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  1. Look at the snow forecast too
  2. Time to slow down and think

    Best wishes,. A reminder to all that just when you think you are having a bad day try missing one. Heal up
  3. What Leadcore For Lake Ontario?

    Sufix advance 832 in 18#
  4. Bay Rat Goes Above and Beyond

    That kind of customer service is refreshing
  5. Otters vs Planer boards..... GO!

    For browns or salmon I would say definitely big boards. Browns swim too fast at in line boards and can cause ya to lose a lot of fish. Salmon bury in lines and the board can flip underwater and come across an entire spread. Walleye don't fight hard and swim fast at the boat and they stay buttoned better
  6. Sold

    Sent from my XT1710-02 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Spring's first signs

    Having to use my kayak to get out to the ice to ice fish.
  8. 2018 Fantasy Nascar

    It looks just fine right where it is
  9. 2018 Fantasy Nascar

    Shark is nack
  10. Spring Trip

    My advice is look at getting a rental near Pultneyville. Target Browns and you should do well. This should be good action and the wife will enjoy it.
  11. What size hooks and rings would you run?

    Size 4 vmc barbarian red hooks
  12. 2018 Fantasy Nascar

    I tried to enter but I get to the screen where you choose a helmet and I cant do anything more
  13. 2018 Fantasy Nascar

    Oh Hank lol. Now it's personal.