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  1. Thank you!
  2. I'm still wondering which design pulls harder. I would choose the one which pulled less hard. Regards
  3. Does anyone know what would happen if the boat side board was placed out front of the outside board like this one?
  4. Here is another similar design ....
  5. This gentleman shows in 4 videos how he does his. This is where I got confused about the inside board leading. What do you think?
  6. hmmmmmmmmmm
  7. So you predict that if the inner board was ahead of the outer it would pull less hard? Regards
  8. Thanks JoeFro, that is one of the two schools of thought, I do find many versions of both. I'm still interested in which & why.
  9. Duel Planner board design OK, I'm confused. There seems to be two schools of thought on the dual planner boards design, i.e. The board closest to the boat (left & right) is the leading (out front) board by about 3". Or the opposite. Please ... which is the correct way and why? Regards
  10. I was looking for a project recently so I am putting two side planner masts together. 

    Do you use them and if you do when? Also which brand & size do you recommend?



    1. Neo1945


      Just Seneca Lake (forgot to include)


  11. Fish Hawk TD Digital Water Temp & Depth Never used / perfect condition. $150 new / best offer over $100.00
  12. That must depend on the size & breaking strength of the RB. Can you share which RBs fill the bill?