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  1. Thanks Mike. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  2. Haha good point. Whatever the standard is. The goal is to fill the whole rack with mature kings. I bought the board, it's 6' long. Just hoping to get the ideal spacing between each hook?
  3. Getting ready to make a board for fish pictures. You know, like the ones the charters use for the trips end photo. What are the dimensions you guys are building them and the spacing in between hooks? TIA!
  4. Im not looking at any particular year but i did see that one at krenzers. A sharp looking boat for sure. If the one at krenzers is structurally sound do you think $40,000 is a good price for that rig? I see alot of others online that are a little cheaper.
  5. I was doing a little research and came across a forum that said some of the rampage models had a wooden layer in the hull. Is this true?
  6. Shopping around for a boat around the 30' mark. Havent really been seeing much of anything local as of recent. Any of you guys have experience with the Rampage boats or know anything about their sea worthiness?
  7. have the stringers been replaced?
  8. Gonna pick up some deeper diving stick baits and drop everything down a little bit.
  9. What I'm saying is when the water color in 6-10 fow is good we catch fish. But when the water color is to dark in 6-10fow we slide out and we don't do as well. So for example if we are in 20 fow, how should we adjust? Fish near bottom, run divers, leadcores etc etc?
  10. We seem to do pretty well fishing for browns when the good colored water is in in 6-10 fow. But when we slide out deeper than that looking for water that's not so colored up things slow down. What are some tips for putting together and effective spread in a little deeper water?
  11. We fished out of the oak on Sunday afternoon. It seemed like our speed was way way way to fast for what the fishhawk was telling us. I'm assuming the currents were going pretty good down 90-100 feet. At one point when we were fighting a fish it was reading 0.5mph and our rods looked about like you would want them too. At 1.8-2.0 they looked like they wanted to snap in half. We also lost our down temp. We put fresh batteries in and that didn't seem to make any difference.Does anyone ever have to get their fish hawk calibrated or updated? How does that work? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. This is a great question. We struggle as well when the mudline is out 20+. Id like to read some more feedback on this. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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