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  1. Neo1945

    What does a Trash Can dodger look like?

    I'm not buying just satisfying a curiosity.
  2. Neo1945

    What does a Trash Can dodger look like?

    OK .... thanks!
  3. Neo1945

    Lake trout now

    Today on Seneca Lake.......
  4. Neo1945

    Downrigger wire

    Les, I was giving you that assignment, I only get 10% for the idea.
  5. Neo1945

    Downrigger wire

    Time to invent a spiny water flea removal tool.
  6. Neo1945

    Downrigger wire

    According to a Scotty rep. their braid (order from Scotty dealer) does actually help reduce the blowback.
  7. Thanks for the update! Don Harvey
  8. Cobleskill:1.pdf, 2/ .pdf, 3/.pdf Interesting article, with the massive bait existing in Seneca Lake I wonder if the introduction of Walleye might be a good idea ? Cobleskill :2.pdf Cobleskill :3.pdf
  9. Neo1945

    First time pulling copper.

    Do you use a mono or Floro leader from Copper to lure. I have a few old world Pflueger spoons.
  10. Still in sealed bubble pac, Great Lakes & Maritime SD/14XG Vol. #1/ 256MB compatible with chart plotters "EAGLE" "FURUMO" "LOWRANCE" " HUMMINBIRD". Best offer + shipping.
  11. Neo1945

    Lake Trout Derby 2018 recap

    Yo Frogger, Sounds like the kids had fun after all and that is the best news. When you refer to "the deep hole" where is it? thanks!
  12. rdebadts Nice boat! How do you like your Scottys? Are you running Braid or cable on them?
  13. Brand New ( mfg. 2010 ) Never used or installed. This originally came with my 757c sonar. $50.00 plus shipping. Install instructions included.