
  2. What size are the Okuma’s and what’s your location?
  3. So whats the depth on this at 2 mph and what is needed at the ends for tie ins? Familiar with lead.
  4. Mattjc


    Around 400 for this slob today.
  5. Looking for some coppers to add to my resources. Really only need reels but let me know what you have. I have a $300 Home Depot gift card and a $50 Lowe’s card to barter with. We can chat as I have Cabelas cards too! Not looking for anything special as I am a weekend warrior and just want to expand my horizons.
  6. That sucks! Where are you out of? I'm pretty loose with my stuff when in slip and would be crushed.
  7. Started at 170 fow yesterday and temps were not what we wanted. Made our way out to 300+ and found good water about 100’. Took 3 on meat and 1 on a spoon between 90 & 115, dipseys with flasher fly took a pair at 240’ back.