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  1. Bulk ammo ?

    Thank you Bulletbob, you solved my problem.
  2. Seneca dead fish

    Until something is done about this, the Lake will continue to decline.
  3. Bulk ammo ?

    Many Thanks!!!
  4. Bulk ammo ?

    Bulk ammo ? How & where does one purchase bulk ammo if you live in NY or CT.
  5. Duel Planner board design

    stoneam2006 (hard shell that you can buy by the foot).
  6. Duel Planner board design

    Les, I have 4 available positions on each dual board. stoneam2006 : it is a white poly tubing that fits tight on the threaded rod.
  7. Duel Planner board design

    I used a tubing purchased at Lowe's
  8. Duel Planner board design

    OK ... In the end I could not find any definitive answer to my basic question to which board (inner vs. outer) should lead. So I decided to make one dual board one way and the other dual board another way. Any way we will find out which preforms better. Thanks for all your imput.
  9. Duel Planner board design

    I'm still wondering which design pulls harder. I would choose the one which pulled less hard. Regards
  10. Duel Planner board design

    Does anyone know what would happen if the boat side board was placed out front of the outside board like this one?
  11. Duel Planner board design

    Here is another similar design ....
  12. Duel Planner board design

    This gentleman shows in 4 videos how he does his. This is where I got confused about the inside board leading. What do you think?