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  1. Salmon country marinas launch is deep. Launched a 22 glass yesterday
  2. Fished 9am to 1pm ish. There are not a lot of marks. Worked 16-70fow. One 8lb steelie to show
  3. In addition it will slow you and make your position more predicable
  4. There are good people out there and it puts faith back in humanity when we hear these things. It's nice that we all look out for each other.
  5. I am not an engineer but do you think if the keel and a half do sink something could be added for a little floatation on top of the board to prevent this without affecting performance. Maybe a styrofoam block.
  6. Barely used and loaded with 14 lb fireline. 80$ will ship at buyers cost
  7. I was going through some old tackle and found a bunch of them. Some still in the original package. Anyone ever use them. They seem very similar to a j plug
  8. Haha probably 15 are still in the package for a rainy day and today isn't that day
  9. I have about 30 of these but unfortunately I am a walleye fisherman so you know the rest
  10. Do you have a certain rod in mind? You already have the reels for it? I've got some stuff that's all walleye specific
  11. I needed to go through some of my tackle. I just have so much extra that I'll never use. This is a great package for someone. 22 flashers 5 cut bait rigs. Alot is still brand new in the package. 300$ or best offer 0809201019.mp4
  12. Bottom Feeder (Todd) and I launched out of Wright's and worked 120-400 fow. Took 6 shots and boated 3. Two of our kings had deformities. One had a second mouth with teeth and the other had the sockeye humpback. Is there any chance this was a pink salmon? Very slow pick and we didn't mark much in the way of bait. Through all the normal variety at them. Cleaned most of Todd's tackle. It still beats work.
  13. There aren't a lot caught that time of year. You can make a little run and probably get on some fish. If you really have a bucket list for a walleye, Oneida is very easy. If you want info on trying to get an Ontario eye, message me. Oneida is a guarantee but Ontario is a roll of the dice
  14. I don't like inlines with big kings, I've seen them bury them, flip them and I've seen one go under water across an entire spread
  15. If you love to run chute copper try keeping a big off shore or church in line board and. If you hook up on another rid, then just clip the board to your copper and send it out of the way
  16. I just bought one of the new reveal models for the back of the boat. I've never been a lowrance fan. I'll let you know
  17. We took 6 or 7 shots today only two of them were mature Kings that got dropped. Boated a Laker and brownie and quick released a couple skippies. We fished 110-160 in front of the pond.
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