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  1. This is a really nice Plano Phantom Pro tackle box. Google them. Everything in the pictures will go with it. 150$ local pick up near Cortland or I will trade for Michigan Stingers. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. It does make it tough Gambler. I was fortunate to be on a big boat this past weekend at the Orleans Open. There is no way I would have fished the Sunday in my 21 1/2 fter. Those days of being brave (or stupid) are long gone for me.
  3. I bought a box full of old spoons that probably hasn't been open since the mid 80s. These were made in Palmyra? There is some other stuff in there that I have questions on.
  4. That was me out there working on it for a while. we also just did Lakeshore Rd in lyndonville
  5. I'll take them if early riser doesnt
  6. Screw buying Tuna, they have that over at Price Chopper. Now how do I sign up for a charter?
  7. Years ago myself and two buds took my Lund down to camp and fish. We had a little cabin in Willow bay on the PA side. We strictly trolled back and forth on the PA - NY line and we also had to get Indian licenses which was cheap and no big deal. We caught an absolute ton of fish but most were 15-21 inches. They were great eaters. When we went down that body of water held the NY and the Pennsylvania state records. I think it still holds the PA record. Sounds like you had a great time
  8. Either way it will be a great boat for ya
  9. Start by posting in the walleye thread. F18 rapalas. Kings during day. Walleye at night
  10. To me it is a bad rule. I received my license so that I could be a better boater and maybe someday make a dollar with it. Does it make me a better fisherman? Absolutely not, it makes me a better and safer boater. Some say that amateurs don't want to compete against "pros". I believe that the best want the prestige by beating the best. The purse and entry fees for amateurs should remain low. Low risk low reward. Obviously just the opposite for pros. A simple piece of paper should not determine eligibility. If there must be a way to separate, then why not make it that if you operate a charter business, have a charter website, etc.... Then you must fish pro. That makes more sense to me if there must be a way to define an individuals eligibility. I also feel like tournament rules seemed to change every year. It was hard to keep track. All the different boxes etc... I wish there was a somewhat standard tournament set of rules lake wide or at least stateside wide. 6 best fish for ams and 9 best fish for pros. It seems like everyone is trying to re-invent the wheel. Does anyone else wish that things were a little simpler? I understand limiting the number of lakers to a box. The royalty of the ProAms in my opinion has been watered down. So many tournaments have been created. Im not saying that is a bad thing but it use to be everyone wanted to be the pro am champs. It was pro ams above all with a couple of other smaller or localized derbies mixed in. I honestly have not even looked at pro am rules in the last few years because I lost interest. Did the number of entrants go down over the last say 10 years? I know im just rambling but I wonder what others are thinking.
  11. Great I'll call you tonight or tomorrow
  12. Trolling or casting?. Go to the dollar store and get thin glow sticks and tape them to your flags. Pump rods when you can. Make sure you don't run the bait underneath them. Use floating rapalas. F18s are a must.
  13. A few years ago I bought some triples for my father in law from what I think was fish 307. I dont think they still sell them. Im looking for a pair of plastic triples.
  14. Is there still a rule that if you have held a captains license in the last five years you are not allowed to fish on the amateur side?
  15. Landshark


    I was in 15-20 fow. I was giving a pretty good rod pop. Never caught one under 15 but largest was 22".
  16. Landshark


    I was using the 1/4 oz in black with the 4 inch blue back
  17. Landshark


    Sat on the edge of a shoal and jigged the drop off with Berkley Snap Jigs with Powerbait Maxscent Flatnose Minnows. We had our limit in less than 30 minutes and went home.
  18. I wouldn't know how to feel if I wore this
  19. Maybe one has seen water. All are 10" or 8". All Big Weenie. I prefer a trade for a good spoon lot or I will sell if not. I will ship at buyers expense. Im in Cortland but I will be in a hotel in Lockport this week for work. Send me a picture of your spoon lot if interested. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Remember a few years ago some guy reinvented the otter boats? He had his own design that was going on the market. I was just curious. Did they ever take off?
  21. As sportsmen it is our responsibility to make our voice heard. There is no better way than not giving dicks or field and stream our business and rewarding companies like Mossberg and Springfield armory. I would love to see a boycott organized outside a dicks by people like us on a Saturday at a store in NY that would make a central location for the majority of us.
  22. I've actually been trying my fish in one of those air freyers. It works really well and the wifey doesn't complain about the grease smell.
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