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  1. If you love to run chute copper try keeping a big off shore or church in line board and. If you hook up on another rid, then just clip the board to your copper and send it out of the way
  2. I just bought one of the new reveal models for the back of the boat. I've never been a lowrance fan. I'll let you know
  3. We took 6 or 7 shots today only two of them were mature Kings that got dropped. Boated a Laker and brownie and quick released a couple skippies. We fished 110-160 in front of the pond.
  4. For those interested, I sprayed my weights from Harvey with this. One quick coat and it works great.
  5. I would call any of these three
  6. I just picked up another pair of 12# torpedos from Harvey today for spares. Not the first time I've picked up weights from him. A great guy with a great product at a great price.
  7. I could happily post all the screenshots where you failed to communicate me after I left you my phone number. I definitely told you to kiss my 🍑 after you started to threaten me in text that you would report me and all this other nonsense. I'm a stand up guy and I'm sorry you waited to contact me. I can even post the screenshot of the man who ended up buying them. I told that man that you responded first and that I would give you the first opportunity. Only after failing to hear from you, I proceeded to the next seller. Have a great day.
  8. Ok I'll pm you my phone number and we can meet halfway this week or whatever works
  9. I'm just clearing out some extra stuff. I have two new in the box never used left handed retrieve abu garcia alphamar digital line counters. A 16 and a 20. 130$ for both and I also have a couple of planer board rods that are designed for walleye and are telescopic. An 8 ft daiwa dxw and a fenwick eagle 7'10. Each rod used twice. 40$ each or buy all 4 pieces for 180$. I won't ship ( no time to get to post office and too lazy) pick up in Cortland or I do have to drive to Wolcott tomorrow.
  10. Go Fish underwater camera for trolling. Go to gofishcam.com for info. Used once. 75.00
  11. I caught 18 lake Ontario eyes on them one day and 11 of those fish were over 10lbs. Let me think about it
  12. I thought I was the only one who used them for eyes lol
  13. I have about 50 that I use for walleye. Might be able to part a few out
  14. 50$ pick up only Cortland NY
  15. The rods are spoken for if it changes I'll let you know. Thanks all
  16. I have 3 rod racks. One is ugly still, maybe a Berkley and a Penn. One new in the box. Free to whoever wants to come pick them this week in Cortland. Must take all 3
  17. I am a huge fan of the Squall series as well as the Fathoms.
  18. Carol, you have met me you know I am a stand up guy. By the way who wants to buy riggers, a bird, and a kicker haha
  19. Yes, I know him and Brad well
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