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  1. SPOON : Johnson Salix "Tennessee Shad" STICK: Berkley Cutter 90+ "Skeletor Vapor"
  2. Yes they are Capt. Michael Weaver. Pure Fishing Ambassador
  3. Nice job Capt. Michael Weaver. Pure Fishing Ambassador
  4. Wanted

    about 5 years ago we caught one in front of the Salmon River in 90 ish seeing if we could pop a laker on the way in. It looked like it was about a week old lol
  5. 500 ??? wow what a tough break . That is a crazy price. A new Helix 10 the same size is only 900$ Is it going directly to humminbird?
  6. id still snap weight, but that's me. Erie guys use Jet divers I really cant tell ya because i dont fish below 30 in case I want to release big fish.
  7. what do you run down 40-60?
  8. To Qoute a Jimmy Buffett song "Someday I will" How have you been bud?
  9. I would use snap weights. If you want to use in line spinners or Shallow running sticks use snap weights. Other ise just use deep diving sticks that get down 30. I don't suggest fishing any deeper than that because it greatly increase mortality rates of the fish. If you insist on going deeper then you can snap weight the diver baits as well
  10. <~~~~~~~ Just spit out his drink
  11. I'd rather drink turpentine and pi$$ on a brush fire Capt. Michael Weaver. Pure Fishing Ambassador
  12. Oops today is the 14th LOL I guess the should have been here yesterday didn't work either [emoji16] Capt. Michael Weaver. Pure Fishing Ambassador