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  1. Rather disturbing info

    At 73 ... I think I can chance it!
  2. Rather disturbing info

    On lake trout, do you think an occasional (smallest allowed by law) would be safe?
  3. Rather disturbing info

    Les, It seems to me that eating a fish that takes years to grow and lives a long time would be the high risk. How much Lake Trout do you eat? Don
  4. Rigger weight comparison

    I have just converted my DR (Scotty) to Braid ( sold by Scotty for DR use). I wonder how that will influence the "blowback".
  5. Two fish finders on one boat

    I have one of these that controls the transducer in my electric motor and on my Humminbird 597.
  6. Sutton Spoon Company

    Looks like you too change the hooks from tai-hooks to single SS?
  7. Sampson launch
  8. Trolling speed

    Thanks Les, Also at least on Seneca at least one must account for the current and it's direction of flow. On Seneca it can be substantial ( from South to North) and complicated by your depth.
  9. Bunk versus roller guide one

    I got the non marking roller you see at Tractor Supply. I used a center thru bolt and the U bolts you see. I placed it so that the boat enters it and then stays centered. The rollers only lightly touch the hull at rest. The thru bolt is the key to keeping it from turning durning loading or unloading.
  10. Bunk versus roller guide one

    So Les here's a little addition I incorporated for mine.
  11. My son's personal best pike- Keuka

    Although catching Pike over many years, I also catch & release all Pike. Do you ever eat them (considering all the bones & all?
  12. Bulk ammo ?

    Thank you Bulletbob, you solved my problem.
  13. Seneca dead fish

    Until something is done about this, the Lake will continue to decline.
  14. Bulk ammo ?

    Many Thanks!!!
  15. Bulk ammo ?

    Bulk ammo ? How & where does one purchase bulk ammo if you live in NY or CT.