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  1. Oh boy, there goes my money. Just down the road from me, how can I not go!
  2. Great tournament Vince and Stephanie and thanks for having us! I had to duck out of the after tourney festivities to repair our boat, so I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to everyone more! After a crummy day, winning a raffle prize was a real spirit lifter! Theresa still won't let me mount it in the boat though I must say, I liked the format... 6 fish, no more than 3 trout, no more than 1 laker!
  3. There have been fish in 100-120fow all summer. I'd start there unless you want to roll the dice and run offshore.
  4. I have it on the Top Secret facebook group page... let me see if I can add it here as well...
  5. I feel your pain, we had a tough weekend as well. We had the bites, we just couldn't get them to stick. We would have been happy with blueghost's 30% ratio The good news out of all of this, it looks like the rest of the season should be great. I was getting worried after marking very little bait and very few hooks the past several weeks. That changed this weekend though as there were big hooks from Rochester to Port Bay. Looking forward to a getting back out there and getting some revenge on those kings!
  6. Mike not sure if Arneys has spots. I know Sodus Marina just started moving people over to the fixed docks, so there may be openings here as well.
  7. The further west you go from Sodus, the better.
  8. Lots of additional pictures on our Salmon Slam facebook page! An amazing day for the 7th annual Salmon Slam. A lot of fish early in 120fow and then a steady bite out in 300+. Thank you to all of you whom volunteered your time, boats, and gear to take our 32 Veterans out fishing today!
  9. Fish being caught this morning a bit deeper over 130fow. We had to head in due to a parking issue, but we got a few!
  10. No unfortunately I need to work today and tomorrow, but I'll be at Arney's for the 3pm weigh in. I've been hearing the two best options right now are either in the less than 60FOW or 250+ fow areas. Lots of cold water, so leave your lures high.
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