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  1. Do you like to fish the Bay of Quinte? Do you like to fish Hay Bay? After many years of successful fishing and camping, we have decided to sell our Hay Bay treasure. It consists of a 30 foot 1997 Fleetwood Jack Park Model trailer, a 1998 10x24 H & H Patio Enclosure Sun Room, a gas powered Stehl whipper snipper, a Weber BBQ, with spare tanks and all contents of the trailer and storage bins(power tools, tool boxes, ice fishing auger and sled, gas cans, lumber, white plastic lattice fencing material). Hay An 8' x 16' wooden deck with two gazebos, tables and chairs and windbreaks for the gazebos. A smaller deck 7' x 10' on the east side with a cement block walk. The Sun Room is fully furnished with two hide-a-beds, Kitchen table and chairs, 42 in Sharp HDTV, er, discontinued Shaw satellite dish wired for two tv’s with digital boxes, Bookcase, TV stand. The trailer has a fully stocked kitchen of pots and pans, utensils, and an extra 2015 fridge, 20 in TV. All dishes, glassware, pots and pans. The trailer has a walk thru bathroom with two doors for complete privacy. The bedroom has a queen size bed with storage under the bed,a large closet with sliding mirror doors. Park Fees are $2000.00 per year plus Electricity and Dumping fees Price - $12,500.00 Cdn PM or call 613-583-7082 David aka Superdad
  2. If you are a jig / sinker maker looking to add the a D0-It mold collection, drop me a note - Have I got a deal for you!!!!!!
  3. I have 9 copies of the magazine that anyone can have. You pay the mailing charges and their yours. Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Winter 2017 (2) copies. Mailing cost approx $24 US David aka Superdad
  4. Anyone know what happened to the Magazine?
  5. Have a look at this http://forum2.quintefishing.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=23591
  6. Team Superdad Sweps Walleye World Junior Division Once again, my son and grandsons arrived at Hay Bay all psyched for the Walleye World Derby. Everyone was fully prepared with winter clothes and boots to face the impending rain and cold. Prior to going fishing, the mandatory camp picture was taken. We hit the water on Saturday morning and headed for the fishing grounds (Cement Plant) and set the rods and boards and were fishing at 0915. The mood on the boat was high and everyone was anticipating the first strike. It didn't take too long and the board disappeared. Have we got the winner!!!!!!!! It was William's turn at the rod and he slowed reeled the board to Grandad and brought the fish to the surface and the awaiting net. It's a nice fish. The scale showed 7.5lbs and new Personal Best for William. The decision was made to take the fish to Perfect Vue to enter the fish and it was registered and William topped the Junior Walleye with a fish at 7.34lbs. What a great start. We headed back out to see if we could get another one. We trolled several passes and as the clock was winding down to our departure for home, I had begun to reel the rods off one side and as I got the second rod stowed, the outer board fired and Albert was on the rod. Dave reeled in the inner rod and Albert followed the instructions for slow reeling and no jerking the rod. Took the planer board off and the fish surfaced and was swept into the net. Another good looking walleye. The scale showed about 7lbs, so we had a pair of entries into the Derby. If you are wondering what are you using - here's the shot of the fish and the lure. We were off to Perfect Vue Weigh station again, these guys are getting to know us. The fish was active in the holding tank and it tipped the scale at 7.49lbs. This one is bigger than the first. With the registration, the computer updated and the first two places were our two fish. This was a personal best for Albert, two PB's on the same morning - What a Day!!!!!!!! After lunch, the agonizing period began as we watched the leader board to see if someone else landed a bigger fish. The afternoon rain kept us at camp, as we were drying all the gear from the morning. Going to bed, the boys were still watching the board and they were fearful of being bested during the night. Sunday AM found that nothing had changed. Back to Long Reach to try a different technique. Everyone got their rods and we had them rigged with Uzick Spinners. We trolled off the High Shore opposite the entrance to Hay Bay, marking a lot of fish and then Albert said he thought he had a bite and with some reeling, the rod bent and a fish was on!!!!! Reeling slowly he brought the fish up and Dave slipped the net under the fish and it was ours. Another nice walleye, tipped the scale at 6.5lbs. Not big enough to upgrade the leader board. Back to camp for lunch and clean up as we planned to head to Trenton. Arrived at the big tent in Trenton and the boys were still in the lead as the clock wound dow to 1600 hrs. After the 4PM deadline passed, congratulations were offered to the two boys. The presentation ceremony took place and William as 2nd prize winner received a bow & arrow set. Then the winner was presented with a fishing charter that is being looked forward to with great enthusiasm. Everyone is happy with the results. I would like to mention that William showed outstanding fortitude when his fish was displaced on the leader board. He told us that it was a team effort and everyone is on the same team. It made Grandad very proud for his attitude and ability to show team-spirit. Plans are being looked at for next year, as Albert will leave the Junior's and look to continue his fishing in the Senior Division. The weather wasn't great but the fishing made for a great weekend, lots of fun, fishing and feasting. Stay Tuned David (Grandad) aka Superdad
  7. Water temp in Adolphus Reach was 52 degsF last Tuesday Fish appear to be lingering in the big lake.
  8. I think there may be browns off Wolfe Is, I would look for sandy shallows in March & April and fish them with planer boards. There are browns in the North Channel and they must be around Amherst Is also. Shouldn't be any different around your island. Lotsa luck David aka Superdad Kingston, ON
  9. Mike I think that because I'm in Canada, the URL takes me to the Canadian version thru The Sports Network rather than ESPN. David aka Superdad Ps Perhaps I'll start a Quinte group there.
  10. Couldn't find 'lou' or lake ontario united - what am I doing wrong. David aka Superdad
  11. Has anyone seen these? http://ocsdata.ncd.noaa.gov/BookletChart/GreatLakesBookletCharts.htm David aka Superdad Kingston, ON
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