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  1. Depends on the wind from the South. If strong, we'll stay shallower. If not, our plan is to troll North until we find some.
  2. Haven't heard much this week. We plan on heading out in the morning with an all spoon program to find some table fare.
  3. Head to 650fow if the lake is forecasted to stay flat.
  4. We normally recommend friends stay at a B&B, we recommend the Carriage House. For Hotel, there aren't any. There are a couple of Inns that charge by the bed, like $25 per person. Reel Inn and Sodus Point Lodge. There are two campgrounds, South Shore and Sodus Marina. South Shore also has 1 cabin, but it books up fast. VRBO has rental houses as well.
  5. Are you looking for a hotel, B&B, campground, rental, or something else?
  6. Good to see you again this weekend! I'm SOOO glad Theresa decided she wanted to only fish Thursday and Friday "because the ProAm is always so rough". That was a GREAT decision on her part haha. I think your 4-6' estimate for Friday may even be low and Thursday wasn't much better!
  7. Here is a video I made a few years ago...
  8. I expect today's west wind may push some warmer water in and drive those fish deeper. With temp being so deep already, it's a good time to focus on short water <150fow and offshore where 50F is within lure reach (it was around 350fow a couple of nights ago). Or just start in 80fow, point north, and enjoy the day
  9. excellent news! @wrinklestar, remember they measure from water level to peak, so always multiple the wave height by 2
  10. @Indecisive is my webcam, I just text him lol
  11. When are team registrations due by this year?
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