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  1. If you really have to do #1 or #2 please raise your hand and leave the room.
  2. Les, If your main cable breaks you lose the weight & Probe?
  3. I would love to see some pictures of this. Thanks!
  4. Les, let me know if you need more of the rubber bands I sent you a couple years back.
  5. Neo1945

    Perch rigs?

    Extra crispy or original?
  6. Would any one care to post "How to smoke a Salmon or Lake Trout, Rainbow, Brown" (In a smoker smart ass)?
  7. Are you using downriggers to get to the depths indicated? If so how far behind the weight and how fast were you trolling ? I remember your granddad telling me it used to see rainbows as close as in the wake of the boat. Don
  8. I know for a fact that Seneca Perch are sold out of the refrigerator of long time "Perch Bandit/s" almost year round. Same mentality takes all they can kill White Tails, Geese, Ducks ... you name it. They could't give a crap about the health of the lake or other people's potential future harvest. Another good post Sk8man!
  9. A not to be missed new fishing show. My son’s friend Carl is the editor of this, and also originally responsible for Wicked Tuna. https://www.netflix.com/title/80195173
  10. What is the largest ( by default) oldest fish caught in Seneca Lake by species would you & your family eat? Lake Trout: LL: Rainbow: Brown:
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